Beyond Seduction Deceit Betrayal

When I saw her after so long, for the first time in a very long time, I found myself wanting my revenge. I wanted a simple revenge, however my better half wanted something beyond that. In appeasing her demands, it brought out a most unselling part of me, knowing that the person capable of making both my better half and I feel this way, was tied directly to my yearning toward our road to vengeance.

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21. Chapter 12.

Chapter 12.


Kes’ face burned. An animal snarl clawed its way up her throat. “It was an experience getting it on with you Mako, but now I’m going to kill you.” 

"You, need to leave," Mako said sternly, yet on the inside, she was at a loss for words.

Kes quickly rebutted, "Like I'm going to do that former President Zaneca! I've tranquillised Kixi only because I want her unharmed while I rid your vile existence from this world. With Kixi incapacitated, pain Mako, now that is something you're about to experience a lot of before you fucking die!" Kes smirked at Mako and then crossed her arms in defiance. 

“You want to kill me and take my wife? You are delusional Kes.” The desperation in Mako’s voice crept all over her. “She’ll never leave me for you and if you kill me, she’ll only hate you more.” 

Kes though, glowered at Mako in such a way that  the fright it gave her alone made her step away. "Hey, hey! Look, there’s more to Kixi than you can imagine. It’s a secret that even she doesn’t know. If you kill me, then the secret dies with me.”

“Really, I think not.” Kes snarled gritting her teeth. “I don’t believe that you would know something about her that she wouldn’t know herself. Ah the things people like you are prepared to say when so very desperate to live. However it doesn’t matter Mako, because if you do hold any secrets regarding Kixi, you will tell me, and then I will choke the last bit of breath out of you.” 

Dropping the belt, Kes lunged at Mako, swinging and missing. She continued her attack with a big right overhand punch. Surprisingly Mako was able to step out of range, but before she could bring her hands up to defend, Kes drove her shoulder into Mako’s chest, slamming her into the wall, where she started landing solid punches into Mako’s gut.

“I won’t kill you just yet, first you will talk, but either way Mako, you’re dead!”

Kes then swung her right fist hard across Mako’s forehead, causing her to slowly sink to the ground. As her head began bleeding, Mako clutched it with her hands. Totally defenceless, Kes yanked Mako back onto her feat and then slammed her into the wall where she then buried more punches into her, over and over. Mako didn’t really know what happened other than the fact that she saw fist after fist come at her, and everything went totally dark after that.



My eyes flickered in and out of darkness. The effects of the small tranquilliser dart were slowly wearing away, but nowhere near fast enough for me to properly wake up.

Someone was touching me. 

I popped one eye open to look at the woman whose arms were holding me— Initially I thought it was Mako. 

Never had a brief span seem like an eternity. Notwithstanding that just seconds earlier, my consciousness was nowhere as clear and concise as it was before being shot by Kes' tranquilliser dart, I felt it ebbing away once again, and coming to an end. My eyes grew heavy from the strenuous effects of fighting the powerful effects of the drug.

I slowly slid my arms off of the woman I presumably thought was Mako, when her strong, but at the same time soft smoothed skin arms dragged me back toward her.

"Who said you could push me away?" She asked with a sleepy voice.

I looked confused.

"You're not Jhasmin..." I said, heavily dazed and back on the edge of sedation. "Umm Kes? Kes En'jusek?" I said her name as if I had forgotten she'd been here for hours; what we had all done together; what she had just did to me, and to Mako.

Kes smiled, resisting the urge to giggle. It had felt like it had been such a long time coming, this moment here, despite having only finished having sex with her a quarter of an hour earlier. 

Kes snuggled her head into the nook between my neck and shoulder, one arm was on my other shoulder and the other thrown across my abdomen. Kes loved what she was doing. Sleeping next to my semi-conscious form. She loved how she fit perfectly into my body. She loved how she could kiss the top of my forehead, cradle me, rub her own smooth hands and touch my smooth body parts. Gently she ran the tip of her thumb over my perfectly straight nose, kissed the area and then moved down and kissed my lips; slowly and passionately. 

My serene blue eyes opened and closed from the bedroom’s bright lighting and I sort of smiled. I stared at Kes in confusion, blinking, my eyelashes brushing against her cheek. Momentarily unable to comprehend anything that had just occurred, I tried to hide my smile as best as I could. I was struck with incoherence, an inconsistency to my thoughts as Kes rolled her eyes and nuzzled into my shoulder, her long light brown hair inches from my nose. I could smell her smell, which admittedly, and in my current state, was too good for words. 

After a few agonising minutes of trying to fight the sedative’s powerful effects, I gave up fighting it. Kes felt me go limp and she smiled huge and big, cradling me to her chest.

"And now Kixi, you will sleep, and sleep peacefully while I rid that filth over there that is unworthy of your courtship." Her words were like a slur, hardly intelligible as I felt this blackness come over me. Like a blanket, but not a blanket of warmth, but a blanket of coldness making me shiver. But somehow it made my eyes feel heavier and heavier. I finally closed my eyes, sending me into a dreamless sleep.



For Mako, it seemed like her senses were coming back to her one at a time, as if her brain was going through some kind of reboot. The buzz of someone's voice started to register as Mako blinked back at thunderstorms swarming in her mind, the disjointed haze receding to the point where she could make sense of the world around her. Though the edges of her vision flickered and danced, the centre coalesced into a bedroom, the same room she remembered that she shared with me, in the apartment that we lived in. 

Her self-awareness slowly kicked in, as she began to piece together what happened— and then a numbing sensation rushed in and she heard a slight ringing in her ears. Someone was definitely speaking to her, but she couldn't quite make out what they were saying. It seemed as if the world was underwater, everything was moving in slow motion, and all sounds were garbled like a damaged recording. It was like a fog that descended over all her senses, and gradually lifted, one sense at a time.

"This is going to be even better than all the times I'd done this in the holodeck." She finally heard all the words being said, realising then who the voice had belonged to and who was saying them. 

"Kes!" Mako shrieked, staring blankly out at the figure looking down at her. It was an awful sad stare of hopelessness. Her cries however, were immediately stifled, as Kes lowered herself down to were Mako lay, and gagged her using the fabric of a scarf that she had found in the bedroom closet. 

Kes' eyes were a knife in Mako's ribs, as she began speaking, the sharp point digging deeper. 

"As former president of the current illegitimate government of the USS that the criminals of the Zhann Alliance created at the expense of the Drex Dynasty, the righteous rulers, you Mako are to blame just as much as KnM Blade and those that supported their ascension to power. Laws and policies that you passed are the reason why people like me were banished from this star system and those that fell under the pitiful protection of the Zhann Alliance, therefore ruining my own life."

Kes then spat in Mako's face, and continued. "With every year that passed, my lusting desire to kill you has only deepened, growing stronger and stronger as the days went by." 

A pinched face, frigid features, and a mouth that twisted into a sneer, was what best described the assassin as she finished by saying: "And finally, here we are."

Mako tried, futilely, to speak, but gagged, all that came out was an unintelligible garble.

"Quiet," Kes said as with one hand, she fingered the gag in deeper into Mako's mouth. "It's pointless to try and speak because no matter what you say to me, in a few moments you're still going to be dead."

She retrieved a knife she'd bought with her, a weapon she had hidden within an inside pocket of the dress she had been wearing. She let the tip rest on Mako's nape, watching her eyes for the fear she’d longed to see, feeling a sick sense of joy rise within her. 

"I could kill you with this knife, but where would be the fun in that. No, no, no. What I will do is choke you instead." The way Kes' eyes squinted when she glared at Mako reminded her of a pit viper's slit like pupils. She gulped nervously. A burning animosity was developing in Kes' orbs, and although Mako knew that she hated her alter ego of eM Blade, only now did reality hit her, that indifferently, she hated her too, and that she had been blind to not have seen this coming.

"But not like I was going to originally with that belt." Continued Kes, now long passed the angry eyes, now came the strut, the slamming and the clipped words. "Hell, that was really just to hide the small tranquilliser dart I needed to tranquillise Kixi with. I'll kill you with my bare fucking hands and once you're dead, I'll use this knife to cut you up into tiny pieces for the rats to feed upon."

Kes then got on the floor, lay there front facing upwards, and slid her body under Mako's so that Mako's backside literally lay over Kes'. They were body over body, with Mako who was now on top of the assassin also facing upwards.

“I must say Mako, the sex was enjoyable, but killing you up front and close with my bare arms and hands will be an even greater pleasure.” Her mouth only inches away from Mako’s ear, every word stung only fueling the fire that burnt inside of Kes. Her fists began to clench and her jaw rooted. Finally exploding with anger, from underneath Mako, Kes wrapped her own leg around from under Mako's leg and then over her’s, firmly locking her legs down using leverage and the muscle strength of her own toned thigh. The assassin woman’s primeval instinct had taken over.

Still from underneath Mako, Kes then moved her right arm over her intended victim’s body that hadn’t moved from on top of her own, snaking her forearm firmly across the neck. At the same time, Kes rested the bottom of Mako’s head on her inner shoulder, ensuring it remained firm, readying her choke. 

“These words I tell you now will hurt like the execution I’m about to carry out. When you depart from the realm of the living in a few minutes, don’t expect to be reunited with Kixi assuming an afterlife exists. I won’t be killing her, but rather taking her from you. You took much from my life when you served as president, acting upon all your pretentious righteousness bullshit, and now, before I destroy you, I will take what you love most!"

A burning rage hissed through Kes' body like deathly poison, screeching a demanded release in the form of much wanted violence. It was like a volcano erupting; fury sweeping off her like ferocious waves. The wrath consumed like, engulfing her moralities— but, that was nothing out of the ordinary for Kes En'jusek.

The smooth skin of Kes's forearm felt like ice as it pushed down hard and locked around Mako's neck. The crazed look in her eyes terrified Mako as her lock turned grip-like, and became tighter and tighter, and Mako's breath was stopped. Mako fought back instinctively, terrified that despite her best efforts in luring Kes in, it was her that death awaited. Mako's nails dug into Kes' skin, but her lock was unyielding. As Mako's lungs began to burn from the lack of air, she reached for the assassin's face and felt her nails once again connect with her flesh. Mako began to see dark spots across her vision as she became more and more frantic. Kes' blood splashed on her face as she felt herself weaken.

Mako wondered, desperately, as she felt tears that were a result of pure terror stream from her eyes. Suddenly too weak, Mako allowed both her hands to let go. As she felt her arms go limp, her arms dropped to her sides, completely weakened. One of her arms was splayed outwards, seconds later it began to twitch, spasmodically, Mako having no control over the limb as the rest of her body followed suit due to the deprivation of air. Her lungs burnt ever so painfully as darkness overcame her sight. Bent and splayed above her head was her other arm, moved and placed in that position by Kes, for the sole purpose of being able to hold Mako's other twitching hand. Delighted, with her free hand, Kes fondled and kissed Mako's hand and arm, feeling warm and contented as she continued to strangle her with her other arm, and felt Mako's heart beat getting slower and slower. At best, Mako only had seconds left...



Slowly my eyes fluttered open. I found myself on the floor, gasping for air. All I could remember was being hit with some sort of tranquilliser dart on my chest, followed by numbness and a sudden dizziness before finally slipping to the ground. Then everything had gone dark. 

"AHH!!!" I screamed suddenly, waking up from the amazing fantastical world. I was certain that at one point, that I had been drifting in and out of consciousness and that someone had been touching me, cradling me— I quickly looked around, gasping for air. "Where... where am I?" I asked to no one in particular. Suddenly I saw Kes and Mako, their bodies locked together with the latter on top of the former.

Instinctively as reality struck— I sprung to my feet. Mako was struggling, her very life force draining away. Kes was strangling her!

"No! Kes stop it, your killing her!" I yelled as I felt the tingling sensation of pins and needles rapidly spreading throughout my body.

"That's the whole idea." Kes snarled as she momentarily turned her head away from my wife to look at me, and then looked away and back down at her, "This filth deserves to fucking die!"

"No! Stop it, please!" I again yelled, moving and slowly flexing my fingers.

"Shut up Kixi," Kes responded, unrepentantly, and this time didn't even bother looking over her shoulder to where I was. "She's almost fucking dead and believe me, once I'm done with you, you won't even remember her. In your memories, I will replace this fucking filth." She went on, sniggering, and a chill spread over my skin. 

I had to act now or forever lose my beautiful wife. 

Without any second thoughts, I stuck out my hand, stretching my fingertips as far out as they would go, concentrating them on a small object that sat on the bedroom's tallboy— a candle holder to be precise. The candle holder rattled violently on the tallboy a moment, then wobbled, then rose a few unsteady inches into the air, and finally floated into my outstretched grip. 

I then held up the candle holder, twirling it in my fingers, moving it faster and faster. Seconds later, the candle holder moved from my fingers and hung suspended in the air, I could feel the object in my mind. I kept my breathing deep, knowing that one false move would hinder my intentions.

Sweat poured off my brow as I moved the candle holder up and down, and then, knowing that every second that passed was critical to Mako's survival, I visualised the candle holder breaking in two. Sure enough, as I did so, the cheap candle holder snapped. Impelled by my telekinetic abilities, I then guided the pieces so that they flew toward Kes.

Kes’ vice like forearm grip loosened from Mako’s neck, as the pieces from the candle holder struck her arm and clattered to the floor. With Kes' body now becoming the centre of my focus, her entire body began to wobble from underneath Mako’s. I felt lightning crackle through my veins and time slowed down. Then, Kes’ legs that had been twisted and wrapped over Mako’s locking them down, released themselves, as Kes’ form then moved and slid away from Mako’s, finally releasing Mako from her clutches.

Confusedly, as Kes realised what was happening, she bounced up onto her feet, snapping to attention. "You Kixi! How the fuck did you do—"

"—Telekinesis." I announced, answering her before she had finished the question.

Kes swept a frantic eye over the room, and looked over to where Mako was who was clutching her hands over her throat. "How... how can someone so... simple as you possess such an extraordinary ability?" A murderous glare sweat across her face and her stomach clenched as she asked.

"I'm... not... simple." I hissed, slowly, wanting to shrink into a hollow behind the entrance to the ensuite, but knew that I couldn't. It was now or never, I had to take her out. 

"Oh really Kixi? Care to fucking explain how a weakling like you just did that?"

"No— but I will show you." I had barely finished getting the words out of my mouth, when mentally, I triggered my implanted Nanotech Facial Veil which would allow me to perform my facial shapeshifting abilities. In doing so, I felt my face practically absorb itself into my skin, my NFV executed its shape shifting abilities as it took root across my entire facial features. My head buckled in a momentary pain, and the facial image of me as Kixi Rajki slowly lost its humanoid form. As far as my head was concerned, what was happening was reminiscent to that of a shapeshifter, except it wasn't my whole body melting into a new form, but only my face. My face appeared to melt into a gelatinous puddle, but did not spill itself off my body and onto the ground, but rather reformed itself into another face within a matter of seconds— into that of Kay Blade, my alter ego, and the sworn enemy of the assassin Kes En’jusek.

I stood at 172 cm and had a voluptuous figure that poured into a nice hourglass. From a bob cut hairstyle with bangs that hung over my eyebrows, my hair, although still a silky blonde, was now fringeless and braided. My crystal like blue eyes remained unaltered, yet with my now altered nose changed from straight edged to aquiline, as well as the alterations to the size of my downturned lips now being wide lipped, it perceived me an entirely different person. Additionally, the reshaping of my chin, cheeks and look of my eyebrows, had further assisted in the overall transformation of my appearance— and incredibly, it shocked Kes.

I heard a murmur of delight ripple through from Mako, while Kes fixed her gaze on me. She was white as chalk. Her eyes and her mouth were frozen wide open in an expression of stunned surprise, and although she was staring straight at me, it felt like suddenly she appeared not to notice me at all.

"Why? What! No, this can't be possible?"

"But it is, your eyes do not deceive you Kes." I assured her. 

"But how can it be, out of all people, how can YOU be Kay Blade?"

"It doesn't matter, YOU Kes, should never have come back to the Sol System."

"I hate YOU, Kay Blade—"

"But LOVED Kixi? Well too bad we're the same person. For all the bad things you have done, not just to me, not just to eM Blade— Mako, I hate you Kes— I fucking really hate your guts!”

"eM Blade, Mako?" Kes squinted at me like her braincells had just went out of focus, in that instant, Kes En'jusek was the perfect personification of incredulousity. She still hadn't realised that Mako and eM were also the same person, but, in a minute, it would be clear.

"Well you had me fooled, and everyone, I'll have to give you that." The bitterness was rising like bile into her mouth, but despite what Kes had just learnt, she remained defiant. She had no reason to fear my alter ego, she never had before. In fact it had been I that had always feared her and Kes knew that exactly. She no longer cared. Whether I was Kixi Rajki, or Kay Blade, once I was gone, she'd have no reason to swallow that bitterness anymore. 

"That shapeshifting shit you did to your face, and the fact that you are formidable— nuh, it doesn't matter Kay— Kixi, because you've never beaten me in combat and I don't intend to change tha—"

The knife met flesh, soft and pudgy, and made a satisfying squish as the tip of the blade sank deep enough to not only cut off Kes' hateful words, but it also made her scream. Momentarily spooked, the assassin's guard had been lowered, giving Mako, who had recovered from her near death ordeal, the perfect chance to sneak up behind her, and turn the tables around.

Mako twisted the blade in her hands, all the while sinking it deeper and deeper. Kes' skin was tearing to shreds as the knife rotated, the sound of her muscles and nerves being gouged growing louder. Then, without warning, Mako jerked it all the way into her back, until the shiny metal had disappeared inside her and the black handle was pushing against her broken skin. Kes' cry was a brilliant sound, guttural chokes mixed with an agonised roar. Mako, as did I, smirked as she pulled the blade out of her now deathly white victim. Kes sank to her knees, continuing to scream, convulsing and trembling like a rabid animal and thick blood flowing freely from the gaping hole in her back. The cascade of the assassin's life source gushed out in all directions, scarlet liquid squirting up all over Mako— eM. 

Kes' face fell faster than a corpse in cement boots, but not because having just been stabbed. In that instant her skin became greyed, her mouth hung with lips slightly parted and her eyes were as wide as they could stretch.

What Kes saw, were the effects of a transformation that told a similar story regarding Mako. At 168 centimetres in height, her long, silky, jet black shoulder length hair, was now a series of tresses that fit neatly into a stunning chignon. Her pixie like nose that dropped daintily down from its peak now bulbously tipped. Her goldilocks red lips that had surrounded her small mouth with perfect alabaster teeth, were now thinned lipped. With her altered cheeks, all traces of whatever dimples she had, had pressed under her cheekbones and were now gone. With the help of her modified chin and eyebrows, her unchanged deep set chocolate brown eyes gave away nothing that she was still the same girl. 

Mako Jhasmin Zaneca had transformed herself into eM Blade.

"I, I... This ca... can't be happening. You Mako are eM Blade, a warrior! Mercy, please!"

"Yeah Kes, you stupid moron!" eM snarled. "Mercy? You beg mercy? Don't worry, you won't die just yet. YOU Kes, will suffer a fate far worse than anything imaginable." eM turned away as Kes' plead for mercy became quieter, the sweet tang of blood tingled in eM's nostrils.

"It's ironic Kes isn't it?" I said, holding the hilt of my X-Plasma blade that I had retrieved from one of the tallboy's draws. "You hated Mako the former president and you just tried to kill her. Yet seven years ago you captured and almost killed eM Blade. It could have been like killing two birds with one stone had you actually succeeded." 

"So I guess you're just going to cowardly strike me down with that weapon?" Kes asked as the crackle of the X-Plasma's energy blade came to life.

"No Kes. Now why would I stoop down to YOUR level," I said, sarcastically as the fiery blue white light from my X-Plasma blade sprung out making loud crackling sounds. "I'm gonna use the heat from this blade to cauterise your stab wounds, so that you stop bleeding and then torture you to death."

Kes was filled with trepidation. Her heart was thumping so loud that she was sure everyone around her could hear it. In front of her, she could see my my mouth moving, words flying past her head. She knew what I was about to do as I neared her with my weapon in hand. There was just one question popping up in her mind. Would this be her end— defeated in one single blow by her most hated nemesis? In her logical mind, she knew that she had to let me, no matter how painful, use my weapon to cauterise her wound. It would at best, stop her from bleeding to death, and buy her some time. Her imagination was running wild, with rough waves tumbling angrily, pounding the shores— never had she been defeated, until now Kes did not know defeat. She had been cornered and trapped, with nowhere to go. 

Upon placing my weapon's energy blade close enough to Kes's stab wound, so that the heat from the plasma would cauterise and then close her gashing wound rather than further cut through flesh, what followed was the loudest most piercing scream both eM and I had ever heard. It sounded like a scream of wild panic. A scream of hysteria and disbelief, bordering on terror that it made the hairs on the back of my neck stand straight up. 

The scream tore through the assassin like a great shard of glass. She felt her eyes widen and pulse quicken, her heart thudded like a rock rattling in a box. The scream came again, desperate, terrified... human. The blood drained from her face, before she completely dropped to the ground. Laying on the ground and naked, Kes' face closed in a grimace, her skin pale and clammy. Again she screamed. It had a raw quality, the realness of a person consumed by a pain that knew no end or limit. 

Then, for a full minute, she went quiet, and just panted. eM and I stood there, watched, and did nothing.

Kes screamed again. 

It was the kind of scream that made one's blood run cold. Somehow, this time, it pierced the assassin's brain, igniting some other primeval pathway. Adrenaline surged through Kes' veins, fight or flight, stand or run. As she summoned all her remaining strength, miraculously she got back on her feet. But then out of nowhere, she saw me come at her, X-Plasma blade no longer in my hand, but me swinging right at her. She ducked and I missed. Kes though, wasn't expecting eM to come from the other side.  

"Thunk!" The sound of metal hitting Kes' skull echoed in her head. She felt woozy. As Kes started to sink to the floor grasping her throbbing head in pain, she started to see colourful and black spots slowly blocking her vision until it was totally dark.  

“She looks even prettier naked whilst she's unconscious,” eM said, her head turned so she could watch me rub my hands all over Kes's smooth toned legs, and then lift them up by taking a firm grip on her ankles. “But there is something you should know.”

“And even better dead,” I said. I pulled Kes over into the bedroom ensuite next to the bathtub, and used a pair of restraints I had kept at the ready earlier to secure her in place with the tub's clamp rail. “Save whatever you're gonna say for later. Right now, the only thing I'm interested in is hearing this bitch suffer as I fucking kill her.”

Unrelentingly, I took hold of Kes' head by her hair, pulled the head back and kissed her lips, causing her to wake up, gasping.

"Good, you're fucking awake again Kes." I said, spooking her out again as the nanotechnology in my facial pores reverted me back to my true self; back to Kixi.

Kes immediately remembered what had happened, and why her head hurt like she had been knocked out— she had been! Her hand and head were streaked with blood and she felt woozy. Kes watched as the whites in my eyes turned a pure black, and as my iris glowered teal. Symbols, lines and dots formed in the iris, placed in a sort of manner. My lethal stare felt painful and piercing to her. It was as if my glare alone would tear her apart with a blinding teal light. 

"After I'm done with you, this will be the last time that you'll ever awaken." I spat the words out, not once losing eye contact with her. I looked at the blood on my hands— it was Kes' blood, her blood from her now cauterised stab wound. I looked up at her again, this time, with widened eyes. 

With her mouth gaped open, and head forcibly pushed back, Kes could barely move her head or say anything intelligible. I continued to hold her firmly while through the corner of her eye, she witnessed eM's face transform back to that of Mako, spooking her again, before a final glance at my furious eyes confirmed her most definite outcome. I was going to kill her.

Kes passed out, a momentary lapse of consciousness, but it soon returned. One eye was opened more than the other, as she realised that someone's hand had splashed water down her face, but had forgotten that it had been I that was holding her after I momentarily had let go of her. After all this time, she was still struggling to fathom, that I, Kixi Rajki her wannabe love, was also her most hated nemesis Kay Blade.

Paralysed while still shocked at the revelation. Someone was grabbing her. Firm but soft hands on her shoulders. Before she knew what was happening, she hit the water. It filled her mouth. It was in her eyes. Flooding her ears and her nose, stopping all breath. All she could feel was the water, pressing down on her from all sides. She opened her mouth, but inhaled a lungful of the liquid instead. 

She thrashed the surface as her head was suddenly yanked back out of the water, gasping for air, coughing, her lungs burning, waiting for the moment those hands would grab her and force her back down again. 

Then the inevitable thought entered her head, had she finally met her end... she gave up struggling.

Kes En'jusek continued to feel hands grabbing her. Pulling her down, into the water, and then back out again. Forced under over and over, the very second she breathed, her lungs coughed out water. There was so much of it. It was always there. She could feel it on her skin, her hair, her lungs, everywhere.

Victory flooded through my aching body as I lifted Kes' head out and onto the front of my shoulder. I tightly snaked my forearm around her neck and readied to snap it clean. "You low life disease—"

"Wait—" Mako seized my arm with desperate strength, loosening my grip on Kes' neck.

"Don't kill her— you can't just kill her, Kixi—"

"Yes, I can," I said, grim and certain. "I have to— we have to."

"Complete lobotomisation would be a far crueler punishment for her than death."

"Lobotomy would be a joke. What if she were to eventually regain her memories, then what—"

"I would perform the procedure in a way that her brain suffers permanent damage. Recovery of her memories would be impossible."

I yanked my arm free from Mako, at the same time fully releasing it from Kes' neck. "No! She's too dangerous to be left alive. No different to Cerberus when Paige and I killed her."

Mako's face swept itself clean of emotion. "That was different—"

I looked down at the beaten assassin. "You can explain the difference after she's dead." I once again snaked my forearm tightly around Kes' neck. Once I snapped it, my intention was to dunk her head in the water to ensure she drowned to death if the neck breaker didn't instantly end her.

"There is something I know about her that relates to you that you don't know!" Mako shouted. "Kes is your half sister!" 

I thought blankly. “What? How's that even possible Mako Jhasmin?" And I tightened my grip on Kes' neck so that her head locked stiffly over the front of my shoulder. Kes' heart constricted in it's wake as if not sure if it should go on beating. Black mists swirled at the edges of her mind drawing her into sweet oblivion. All that was needed was one quick swift turn of her head against the force of my grip, and Kes would be no more. 

"No stop! Please hear me out Kixi. I was actually trying to tell you this earlier."

"You're kidding me right? This is our chance to kill her once and for all, and now you wanna tell me this bullshit just so you can convince me to lobotomise instead of kill her!"

"It's no bull Kixi!" Mako pleaded desperately as I slightly loosened my grip on her neck, but took a handful of her hair with the other, painfully pulling back on it. Kes' head ached, her shoulders ached, her lungs ached and the ankle bones of both her feet ached quite excruciatingly. But nothing of her felt permanently incapacitated except her noble expression. Kes' mouth was wide opened as she panted for her breath; she shut her eyes in anguish.

“Relationship?" My brain stuttered for a moment and my eyes took in more light than I expected, every part of me went on pause while my thoughts tried to catch up. "What the hell are you talking about Mako?”

“Well, years ago, Cerberus came across some information regarding her then personal assassin— that scumbag you so dearly are wanting to kill right now. She wanted to know if Kes had any family. In a nutshell, Cerberus was convinced that Kes hated the world in general because she was lonely, had no family nor any real friends. She was more than certain that it was an underlying factor that had helped shape the evil person that Kes was and had become.”

Mako's words, her explanation, left me scratching my head with my free hand. “And did she discover something of import—“

“Let. Me. Finish. Kixi!” Mako impatiently stopped me mid sentence, unable to help her wide opened stare at Kes struggling as I continued to pull her head back by her hair. Excruciating pain continued to shoot through the assassin, her eyes rolled back in her head and she gave a deep, guttural roar of pain.

“Cerberus discovered that Kes had a half sister. But she didn’t want Kes nor anyone to discover that. She actually feared that Kes might have repented for all the bad things she had done, and that it might actually have turned her into a good person. That is, if she had family that actually cared about her. So, Cerberus being the brutal person that she was, had the informant who got her the information killed, as well as all linked sources. Only she and General Dekker knew of this, however when Paige and you killed Cerberus, her secret died with her— well almost. Dekker still knew, and when we went after him soon after our Zhann Alliance defeated the forces of Drex and Skycom, I acquired this info from a data card I got from him before he was killed." 

Mako paused and gulped back a tear that was forming in her eyes. "I destroyed it soon after.”

"You destroyed it soon after?" I asked incredulously. “And now you are telling me this, over a decade later? Why did you keep this a secret from me for so long? Why?"

I looked hurt, and angry. "Kixi, if I told you, what would you have done, huh? That woman hated your alter ego, and at the same time was attracted to your real self. For fucks sake! It was a dangerous situation, just like it is now." Mako had suddenly raised her voice to a point where she was almost yelling.

I looked back at Mako passively, and at the same time disgusted. "Well, what else do you know? Like do you know how all this actually came to be?"

Mako glared at me. "Well, it came by the means of surrogacy. Your father had donated his sperm for a surrogate mother. That happened before he met and married your mother and it explains why Kes is about four or so years older than you." Mako sat back on a small bathroom stool, and ran her hands through her hair, frustrated. "Your father was never told of who the surrogate was— Kes' mother, thus he, nor your mother knew of Kes' existence and therefore that he had fathered her."

I remained still as a statue, ridged as a board, face stuck in an incredulous expression, with an unblinking stare, where I shook my head in disbelief, while my brain desperately scrambled to make sense of it all. “And you kept this from me for so long? Mako Jhasmin, how could you?”

Mako sighed. Rising to her feet, she walked over to me. Notwithstanding that I still held Kes' head back by her hair, she leaned forward and pressed a kiss to my cheek. Quietly, she said, "She was raised by her surrogate mother in Bestin City. That being in another star system, in the Sajnen Confederate, it was too far away, and insignificant for anyone to easily have found out. Cerberus only discovered this because she was adamant she learn more of Kes' origins and had the power and connections at her disposal to do so. I'm sorry Kixi. I really should have told you this a long time ago."

"Hmph," I replied, feigning anger. Finally letting go of Kes' hair, I pushed both my hands outwards at Mako, and sent her reeling backwards. "Get away from me you deceitful little liar. And to say I love and trusted you Mako Jhasmin!"

And just like that, my long life desire to kill Kes was no more. Staring carefully at her face, I suddenly saw some minor resemblance. How no one ever noticed, or realised was beyond me. I caught Kes in a fierce hug, more so to want to shield her from Mako, but understood that on the other end of the spectrum, that Kes could easily use this as her opportunity to turn the tables on us. I released Kes from the hug, and upon doing so, I quickly executed a Dim Mak technique over several of her exposed pressure points, incapacitating her, but not rendering her unconscious. 

Appalled, Mako was momentarily rendered speechless before she eventually spoke again. “I can’t believe how dumb you can be Kixi. You the girl that I love.” 

“You lied to me Jhasmin.” I said, shaking my head. "I've always put your needs before mine, doing and giving you everything— I have even been ready to die for you, and for what?" My voice was soft, almost fragile, as if it and my heart would break any minute.

"You, Mako Jhasmin, out of all people, how dare you do this shit to me." As I spoke, my voice started off sharp, but then, I broke down, and before I knew it, I was on the verge of tears trying desperately to hide it and keep my face and my words straight and stern.

“If none of this had happened tonight, when were you intent on ever telling me any of this?”

Yet what I saw in Mako as I spoke were dark emotionless eyes. For the first time in all the years that I had known her, she struck me as a particularly icy and remorseless woman.

“Never Kixi and you know why? Because you’re too soft and dumb to have been able to handle the truth!"

My mouth dropped open before I covered it with the palm of my hand, and disbelief crossed my features.

“I’ve only told you now cos I guess the time was appropriate. I need Kes alive in order to lobotomise her."

"Lobotomise her? So you were intent on lobotomising her all along? No! We can't set her free, I get that, but I want Kes and I to have at least some sort of opportunity to properly get to know each other."

Kes stared as if into an abyss, it was an awful sad stare of hopelessness. She then stared at me, her look so miserable. Despite having learnt that I was also Kay Blade, her mortal enemy, the half sister thing had hit a soft spot. As soon as I made any eye contact with her, she immediately looked away, and continued staring as if into an abyss.

"I say we hand her in to the authorities where they will then sentence her to life in prison."

Expecting her to argue with me, instead, Mako replied, "Sure Kixi, why not. Drag her body over to the bedroom and restrain her properly while I go call the police." Immediately I twisted around to face Kes, my back faced Mako. What followed after that, happened so quickly and caught me completely off guard. And, I paid for it dearly.

I groaned in immense pain as I felt the full weight of Mako’s elbow hit me dead centre in the upper part of my back. Panting as she spun me around,  she threw her entire body weight behind the fist that edged closer to my face. It hit my jaw with such force that blood pooled into my mouth. Pain erupted from the point of impact. 

“Sorry Kixi, you are the love of my life and I’ll always love you to death. However because you are such a weak minded moron, you leave me no choice. This is gonna hurt me mentally as much as it will hurt you physically.”

With her two hands, Mako grasped my head in her hands and brought her knee cap up to my nose. There was a blunt crack and she released my blonde haired head. Crimson leaked from both my nostrils and my nose was twisted right, however that wasn’t anything that my NFV wouldn’t be able to instantly fix. Mako drew another fist at me and it ploughed into my stomach, it was like hitting a train head on. My guts smashed together, blood vessels bursting. However she wasn’t quite done yet. She punched my jaw, her fist collided with all her body weight. She continued this battering until I fell to the floor. My chest gently rose and sank with each shallow breath I drew in.

Totally unsympathetic at what she had just done, Mako yanked one of my arms up, and forcibly dragged me back up onto my feet. My facial expression sank faster than a penny on a pond as she cupped my neck with her hand, and dug her fingernails into my skin as she pinned me to a wall. In that instant my skin became greyed, my mouth hung with lips slightly parted, and my eyes were as wide as they could stretch.

“A few minutes ago you were very keen in slaying that bitch, and now the change of heart because you learn that she’s your half sister?” In a subconscious gesture of disgust, Mako’s nose wrinkled and she drew her head backwards. 

“Well Kiks, I’m fucking sorry to be the barer of bad news, but Kes doesn’t give a damn. She won’t wanna kill you no less than before. And now that she knows that you are Kay Blade, with her alive, you nor I will never be safe again.”

As Mako thought of all the innocent people that Kes had murdered for absolute no reason other than to fuel her own sickening desires, her lipped curled and her nostrils flared. Her mind felt as if lead were coursing though it instead of blood. 

“But don’t worry, I had a better idea for your half big sister all along. I won’t kill her, I’ll have her lobotomised, and dare you fucking stop me Kixi!”  

Mako ran her free hand through her long black hair three times in quick succession, and then fixed me in a stare that could have frozen an entire ocean. She snarled more than spoke. 

“Besides the fact that she actually fucking loves you Kixi— that now makes it half incest and we can’t have any of that disgusting shit, now can we?”

"Stop it Jhasmin! I'm not some sort of object or thing!"

Yet she didn't stop.

“And the fact that she even loved you to begin with, man that shit is vomit, it's for the tip, it’s disgusting— no fucking good. I fucking own your body and you, so you might as well be an object or thing. Either way, it means Kes deserves to die for the simple fact that she has even touched you— my property amongst the many other things.”

Mako mumbled over and into my chest. I stayed still, then eventually reached a hand and ran it through Mako's thick black hair. "Now that I know she's a half sister, I won't."

“Then help me do what needs to be done to her."

My watery eyes enlarged and the hairs on the nape of my neck bristled. A gaggle of goose pimples laminated my frigid, naked skin. Reluctantly, I nodded my head.

“Good. Now snap out of it and help me.” Mako broke her hold on me, letting go of my neck. "But I'm warning you, try anything irrational, and I won’t hesitate to maim you Kixi— love you or not, I don’t care.”

“Who the heck are you?" I asked as I moved away from the wall and walked over to where Kes lay in her incapacitated state. "You’ve changed. You're not the Mako I knew. What have you become?“ Kes who could barely lift her head briefly stared me in the eye, let out a groan and flopped her head back down.

"Kixi you are such a naive person. That’s your defect. I’ve been like I am now for a long time." As gravelly and penetrating as it was gruff, a toneless guttural voice was all I heard from Mako; the woman I loved so dearly; the last person I'd ever thought would have deliberately gone out to hurt me.

Walking straight up to me again, Mako this time cupped the underneath of my chin, squeezing her fingers hard so that it caused my mouth to contort. “Now you’re gonna do exactly as I say, and then perhaps I’ll consider letting that other slime bucket little shit daughter of Cerberus that I know still loves you live. But if you don’t, not only will I still lobotomise Kes, but Paige, that little fucking whore will meet a fate no differently than your ex all those many years ago.”

“My ex?" I wore a puzzled expression. "I'm confused. I do... don’t understand?”

“Of course you don’t. Kixi you're highly intelligent and talented, but, when it comes to basic everyday skills, when it comes down to being down to earth, you're probably the most stupidest person I've ever known." We stared into each other's eyes, I barely moved a muscle in my face. For a moment it felt like lightning had crackled through my veins, and time slowed down. I was stunned, Mako Jhasmin saying such harsh words to my face— I struggled to fathom why, but she had said them.

“Mako Jhasmin stop calling me that. You’re hurting me— mentally.” My mind was still a surging perplexity.

“Fine!" Mako said taking her hand away from my chin. She then folded her arms, deliberately pressing her breasts together to make them be, at least for a split second, the focus of my attention. "But toughen the fuck up Kiks. I refer to Jessica.”

“But I dated her before I met you and in the end she wasn’t into women anyway— did... did you kill her?” I asked in a low shaky voice, hesitantly gazing into Mako's eyes. Fear tortured my guts, churning my stomach in tense cramps. Fear engulfed my conscience, knocking all other thoughts aside. Fear overwhelmed my body, making it drastically exhausted. Deep down I dreaded already knowing the answer.

“Yeah I did. It was in 3016, some 12 years ago, and several months before I went on my first mission for the then Arjian Resistance with you."

“Why?” I asked, my eyes were blank and glassy as tears began falling on my pale cheeks. "She didn't even pose a threat to us, to our relationship. Mako Jhasmin?"

“Because..." Mako looked up to the ceiling and then back down at me again. "I couldn't stand the thought that she had once liked you, touched and loved you— that perhaps one day you might possibly have still felt some sort of an attraction or desire toward her, and gone in search for her."

My eyes widened, my breaths were ragged and harsh. My hands trembled at my sides and I jammed my own fist into my mouth to stifle the scream.

“But that's in the past Kixi, and none of us are living in the past. We Kixi, live in the now, and as far as the present time is concerned regarding Kes, well her lobotomy— it will be extreme. I’m not just gonna wipe her memories, oh no, that’s not gonna be enough. I’m gonna virtually wipe her whole brain out short of killing her. After I’m done, she won’t have a clue on how to speak, let alone understand anything. She’ll be less intelligent than the most simple of animals, not even knowing how to wipe her own fucking arse anymore— literally! I’m gonna permanently damage her brain. After I’m done, death will be something she’s gonna be craving for, except she’ll be so unintelligent that she won’t understand the difference between life and death because she’ll barely know that she’s fucking alive.”

It felt as if Mako were standing over me, bulky, intimidating. I met her eyes, saw her chilling stare. My unseeing gaze trailed over her body, looking first at her shoulders, then at her chest, her arms, hands, hips, and legs. I looked away and toed the ground. Silent, eyes vacant, I neither flinched nor smiled.

With my shoulders hunched, I gazed down to the floor. Finally though, I replied in the negative, my downcast eyes very much summed up what Mako already knew I would say.

“Never in a million years would I have thought to tell you Jhasmin, but you’ve totally lost your mind."

“I'm sorry Kixi, really I am. I’ve planned this since the day she captured me as eM seven years ago and hurt me, and for all those years ago when she brutally hurt you as Kay back on Zerentia 3." 

Mako shook her head, somewhat sorrowful.

"One day you'll understand the justice behind what I'm doing because no matter what I have done to you tonight, or whatever else I may need to do tonight if you try and stop me, I'll still love you Kixi."

I reached out and buried my head in a pillow that had somehow made its way from the bedroom to the ensuite. I hated this. Everything else I could deal with, but knowing what I had just learnt about Mako, that was one thing I would never get used to.

My reply was muffled in the pillow.

“What else are you gonna do to her?”

“She’ll be kept alive, obviously, but will be an adult with the perception of a new born. I’m gonna fuck her brains out, use her as my personal sex toy.” 

“Jhasmin what’s wrong with you? That’s... disgusting!”

“No Kixi, it’s vindictive justice. She deserves to suffer. Oh and I’m thinking, if keeping her alive proves to be too much maintenance, I’ll then kill her but I’ll inject nanites into her body. It will prevent rigormortis from occurring or the body from rotting away. She’ll be dead but like a sleeping beauty.”

“And then what?”

“What do you think?”

“Jhasmin, that is awful. But... it's not too late. We can talk about this, there are resources available that can help you."

“No Kixi. I don't need help. You see, I wouldn’t ever do such things to anyone. Only Kes because death isn’t enough to punish her for all the evil that she has committed.”

I sighed again, rolling my head around and this time it was I who stared out at the ceiling.

"Mako Jhasmin, I don't approve what you want to do to Kes. You know I've never to this day laid a single hand on you. I can defeat you and you know that, yet I've let you hit me on countless occasions including tonight. So here we are again. I won't hit you Jhasmin, but I'm standing in between Kes and you. So if you want her, I guess you're going to have to go through me first."

A slight sigh of defeat was Mako's only answer. She knew that she'd never convince me, and therefore knew what had to be done.

"I'm not taking any chances Kixi." Mako said. She had held back for as long as she could. Now she would let it all go.

Lowering my head, I stepped in to poke Mako in the chest. More so, it was supposed to have been a warning for her to stop, yet, she grabbed my hand and bent it back to my chin, while punching me in the stomach at the same time.

I could have fought back, easily have beaten her, but didn't. Foolishly I tried to stop her without hitting her back. I ran at her to tackle her, but she stiff-armed me and pushed me to the ground. Almost instantly I was back on my feet. Still not wanting to hit her back, I grabbed Mako's left arm, but she whirled to land a fist solidly on my jaw, right below my eye. I stumbled backwards. She then kicked me solidly in the midsection, which knocked the breath out of me. I bent over but didn't fall. When she kicked me in the gut, she managed to take a quick leap forward behind me, swivel around, and strike me hard across the back of the head with a forearm strike. I tumbled forward dropping onto my knees. Mako then kicked at the back of my neck, and followed up by landing a hard one on my head. I hit the floor hard, barely conscious.

“I’m sorry Kixi. I warned you and you still left me with no choice.” Mako said as she knelt down next to me where I lay semiconsciously on the floor. My hair lay in a tangled nimbus. My limp face was tear stained. A bruise was beginning to grow dark on one cheek. I had split my lip when Mako had hit me, there were several drops of crimson stained across my chin, mouth, nose and forehead. One arm lay crookedly under me which caused my back to curve to one side.

Lifting me up just enough to snake her arm around my neck, Mako felt the guttural rasp of my breathing, while my eyes looked as if they were frozen over like the surface of a winter puddle. Gently she placed her hand over my mouth. Pained, not only from the beating I had received, but also emotionally, it was all very visible on my face as Mako whispered into my ear.

“You like the feel of my arm close to your neck— the feel of my smooth skin, as well as my hand over your mouth Kixi. After all you always tell me how my arms and hands are the best in the world— and the rest of my body for that matter. Now I need to use these best arms and hands of mine to get you to fall asleep, Kixi.”

Although more of a twitch, I moved a leg slightly. My breath seemed to stutter in my lungs before Mako tightened her headlock and dug her hand deeply into my mouth. “I’m really sorry Kixi, doing this to you has hurt me mentally more than you can possibly imagine.”

Moving her hand slightly from my mouth so that she could also block my nose while keeping my mouth blocked, she could feel the tension drain from my body. It felt like I had concrete in my veins as Mako Jhasmin, the love of my life smothered me. Mako held me in this position for long enough to deprive me of oxygen, but not kill me. I fell out of consciousness, and my eyes flickered into darkness. Satisfied, Mako released me from her headlock, removed her hand from my mouth and nose, and gently lowered my limp body down onto the floor.

"You want to, don’t you?" Mako turned her head at the sound of Kes' husky, low, sinister voice. 

"Want to what?" Replied Mako. Standing up, she walked over to where Kes, who was still immobilised lay, and had silently watched everything that she had said and done to me.

"Why overcomplicate things? You know what Mako, I can see it in your eyes."

“I don’t know what you're—“

“—Kill her. Deep down you want to kill Kixi don’t you?”

“You're insane Kes, but given those ludicrous words have come from you, that’s okay—“

“—LIAR! I’ve killed many people and that face, your expression when you hit Kixi, knocked her on the ground and then choked her out, you wanted to.”

Mako shifted her gaze, sinking it down to where I lay on the floor profound in sleep, and then flickered her eyes back to Kes.

“And so what if I was thinking it, it’s not like I really would have done it.”

“Ah but the primeval thought was there. The tempting desire, the lust. You love her, yet deep down you want to squeeze the life out of her. So why deny yourself Mako? Kill her!”


“No? Why? After all you only like her because—"

"—Because what? Go on, tell me Kes?"

Yet Kes didn't respond. Instead the assassin's unsettled eyes glanced unceremoniously around the bathroom, futilely trying to avoid keeping eye contact with Mako. Several seconds of heavy silence settled over the two women.

"See you can't even answer, and it's because you don't even know. Before you knew that Kixi and Kay were the same person, you wanted Kixi so badly. Now that you failed Kes, failed to have Kixi, will fail to kill Kay, me— ultimately my alter ego of eM, you're that desperate to win that you'll say or do anything, like try and convince me to kill the love of my life!"

"Oh those angry words Mako. That proves and says it all."

"Oh Kes, really! Well you know what, who gives a fuck what your warped little head thinks. Kixi won't know any of this because soon you'll have all your fucking memories wiped out!"

"And here we go again with the anger. Admit it Mako. I can see it written all over your face. You and I, we're very alike in more ways than you think."

"Kes, you and I are nothing alike!"

"No? Why let's see then, shall we. You admitted in murdering Kixi's ex from years ago, did you not?"

"She was a threat!" Mako gritted her teeth in fury. "She was once in love with Kixi, which was more than enough to justify my actions."

"Once in love, but no longer in love when you started dating her, nor was she interested in other women anymore. Don't bullshit me and tell me you killed her out of jealousy or because she was a threat. It was for none of those reasons. You killed her because it gave you a sense of power, and you found it thrilling. Don't deny it Mako. You know it is true."

"Shut up Kes!"

"And now we have the truth, don't we?"

"Still doesn't mean I would want to kill Kixi."

"Ah but it does. Let me see. Ah yes. Paige Langley. You can't stand her. More over you can't stand Kixi's secret feelings for her. You tried to have her killed, Kixi stopped you but convinced you to partially lobotomise her. Was hardly effective, because, well, Paige still loves Kixi and Kixi loves her."

There was a momentary flare of anger in Mako's face. "Kixi! Loves! Only! Me!"

"And so you say. However you know it is true, and thus why you have the urge, the craving to kill Kixi. Ending her, and Paige, together. Because if you kill only Paige, you know it won't be enough. Simply put, Kixi will forever despise you for it."

"The late Cerberus!" Mako hissed at the sound of the name. "Paige is one of her fucking daughters. She deserves to die just for that alone!"

"That's a pathetic excuse Mako, and you know it. Paige killed her mother to prove her worth to what was your criminal Arjian Resistance, and, eventual illegitimate Zhann Alliance. Skycom Corporation's current CEO, her elder sister Kristy will happily pay a heavy bounty for Paige's head."

"That's enough Kes!"

"Oh how the truth hurts!"

"You came here to kill us Kes, and failed. Now you're the one who will suffer for all your crimes!"

"On the contrary, I no longer want to kill Kay Blade, knowing that she is Kixi and apparently my half sister."

"Gee, you suddenly want to repent for all your sins? No fucking chance Kes!"

"My sins? And what about YOUR sins you deceitful little whore? You even beat Kixi up when she didn't want to fight you, because she knew that if she did, that she would have finished you. But instead you took advantage of her vulnerability, like you always have done to her. YOU Mako are false, and a liar!"

"You Kes, kill people for fun. Whatever I've done, whether you see it as a valid reason or not, I had a purpose. I've never killed some random off the street just for pleasure like you have. Oh and if you're wondering why Kristy Langley no longer wanted you as her personal assassin, it was because you were a loose fucking canon! Man would I be able to do a better job than you if I were her personal assassin."

"And you know this, how?" Kes' lips curled and her nostrils flared. Her mind felt as if lead were coursing though it instead of blood. The thought of Mako becoming the personal assassin of the person who was once Skysec's director, and now CEO of Skycom Corporation disgusted her. Not only had Kes lost everything because of Mako, but now there stood the possibility, that she would lose the very same thing that she had lost— and to Mako. Kes kept her gaze off Mako, she couldn't bare to look her way, because if they made eye contact she thought she might vomit.

"I'll tell you in a moment." Mako said smiling the way a wolf would smile at a lame lamb. "I just need to make sure beautiful over there is really fast asleep." She continued, looking down at my unconscious body on the floor and walked over to the medicine cabinet, retrieving two syringes.

"These Kes, contain a powerful sedative each. I prepared them earlier." Mako's smile was frozen in a rictus of death. "One is for you so I can then transport you to where the lobotomisation equipment is, and one is for my sweet little love so she can stay put while I fix you up Kes."

As Mako scanned Kes' face for a reaction, the silence hung in the air like the suspended moment before Mako put the syringe she would use on Kes on the bench. With the other still in her hand, she stepped over to me and got back down on her knees.

Mako took hold of my left arm, stretching it away from my torso so that it stuck out. Slowly she rubbed the tips of her fingers over the area where the median cubital vein lay, at the same time enjoying the feel of the soft smoothness of my arm. Bending forward, she gently kissed the area. That was the spot where she would inject me with the syringe containing the sedatives that would ensure I remained fast asleep.

Mako readied the needle which already had the pre-prepared dose attached. For a brief moment, she turned her head to look at my face. My eyes were closed, but to Mako, I gave the impression that I were staring away silently at the ceiling. Moving slightly, Mako bent herself forward a little more, hovering over me, and gently pecked my lips.

"I love you Kixi."

Even in my state of unawareness, after Mako had wiped ethanol on the injection site, my body winced as I felt the prick of the needle on my tender skin. With her other hand, Mako took my hand and squeezed my fingers. 

“Sleep tight my love. Your half sister will still be alive when you wake up, but she won’t be an assassin anymore."

After Mako was done, she stood up, took a deep breath, and carefully disposed of the needle.

"Don't worry Kes, I most definitely haven't forgotten about you." Mako immediately turned back to the assassin after she had made a muffled noise of scorn. 

"Now quickly, whilst we're on the topic of sleeping beauty over here, if those advanced nanites that I was referring to earlier actually work in keeping a dead corpse like as if the person were alive but sleeping, who knows, if Kixi keeps pissing me off after I have Paige eliminated with others, then perhaps killing her may be an option." Mako observed the disapproval in Kes' eyes, causing her face to contort into a devious grin. "Kixi's body is perfect like this, when she's asleep. Technically it would be like she would be forever asleep, and all mine to do whatever I please with, anytime."

"Technically she'll still be dead! She won't be breathing, her heart would have stopped, as would all her brain activities. Her consciousness would have been obliterated, and, if there is such thing as a soul, it would long have departed the body after killing her. All it means, is that your advanced nanites will keep the body from stiffening up, and if not frozen, from eventually decaying. You Mako are one mentally ill sick puppy. At least with me, once I killed someone, that was it. You— you're warped in the head! Especially when thinking of carrying out such vial ideas on the girl that you say you love— my half sister!" Kes wrinkled her nose in disgust, and then spat at Mako.

"Your half sister eh?" Mako calmly replied, while with one hand wiped the saliva that had caught her in the face off. "Before tonight you wanted her dead, or at least her alter ego of Kay Blade, and now the change of heart? I don't think so Kes. You'll do anything to escape your fate? But that's perfectly okay as it's the natural response from anyone who finds themselves in your position. Kixi was about to kill you earlier, but the naive person that she is made her stop when she found out that you were her half sister. She is naive, but not you Kes. You're an opportunist. You just wanted Kixi to stop me so you could escape and then have another go at again killing us both."

A muscle twitched involuntarily at the corner of Kes' right eye, while her mouth formed a rigid grimace. Defenceless and unable to persuade Mako otherwise, a cold sweat glistened on her brow.

"Now, where was I regarding the topic of Skycom and me. Ah yes. Very much I've been collaborating in secret with Kristy for months. Behind the Zhann Alliance's back, behind Kixi's. In fact Kristy has really considered making me her new assassin."

"And what are you gonna do when Kixi finds out? That's assuming you don't kill her first."

She's too naive to ever realise it. And she loves me far too much. Using that to my advantage is a perfect means to deny any such dealings."

"You're nothing but a liar, a deceit, and ultimately a betrayer Mako!"

"Gee you're bloody quick with the accusations Kes." Mako said, jerking her shoulders up in a shrug. "Even though it won't matter what you think, I'll explain it to you anyway. You see, this thing I have going with Kristy and Skycom, it's all just a ruse. You see I am a traitor and a betrayer. But not to Kixi, and most certainly not to the Alliance. No I am all that to Kristy Langley. She has no idea that I'm also eM Blade, and that I, along with Kay and her Zhann Alliance had helped topple Skycom and the Drex Dynasty in the first place. All she knows is that I was nothing more than an elected politician, a puppet president to what in her eyes, just like it is in yours, is an illegitimate government. All she knows is that I'm Mako Jhasmin Zaneca, an average everyday citizen of the United Systems of Sol, married to another everyday citizen, a former Formula Zero race driver superstar, Kixi Rajki. So, what I intend to do is let her believe I'm with her, and like you were just lead to believe, a traitor to my people. But, in being close and trusted by her, in time, I will kill her and take her place as Skycom Corporation's new CEO. With me in charge, I will join Skycom's forces to the Zhann Alliance, making it more powerful and stronger."

Mako brushed at her hair and cocked her head. "Kixi won't understand this now, thus the reason for my secret, my so called betrayal, but when she sees the end result, she will."

"Now if you'll excuse me a moment." She said turning away from the assassin, and moving back over to where I lay motionlessly. "I need to ensure that my beautiful love finds herself in a comfortable position when she wakes up."

Unceremoniously, Mako took hold of both my legs and dragged my body out of the ensuite and into the bedroom. Carefully she rolled me onto my back, and pushed me into a seated position. Grabbing one of my wrists, she carefully lifted me to a standing position using her legs, locking my knees out. Then she put her back against my chest. Holding a wrist in each of her hands, she bent her knees and pulled up until my armpits were over her shoulders. She drew my arms down and in close to her body keeping them in place, feeling the loose hairs from my head touching her face whilst in the process. Finally, she leaned forward slightly in the direction of our bed, and tossed me on to it.

Mako lay down on the bed next to me, closed her eyes, and drew in a few deep breaths. Okay, she thought, as she enlaced her hand and fingers through my hair, kissed me across the forehead, the bridge of my nose and then finally put a soft hand on cheek as she kissed my lips. Mako then drew back, getting off the bed and rising to her feet. I didn't stir, having fallen deeply asleep now that my body had received enough of the tranquillisation sedatives. Mako drew the covers over me gently, then kissed my head. I stirred slightly, but didn't wake.

Still in complete shock, Kes remained incapacitated, unable to move a single muscle in her body. She felt blood rise up to her head.

"Oh what's wrong Kes? You still can’t move?" Mako asked, sarcastically, as she slowly reentered the bathroom ensuite. I was now fast asleep in the other room. "Would you like the same treatment as well?"

"You’re such a deceitful bitch!" Kes snapped, futilely trying to move and stand up. "At least with all the bad that I’ve committed, I was open about it." She repeated. "You betrayed even your precious Kixi. I swear if I weren’t in my current state, you wouldn’t be laying a finger on me. I’d fucking end you once and for all, you got that?"

"Oh? Well, for one thing, you are in a pretty fucked up situation Kes, and who's going to stop me?" Mako retorted, already on her feet. She then quickly turned around toward Kes, and grabbed her neck. 

“And Kixi? She won’t know anything more about any of my dealings with Skycom anymore than she had known before.” Kes was up against one of the bathroom walls. Mako had already undone and removed the restraints that I had originally placed on her when having dragged her over to the bathtub. Her feet were barely touching the floor. Mako further pushed Kes hard into the wall, causing her to blackout for a fraction of a second, and then started kissing her on the mouth.

“But lets not concern ourselves too much about Kixi knowing anything.” Mako’s evil smile betrayed all innocence as she spoke. “Kixi loves me too much to ever suspect anything. She’ll die for me if she had to, and she’d do it unquestionably. Besides in the end, I'm sure that she'll understand, that what I will have tried to do will be for the greater good of the Zhann Alliance. It's just a very unorthodox approach."

Befuddled, Kes stared into Mako’s piecing eyes, before Mako finally kneed her in the gut. Kes heard the sinking thud as Mako’s knee collided with her stomach. It felt like as if an anchor had been dropped on her. The force of the blow knocked her down to the ground as at the same time, Mako withdrew her hand from the assassin’s neck. As Kes fell, her legs felt as dizzy as her mind, all her insides were crushing in as a little vomit began creeping up her throat.

Immediately after, Mako got down on her knees beside the fallen assassin, lifted her hands and arms, and began rubbing them with the smooth of her own fingers and palm, before kissing Kes' very same limbs.

"Kes, Kes, Kes. These beautiful arms and hands of yours, these that have been your tools that have strangled hundreds, will now finally be neutralised," began Mako, speaking gently, her voice a soft sing-song. "Forever will you no longer harm a living thing with these, but rather like the rest of your body, serve and satisfy my sexual desires. You are not gonna die Kes, but instead your memories will be wiped and replaced with very few simple false ones. You'll be nothing more than a zombie so to speak, obedient and serving to me. You will have no recollection of your current life whilst you live out your remaining days— your soul trapped in your body, not remembering a thing until the day you finally do depart. Your punishment will be worse than death as only through death will your soul allow you to remember anything, that being once it is finally released from your physical body. Your body Kes, it will soon become your prison."

Powerless to do a single thing, Kes' face was drained with a dejected expressionless stare.

“Shhhhh," continued Mako. "Now the time for you to sleep and say goodbye to the life that you once knew, has come. Once you awaken, you won’t be you anymore.” Mako rested her head in Kes' hands which she still held, as her sing-song became a whisper into Kes’ ear. Mako was tired of speaking to her; tired of all the fighting; tired of everything.

Half a minute later, Kes felt a warm hand on her shoulder, and Mako said, "Steady, it will be over in a moment."

Kes felt Mako slap over where she had wiped, and she opened her eyes wide at the injustice of that. Mako slapped again, and then grabbed a handful of her flesh back there. The prick of the needle wasn't that bad, but she felt the sedative medicine sting. Mako finally drew the needle out, but didn’t bother slapping anything over the injection site. Kes momentarily winced at the twinge, before slowly but surely, her vision blurred and everything blackened. 

"Sweet dreams Kes, as it will be the last time you ever have them." Mako said as she kissed the base of Kes’ neck gently, and then retrieved her clothes. 

Mako lustily stared at her, wanting to this time fuck her while unconscious. Her hands once again touched Kes, one rubbing her clit and the other massaging the silky skin of her breast.

Finally Mako decided that it was time to dress her. Starting with her bra and her pair of underwear, Mako relished the moment as she put them on Kes. At the same time, she felt a great sense of power in knowing, that she could do anything she wanted to Kes; the assassin totally powerless to stop her.

Next she dressed Kes into her clothes with a little bit of difficulty. It was hard to put clothes on an unconscious person. She buttoned the top of her dress, the short sleeves fell down her arms, while the entire dress fell to her ankles.

"I actually enjoyed doing that." Mako whispered in Kes’ ear as she quickly stood up fully and got herself dressed, and then, lowered herself down again. There, she brought Kes' body closer to her own, where she wrapped her arms tightly around Kes' limp body, and nuzzled her face into her shoulder. 

With a deep breath, Mako lifted Kes into her arms. She couldn't delay what she intended to do to her any longer. Kes' head hung loosely over Mako's arm; Kes’ arms swung limply as Mako carried her out of the ensuite and bedroom, downstairs and out of the apartment. 

Hurrying through the huge apartment building's corridors, she ensured that the few people that might have been passing through did not see them. Determined, Mako Jhasmin Zaneca would carry out her bold sinister plans, and no one, not even I, would stand in her way.

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