Beyond Seduction Deceit Betrayal

When I saw her after so long, for the first time in a very long time, I found myself wanting my revenge. I wanted a simple revenge, however my better half wanted something beyond that. In appeasing her demands, it brought out a most unselling part of me, knowing that the person capable of making both my better half and I feel this way, was tied directly to my yearning toward our road to vengeance.

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20. Chapter 11.

Chapter 11.


Mako was at the door. I heard her long before I recognised the sound of her tapping in the access code, followed by the familiar whoosh of the opening door.

"Jhazzy," I said in a strangely but familiar voice upon her ingress.

"I see you two girls have started without me?" Mako asked, and I lifted my head. I pushed off the wall that I had been leaning on, and stood in between Mako and Kes. 

"Started what without you?" I asked, knowing very well that Mako knew everything. We had carefully preplanned things earlier, and she knew exactly what I was doing and why. It was a game that we had chosen to play, and although Kes' unexpected appearance was startling at first, we figured that tonight was a good night to finally rid her filth from existence. 

"You need to shut the fuck up Kiks." Mako snapped playing along, pointing a warning finger at me before turning to Kes.

"You look a bit tired Kes. I think you should go upstairs and give me a massage," she said, turning toward the assassin, walking closer. 

"What about Kixi," Kes replied, looking around at me, and then back at Mako.

“I’ll be up shortly to join you both,” I winked at Kes.

"How about we go upstairs and you give me a massage?" Mako demanded once again, lightly grabbing Kes' hand, leading her to move forward and ignoring me.

Kes rolled her eyes but complied, a coy smile creeping onto her face. Kes snaked an arm tightly around Mako's shoulder, thoughts of ever so wanting to wrap that same arm around her neck and literally choking the former president of the USS to death, undoubtedly crossed her mind as they headed towards the stairs.

There was a quick exchange between Mako and I that left us both laughing as she headed up the stairs with Kes. Mako pushed open the bedroom door and Kes followed her in, closing it tightly behind her, but didn’t lock it.

Mako walked over to the tallboy removing her wrist gadgets, and immediately after that, began to undo her boots.

"So?" Kes said, taking a seat on the bed as she began to unclip a weird looking belt that Mako only just now noticed she was wearing over her dress, as she simultaneously kicked off her shoes.

"So what?"

"Look, don’t play games with me Mako," she warned, completely kicking her shoes off to the side and flipping onto her stomach.

"Kes, it’s been a long night," Mako said slightly raising her voice as she took off the rest of her clothes, tossing them onto the floor.

"I got nothing against you Mako,” Kes said lying, “but how long is Kixi going to be?” 

“She’ll be up in about ten minutes." Mako replied, this time softly, trying not to fuel the fire.

"Right,” Kes snapped, contemplating whether to just kill Mako now while she wasn’t expecting it.

"I'm getting into the shower," Mako calmly responded ignoring Kes’ frustration, and with that she headed into the bathroom. “You’re welcome to join me,” she called out slamming the door shut behind her, “that way once Kixi is here, we can can both be nice and fresh for her.”

“I guess I’ll let you live for just a little while longer you fucking filth.” Kes cursed from under her breath, clearly not wanting to waste an opportunity for a threesome, and then kill Mako before my very eyes. 

Mako let the hot water run over her body, soothing her smooth skin and sore muscles. She grabbed for the body wash that sat in the caddy. It was coconut. She squeezed a small amount onto her purple sponge and lathered it up. Just then she felt a slight draft as if someone had opened the door and she immediately got goose bumps.

"Kes, get in and shut the door, I'm freezing!" She yelled.

And nothing. It was still cold.

"Kes! Shut the fucking door!"

She heard the door shut and turned her attention back to the comforting flow of the massaging shower head. She smelt like coconut, which wasn't something that made her too happy. She liked coconut, but only on my body. She yawned and stretched, and wondered how the coconut would smell on Kes' body.

And then out of the corner of her eye, Mako caught a hand grab hold of the shower curtain and push it aside. Kes stepped in slowly, being careful not to fall. It wasn't the biggest of showers. I had always told Mako that eventually I'd get us a bigger one.

Mako grabbed Kes by her waist, and guided her under the hot steamy water. She dipped her head back, letting it drench her long black hair. She stood in front of Kes, naked and beautiful, and a coy smile played upon her lips. Despite Mako's own sinister agenda that she had in store for the assassin woman, the good side of her persona couldn't help but feel guilty for yelling at her seconds earlier. Mako reached two hands around Kes’ lower back, bringing her closer. Kes caught eyes with Mako, and smiled back.

"You're jealous that I got it on with your precious Kixi? Is this why you wanna feel me?" Kes asked softly, running a finger across Mako’s breasts.

Mako didn't reply, but simply tightened her grip on Kes' hips and hoisted her up in the air. Despite being a slightly smaller build than the other, Mako was able to lift Kes up with relative ease, that, all thanks to her telekinetic abilities. Notwithstanding that the former president of the USS was able to lift Kes without having strained a single muscle, the assassin woman didn't realise, nor did she suspect what Mako had done, all the while, Kes found her balance on Mako’s small shoulders.

“You’re pretty strong for your size Mako,” Kes said as she wrapped her legs around Mako’s back and leaned down, resting her forehead on hers.

“Well you know, I’ve been working out a lot at the gym,” Mako lied, clearly not prepared to reveal her secret to the assassin, not yet anyway. That would come a little later, when it was time to reveal that she was nothing that Kes had perceived her to be, and that, she was eM Blade, and I Kay Blade, before finally lobotomising Kes, and giving her a punishment that would be far worse than death itself.

Mako took a few steps to the wall of the shower where she regained balance of them both. Kes winced a little as her back touched the cold shower wall, but she quickly forgot as Mako pushed her body into her slowly. Their body shapes fitted perfectly together, their vaginas touched. Kes winced again... this time in pleasure.

"It's impressive that you're not tiring holding me up like this," Kes panted, wrapping her arms around Mako's neck.

Mako leaned up, pushing Kes' hair out of the way with her chin, her lips desperately searching for Kes'. Mako kissed her harshly, letting her tongue explore every inch of her mouth as if she'd never tasted another woman before. A soft moan escaped Kes' lips and she grasped at Mako's back, digging her nails lightly into her smooth skin. Kes bit her lower lip and could feel her face begin to flush as Mako rubbed her vagina with Kes', and did so at an uneven pace. Their rhythm was completely off. It was messy... but Kes loved it.

"Kes... fuck..." Mako moaned, and her body jerked uncontrollably as she gave into the waves of pleasure that washed over her. She dug her face into the graceful crook of Kes’ neck as she attempted to get her breathing back to normal. Mako inhaled deeply, and took in the unfamiliar, but soothing scent that was Kes. Mako held her tightly, didn't want to let go. She wanted to fuck Kes’ brains out over and over, like a sex toy that only had one purpose, an obedient slave— and soon she would. When the time was right Mako would strike, and that time was fast approaching she silently pondered.

They held each other for a while, momentarily exhausted. When they could finally inhale and exhale at a normal rhythm, Mako moved away so that their vaginas were no longer rubbing, gently helping her down. Kes' feet lightly hit the warm rubber of the shower mat.

Kes looked up at Mako and forced a smile. Kes' cheeks were a rosy shade of pink and Mako smiled back, loving that she was the reason why, and furthermore, that this formidable assassin was becoming very vulnerable— well, at least that's what she thought. 

Kes reached down and turned the water off, and grabbed an oversized towel that was hanging nearby. She held it out for Mako to take as she wrung her soaked wet hair out.

"What's this?" Mako asked jokingly.

"What?" Kes asked, confused.

"I thought maybe..." Mako smirked, and she smiled, knowing what she wanted was more.

"Uh, uh. I don’t wanna tire myself out before Kixi comes up," she laughed, and grabbed the towel back from Mako.

"Ugh," Mako grunted, “there’s a deal between Kixi and I— you can’t have her without me, and you and I are not done yet.”

"Right. You’re just annoyed Kixi enjoyed making out with me before," Kes muttered as she forced a smile and grabbed Mako’s arm, leading her out of the shower. She wished she could just kill Mako now, and then lay in bed with me after temporarily sedating me, and then take me away off planet for lobotomisation. 

Mako dropped Kes unceremoniously on the bed, a frown on her face as she did. "Really, Kes? You think I'm worried about Kixi making out with you before? Whatever happened, Kixi will always be mine. She did what she did only because I said she could. But you see, like I told you before, her and I, we have this little deal. If she wants to get it on with another girl such as yourself, then I have to as well, and after that, we both go for it at the same time."

"I see, it appears to me that you were jealous that Kixi got to make out with me, and it was killing you if you didn’t get a turn. You enjoyed it, didn't you?" Kes stretched out happily, arching her back as she stretched and looked up over her shoulder at Mako. "I mean, you clearly enjoyed what we just did in the shower. You couldn't stop—" A low noise told Kes that she hit her mark, and she couldn't stop the slow grin from spreading over her face. "Couldn't stop touching, could you?" She pulled herself up to where she was on her knees on the bed, her back to Mako. "Your hands were certainly all over the place—"

A growl was the only warning she had, and Kes gasped slightly as she felt Mako's hand in between her shoulder blades, shoving her down into the bed. The position should have been humiliating, bent over the way she was, but she felt a distinctly familiar curl of heat being fanned by the feel of Mako holding her down this way, the feel of that hand sliding up her back and into her hair. Kes could feel Mako kneeling on the bed behind her, and she swallowed thickly. 

"Mako?" She asked quietly, and there was a minute where she could hear Mako catching her breath.

"What, Kes?"

Kes couldn't stop the smug grin from crossing her face, and she was suddenly glad that Mako was holding her down face first in the blankets. 

"I am really not certain what you're planning on doing to me right now, but... I am still wet." Kes said it quite calmly, as though Mako couldn't tell. The former president of the USS was still for just another second, and then Kes stifled a moan as Mako pulled a fistful of hair to haul Kes back up to her knees.

"Doesn't really matter when we're having good sex," Mako ordered, her voice low and gravelly in Kes' ear. Kes could barely suppress a shiver, while her hands moved to touch the sides of Mako's body. 

Mako then tugged sharply on the hair she still held. "Come in closer Kes. Do it." She said, and when she leaned forward, the very tip of Kes' tongue traced her ear. Mako in turn made a low noise of appreciation, her free hand eased down to touch the wetness of Kes' smooth beautiful skin.

Kes drew a breath, her eyes closing as she felt Mako's fingers gently caressing her, tracing patterns— letters maybe? And sliding down to touch the backs of her thighs. She swallowed; those fingers stopped stroking for a heartbeat, and she could feel the heat from Mako's breath over her ear. "Kixi and I are like symbionts. What effects her effects me and vice versa. You got on with her, and now I must get it on with you. This is a must, otherwise it will be like something that effects the balances of nature." Kes didn't stammer when Mako spoke, and nor could Mako hide the small smile on her face. Kes scowled, however Mako ignored her, pushing her back down into the bed. "Now be obedient Kes as we wouldn't want to upset nature."

A retort was on Kes' tongue, but at the feel of Mako's hand smacking the back of her thigh, she gasped, the thought lost to the stinging sensation. "Mako," her accent was thicker, even she could hear that. A second, a third hit, and Kes was trembling. The fingers in her hair tightened their grip, and the assassin moaned, her own hands grasping for the blankets, squeezing handfuls of the thick fabric. Then the tender touch returned, Mako's fingers moved over Kes' now dry and heated flesh. Kes whimpered slightly, shocked at the force of her reaction to this. A sharp slap was her reward, making her tilt her hips slightly into it, encouraging Mako to keep going.

They were both breathing heavily as Mako scratched over Kes' skin, digging the tip of her fingernails into her. Another loud smack, and Kes shuddered, pressing herself into the bed a little more, feeling Mako's hand loosen in her hair. She didn't know how much more she could stand, how much longer she could keep from asking, from begging. Mako's hand slid down and out of her hair finally, tracing down her spine before disappearing. 

Weight shifted on the bed, and Kes made a soft noise when those fingers finally returned. One, two pressed into her, deceptively gentle after causing such a flush over the assassin woman, and a soft whine escaped as Kes pressed back into the touch. Mako withdrew her hand and smacked her again, leaning down to hiss quietly, "Someone's coming," she said, and pressed a soft kiss just behind Kes' ear, and the tenderness of the motion almost undid her. Kes whimpered slightly, knowingly, that the person that was coming would be me.

The door gave away a soft click before the familiar sounds of my footsteps flooded the master bedroom. To no one's surprise, I reached up and slipped my top off. Mako and Kes gasped as the focus of their attention then turned to me, and then applauded. 

I stared with an open mouth at Kes' boobs. "Standing from here, those look even more gorgeous now."

Kes smiled, enjoying the attention.

Sick, that was what this was. Neither I nor Mako wanted Kes, but she wanted me. I had no idea what she saw in me. Ironically she hated my alter ego— all the better, because soon she would find that out, and then we could simply end all of these pretentious games once and for all. 

However until then, sadly, we were humans, and sex was a basic need. Real or imaginary, Kes used it as a weapon, while I used it as a drug. As I watched Mako’s beautiful hands grip Kes’ hips from behind, I, along with her rationalised, that we only had to play this game for just a little while longer.

"Kixi! I can't believe you would comment on that." Mako said, laughing at my language and my thought, but at the same time annoyed in not having received a similar comment regarding her own boobs. 

“Hmmm…” My voice came from outside the door after I momentarily popped out to turn the downstairs lights off. I re-emerged and stood up straight, put my fist to my chin, thinking hard, gazing critically at the two women before me. 

"I understand it all now Mako.” I said, pronouncing my wife’s first name with a strong emphasis on the first syllable: Maaako. “Clearly you don't wanna share Kes? I mean you were only with her for ten or so minutes and already—"

Mako smiled, interrupting me before I had a chance to finish. "It's less time than what you had whilst I was out of the apartment Kixi."

I jerked my chin at Mako, "Um well... that's sort of true." 

Still, Mako was curious. "Really? Sort of?" She asked.

I smiled back, obviously playing along as if I were jealous, and not quite finished. "Well okay, I got to play with her for longer—

"Hey! You two are actually fighting over me?" Kes bowed her head, surprised, letting her hair screen her face. "Well how about we then just... you know... do a threesome?"

"Oh, yeah." Mako answered. "I'm horny and always ready to fuck. You can both start by sucking on these puppies together if it'll help."

For a moment, it seemed that Kes was fighting with herself to keep her arms from covering up and exposing her breasts for us. But then she laughed. "Actually since you two are bent on me tonight, you can suck on mine."

"Good idea!" I nearly squealed, excitedly. Despite the inevitable fact that no matter what happened, after this was over, all was bound to turn sour. However though, we had been having too much fun, and convincingly sounded like it, so we kept playing along. 

"Kixi!" Mako shot back, but almost instantly calmed herself down as she stared directly at Kes' boobs, and for the first time properly observed that they were well shaped, with huge areolas and large nipples. 

"Actually, Kes, your boobs, they are great," Mako eventually said. "Well almost. I still prefer Kixi’s simply because her boobs are hers and she’s my wife. But still Kes, your nipples are humungous. Very nice to suck on, indeed!"

We all laughed at that, still staring at Kes’ boobs. 

"They are so firm. They stick straight out. No sag at all," I said and then laughed nervously. “They’re also bigger than Mako’s.”

"What? No, they're not," said Mako. “Kixi you’re an idiot!”

"Yeah they are." I countered ignoring Mako’s insults. “But don’t worry Mako, I still like yours better because your titties are your titties.” 

"Right! Well Kes, they look fake!" Mako blurted out. Then she laughed at my expression and added, "I know hers are a bit bigger, sweetie, but you’re right, mine are better simply because they’re mine.”

"Are they real Kes?" I asked.

"Yes!" She exclaimed. "Of course they are!"

"Okay, okay, I know," I laughed. "But how do they stand out like that?"

"I don't know." Kes' breasts had always stuck straight out from her chest. She almost felt like it was a physical defect. She loved them when she was dressed. She had terrific cleavage, with definite space between them. They were a perfect tool for luring in men that she had bounties for, as well as lesbians such as Mako and I.

"I love these little nipples siting right on top of them. Oh, shit," I said as I reached out and placed a finger on the tip of one of Kes' nipples.

"Oh, shit," was what Mako was thinking, too, as an electric shock raced through her from head to toe. Mako pressed on Kes' other nipple, pushing it into her breast. Kes' knees went weak, but she hardly wondered why because she was dealing with the sensations it was giving her.

"Mako!" Kes said, but even to her ears it sounded more like a moan than like the warning she had meant it to be. Perhaps Mako thought it was a moan as well, because her hand pressed forward, holding the entire breast in her hand.

"Mmmmm," I said as I began massaging Kes' other breast. "Does this feel good?" I continued, as I began flicking at Kes' nipple.

"Hell, yeah," Kes blurted out.

"Oh, yeah," said Mako as she leaned into Kes. Her chest, actually. Kes looked down but could only see the top of Mako's head. But Kes felt Mako's teeth grip her nipple and hold onto it tightly. Then her tongue began rubbing back and forth over it.

"Mako!" Kes squeaked.

"Your nipple is getting hard," I said as I watched Mako sucking on Kes' tit. "Big and hard."

"Unnng!" Was the sound that came out as Kes tried to say something, enjoying the sensations.

Mako now had most of Kes' tit in her mouth, sucking hard while licking and flicking her nipple with her tongue. I had her other breast in my hand, kneading it, stroking it, playing with it. Several minutes passed as we drove Kes wild. So wild, that she didn't know if it was Mako's hand, or my hand when it reached her crotch.

By this stage, we were sitting on our bedroom bed, with Kes in the middle. After we were done with kissing and feeling her breasts, Mako continued feeling her vagina while Kes didn't hold back in feeling both of our vaginas. Mako and I then resumed playing with Kes' breasts, now just kissing them, together fondling her vagina as she kept fingering ours. 

Kes took our hands and kissed our arms, as Mako and I did the same to hers. Mako kissed down Kes' stomach and legs, then sat on the floor in front of her sucking her vagina as I stood on the bed letting Kes kiss my neck, chest and stomach. I sat on Kes' shoulders and held her head in joy to let her kiss my legs and lick my vagina. I then got off of her, about-faced and bent over to let her finger my vagina and anus and kiss my arse. She licked in between my cheeks and sucked my anus, making me yell. I sat on her lap to let her kiss my back, then got off and bent over on top of Mako.

Mako got on all fours as I kissed down her back. Kes about-faced letting Mako kiss her arse, lick between her cheeks and suck her anus. I sat behind Mako, doing the same. Mako then knelt to kiss up her back, as I lay down with my knees bent and head between Mako's thighs to suck her vagina, finger her anus and spank her arse. I then kissed her legs. She fingered Kes' anus. Kes stood on the floor, bent over on top of Mako and kissed down her back. I kissed up her stomach, breasts, neck, and both arms. 

We lip locked as Kes kissed Mako's arse. I moved up, letting Mako kiss my arms and down my breasts, neck and stomach to my vagina, as Kes licked in between her cheeks and sucked her anus. She lay down with her knees bent and head in between Mako's legs to suck her vagina, grab her arse and finger her anus as Mako did the same to my vagina and held my breasts. Then Kes kissed Mako's legs entirely as Mako did the same to me. I sat by Kes' legs to kiss them up to her vagina before licking it, and Mako moved down to let her kiss up her breasts, stomach and neck. They kissed when they reached each other's faces, then Mako sat behind me to kiss my arse as I lay down. Kes lay down too letting me kiss up her stomach, neck, breasts and arms. 

She lay facedown. I kissed down her back to her arse as Mako licked between my cheeks and sucked my anus. I kissed Kes' arse wholly, licked between her cheeks, and sucked her anus, and Mako kissed up my back and fingered my anus. When she got to my head, I went face up as she and Kes lay on either side of me to feel my chest and finger me as we kissed. Then Kes kissed my right breast as Mako kissed my left. Mako and I traded places as Kes and I felt her breasts and fingered her vagina while we kissed. Then I kissed her left breast as Kes kissed her right. We lay sideways on either side of Mako with our heads at her breasts and legs at her thighs. She had her arms around us as we ran ours down her body and each other's legs and arses. She grabbed our arses at a point. 

Unknowingly to Kes, we had sinister plans for her, and likewise, her intentions were unknowingly alike for Mako. We were so immersed into and enjoying our threesome, that for the time being, none of that mattered to any one of us.

As our threesome continued, I became aware of a hand playing at my vagina. A finger was just barely inside it, mostly rubbing around my pussy lips. On this occasion, my knees had nearly buckled, and the hand that was playing on me helped hold me up for a moment. Then unlike before, a finger actually found my clit, and I lost what little control I had left. I was gone in the moment, enjoying the sparks flying from my vagina as well as from my nipples. Although not a big one, my body was awash in an orgasm.

Without failure, those sparks picked up strength again. My moaning continued, as I felt two fingers inside my vagina, but my mind was clouded, that I was unable to concentrate on anything other than the erotic feelings pulsing through me. As a consequence, my mind was trying to figure out if they were two fingers from different girls. Something told me they were, but I wasn't sure. I felt myself being lifted into the air. Oh, what a dream, I thought, until I was put down on the side of the bed. Mako and Kes stood on each side and then Kes bent over, her head level with my crotch.

"Oh, Yes!" I screamed out loud, as I felt Kes' mouth on my vagina, and a tongue licking along my slit. Kes was good at this— very good. In fact if anyone could have done this as good as Mako, admittedly it had to be Kes. She seemed to touch all the right places, in just the right way. Her tongue eased itself between my folds, delicately working its way up and down, pushing my lips apart. It found my hole and worked its way in just an inch or so, then back out again, causing me to feel a sucking feeling from time to time when her mouth fully covered my entire vagina.

While that was going on, Mako continued to manipulate my breasts. She cupped one, playing with the nipple, while her mouth and tongue was working on the other. Because it was Mako, it felt like she was making slow, passionate love to them. As per usual, she was enjoying their feel, their texture, the difference between the soft skin of my tit and the rough feel of my aureola. She played tenderly with my nipple, both with her lips and with her tongue, and occasionally with her teeth. It was a lovely and stimulating feeling. I loved it, but my attention kept shifting between my tits and my vagina.

With two fingers pushing in and out of my vagina, another finger, perhaps Kes’ thumb, was rubbing my clit back and forth. Up and down. I was nearly to the breaking point now. Her finger tapped lightly on my clit, rubbed it some more, then she licked it with her tongue, then pushed it lightly inwards. When she placed my little clit between her teeth, still licking it, my senses were overwhelmed.

"YES! YES! FUUUUUCK!" I heard myself scream as the orgasm I was experiencing literally attacked my body, sending me into a frenzy. I throbbed and thrashed. I lost all awareness of everything around me— not a good thing considering Mako’s and my intentions regarding Kes, and then found myself on the bed, on my back, in the arms of Mako and Kes. They held me, stroking me all over my body.

Positioned in the middle, I stood up, but neither Mako's nor Kes' hands left my body. Hands were everywhere, some on me and some went past me onto them. Just to steady myself, my hands were on Mako, and the feel of her soft skin, like always was like no other. 

I moved my hands slightly to touch the gentle sloping on the side of Mako's breasts, then a little further to feel the wonderful soft skin of her full breast. The nipple was next, and as I cupped her breast and pinched her hard nipple between my fingers, I knew that no matter how much Kes tried, nothing could ever be as exciting as Mako's body.

Both of my hands began stroking Mako's body, mostly her breasts, while Kes pressed hard against my back. Kes reached around me so that she could reach Mako, and in the process rubbed her arms, and hands, on me as well— just as Mako was doing.

I moved to the side a bit so that the three of us formed a sort of triangle, with hands going anywhere that seemed interesting, and mouths gasping for air. Occasionally one of us would bend over enough to take a nipple in our mouth.

Someone's hand took mine and moved it down between Kes' legs. My fingers were even bent in to form a grip on her vagina. My fingers slipped between her folds. I pushed up at the top of her slit and found her clit. Kes was moaning, but we all were, and by this stage, no one could tell what action any of us were responding to. We all had at least a finger in each of our holes.

I had felt a finger slip into my vagina, and I bent my knees, pushing down on the finger in order to get it further up into me. At the same time I found Mako's hole, and pushed my own finger into it.

I groaned when I felt two fingers pushing into my vagina, and I did the same to Mako. I thought perhaps I felt a third finger go into me. At least I did that to Mako, and she responded even more as I forced them as deep as I could at that angle. About this time Kes began thrashing around, lost in an orgasm evidently caused by Mako's fingers.

Shortly after, I felt Mako's vagina tighten around my fingers, followed by her own orgasm. That left both of them to turn on me. Kes' fingers were inside me again, while Mako thrust herself onto my chest, taking a mouth full of breast and bit hard. 

"I'm cumming!" I cried as I erupted again. As we orgasmed, we remained clung together, and when we finally were able to look each other in the eyes, we began to giggle. We put our heads together, laughing harder and harder, and somehow we began kissing, licking and sucking on each other's breasts again.

After some time, the licking and sucking stopped, though the kissing continued for a little while longer. Eventually though, that too faded, and we were finally back to just hugging, before that then gradually broke apart.

Tired, we remained nude and lay on our bed with Kes in the centre. Mako and I lay sideways and put our hands on Kes' breasts and legs on her thighs, as she put her arms around us. We were tired— all three of us, which was just as Kes had hoped for. We kissed again and held each other close, pretending to be close to sleep. 

But Kes was doing that very same thing, pretending to fall asleep— and neither Mako nor I had realised. Within Kes’ grasp, that weird looking belt that she had taken off earlier still lay on the bed. But what Mako and I had further failed to realise, was that it was no ordinary belt, and Kes had deliberately placed it, and herself, in a spot on the bed where she could easily reach for it when needed. 

Kes smiled to herself. "Good. Now you are both defenceless." She whispered in a way that was barely audible, feeling her anger. Finally, her chance to seize the moment, and do what she had come to do had arrived.

Neither Mako nor I noticed as Kes stretched out her arm toward the belt's resting place. The assassin's hand was trembling, her lips pulled back in grimace, her teeth grinding. She was able to resist no longer. Her loose bangle rattled violently on her wrist a moment, then, with some effort and a full stretch of her arm, the belt was in her hand. 

In that instant, she sprung herself up and off the bed, the belt in her hand swung into full view. Before either Mako or I could react, it seemed as if Kes was about to strike the full weight of the belt downward toward my skull, but didn't. I stared at her directly, bathing her grinning face in a hellish glare. Yet the hatred in the assassin's eyes were not toward me, but for my wife.

“You Kixi are mine, not that wretched filth’s Mako.” I heard Kes' harsh voice say. It was followed by a deep chuckle. I watched in slow motion as she pushed a tiny button on the side of the belt’s buckle, a trigger of some sort, and from the centre of the same buckle, a tiny needle like projectile fired. The dart whistled towards me. Although I was already on my feet, I tried to leap out of the way but I didn't move quickly enough. It struck me above my left breast, and upon piecing my skin and entering my body, my breast began to numb, and within seconds I lost all sensation of my midsection, legs and arms. I stumbled backwards, unable to see clearly. I felt my knees buckle beneath me. The world tipped and blurred, and I then collapsed on the bed, but I was still conscious.

Kes spoke with a familiar coldness I'd heard long ago, a coldness I'd heard only whilst she had fought my alter ego. “That will tranquillise you for a few minutes while I dispose of Mako." 

Mako got up and spun around, pulling out a glass bottle on top of the tallboy to use as a weapon, but it was too late. Mako tried to move in to stop Kes, her attempt nothing but futile. "I don't just want to kill you, I want to put you in a pit and add the shovels of dirt slowly until your damn mouth is full of muck." Kes snarled as she landed an elbow across Mako’s vulnerable exposed face, sending her tumbling backwards, over the side of the bed and off.

"No, Kes please no—" My own words were cut off as my mouth was next to go numb.

"Good night Kixi," Kes laughed, while I was still able to ground my teeth together. 

"Paige, I'm in trouble and need your help," I thought desperately. But she wasn't coming. She would never come without me being able to communicate my distress to her. Alone, Mako would have little chance against Kes. I was all alone in this world. My eyes rolled backwards as everything went black, and I unceremoniously dropped headfirst on the bed, cold as a rock.

"When you finally awaken, you'll remember me as being your wife." Kes' whisper was more final than any scream.

Kes turned back to Mako who had gotten herself back up onto her feet— the former, shaking with glee; the latter, with outrage as a trail of fresh blood ran down from her nose.

"There is no escape, my former president.” Kes began, speaking with relish. “As I kill you, I want to hear the suffocation of your cries. I want to know the second you don’t exist anymore so I can savour it. I had a great life under the old Drex rule. It died under the Zhann Alliance which you served as their puppet. I don't care if you're sorry about everything; I don't want to hear it, as I doubt you are and I don’t really care.”

Kes grinned showing her perfect white teeth, her eyes wide and unblinking. She ran a hand through her long hair, her lips turned upwards into a smile. “You took away my life, and now I will take away yours and all that was once yours." Kes snarled, then laughed, and laughed.

Mako's face was contorted, reflecting her spirit. Kes watched her carefully, her belt held up at the ready— her perfect tool that would become her strangling cord was held upraised in her hands. 

"With this, and then with my bare hands, I will strike you down with all of my hatred— but this will only be the beginning. Those who made your rise to power, your false claim to leadership possible, that very person— Kay Blade, who with much injustice, lead that pitiful Zhann Alliance to victory, will die. Her along with her pet eM Blade." She spat and hissed. “And after that, the one who calls herself Asuka Blade— Paige Langley the traitorous daughter of the once great late Cerberus will be next once I have found her!”

She paused for the briefest of moments, and then continued. "My journey and my triumph will only then be complete."

Mako and I had lured Kes into our apartment. Yet in spite of all that, Kes had remained one step ahead of the game, by firstly temporarily incapacitating me, and secondly, from being the hunted, she had ultimately become the hunter. Left with no choice, Mako readied herself into a fighting stance, poised to do battle.

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