Beyond Seduction Deceit Betrayal

When I saw her after so long, for the first time in a very long time, I found myself wanting my revenge. I wanted a simple revenge, however my better half wanted something beyond that. In appeasing her demands, it brought out a most unselling part of me, knowing that the person capable of making both my better half and I feel this way, was tied directly to my yearning toward our road to vengeance.

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3018 - I Love You And You Love Me. The Wedding of Kixi And Mako Jhasmin (Published 2018-06-15)
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3028 - Beyond Seduction Deceit Betrayal (Published 2019-07-13)

3039/42 - Time’s Arrow (KnM Blade version. Available in 2020)
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18. Chapter 10.

Chapter 10.


The blasted rain had started without warning. It had been Kes’ intention to dump the stolen hovercar several blocks away from my place, and then head over there, but damn the weather— it just wouldn't co-operate with her from after she had left District Versio. Her good heels were ruined, her dress was soaked, and her hair was a mess. 

It would have been so much simpler to have brought a change of clothes with her. The two girls she had killed hours earlier, they, along with the owner of the hovercar she had stolen, had been wearing far more straightforward attire. Kes, like the idiot she now felt like, had decided to simply dump the corpses in an old abandoned building somewhere in The Wastelands, rather than wisely remove the clothes from one of the slain girls that would have otherwise been a perfect fit.

Now in heels. In a dress. And in the cold.

"I really am an idiot," she cursed silently. "This is so bloody stupid of me."

Opening the door at the ground level of the two kilometre tall building that our apartment was located in, Kes bid the door man hello with a nod of her head. She was thankful that he didn't say anything to her about her appearance, though the look he gave her made her want to punch his lights out and then kill him; literally. 

Every step she took through the massive lobby was excruciating. Her heels clicked loudly, echoing off the empty walls, announcing her presence to the whole building. Trying to straighten the bodice of her dress, Kes was hanging to see me.

She pushed the lift door button repeatedly, hoping that she might make it up to the upper levels of the massive building without running into anyone that might remotely recognise her. Although however unlikely that would be, once she did reach my apartment, one such person that she would run into was my wife, Mako Jhasmin. Although outwardly Kes had never shown her distastefulness towards my wife, she did have a way of making even royalty seem unworthy to be in her presence— and it was a matter of fact that Kes absolutely hated the former president of the post Drex USS era.

When the lift doors finally opened, Kes was thankful and relieved that it was empty and stepped inside. She bit her lip in the lift, resting coolly against the wall, and from the corner of her eye watched the small surveillance camera on the opposite side. 

Once on level 154, Kes exited the lift, where the velvety voice of a service AI that had materialised before her directed her to my apartment. The silence that descended over her as she made her way to my apartment was different to anything she had experienced before, filled with a fiery tension, and when Kes pulled in front, she paused just as the AI vanished, her hands ran up and down her legs anxiously.

As the door opened, Kes had one brief moment of relief before she saw the condesending eyes of someone she could have gone her whole night without.

Mako Jhasmin glanced up from Kes to see her standing in all her disheaveled glory. Though Mako showed no outward signs of it, Kes was certain that the deceitful little bitch was laughing her butt off. Oh how she would kill her slowly and painfully after she had me seduced and under her full control.

One finely arched eyebrow lifted as Mako took in Kes' appearence, but she remained silent.

"Do you, um, do—" Mako looked up at Kes and her anxiety melted away at the look on Kes' face. Kes looked at Mako softly, sighed and bit her lip. 

"Do you want to come inside? Have a drink?"

Kes smiled, but in a way that showed she wasn't trying hard not to seem too eager about it. Kes nodded and entered the apartment.

The short walk into my apartment was quiet, Kes kept her hands behind her back as she steadily made her way inside. Turning her head slightly behind her, she let her eyes linger on the pull of her shoulders as Mako shut the door behind them. 

Swallowing hard, I tried to clear my head and think about something— anything else, as I made my way downstairs to where Kes awaited. But I couldn't. Somehow, not withstanding the fact that more than a decade had passed, I could still feel the brush of her fingers as they grazed against my skin before she had forcibly raped my alter ego— Kay Blade. At that time it had been nothing but a traumatic experience, yet now, seeing her stand in my home before me, it sent delicious tingles all down my body and I pressed my legs together to try and gain some relief from the ache that was slowly building there. I despised Kes, wanted to kill her, would kill her, but her body— I found it out of this world. I wanted to fuck it, and she wanted me just as badly. 

"What an evening," I said, plonking down next to Kes who had already made herself comfortable on one of the lounge room couches.

Mako shot me a dirty look before walking over to our drinks cabinet and pouring two glasses of whisky and handing one to me.

"Do you want something to drink, Kes?" Mako asked.

"No, thank you," she replied, taking her scarf off.

Alcohol wasn't a whole new world to Kes. She most certainly knew how to hold her drink, however she needed to focus, so wisely, thought the better for the present moment.

"Have you ever tried whisky, Kes?" I asked.

Kes just frowned at me, "Yes, but it's been quite a while since I last had some."

"Do you want to try some?" I asked, offering her the glass.

"Kixi," Mako warned, "I don't think she would like it. If it has been a while since she last drank spirits of any kind, it might make her sick. Last thing I want is our guest throwing up all over our lounge room floor."

As soon as Mako had said she wouldn't like it, Kes suddenly wanted to try it in some perverse way of proving her wrong.

"I wouldn't mind trying," she said.

I said jovially, "See, Jhazzy. She knows what good stuff is, she can have fun and live a little— or a lot."

I proffered the glass to her again and she went to take it before Mako hastily handed Kes her drink.

"If she is going to try some then she may as well have some of mine. Who knows where your mouth has been," Mako said darkly.

Kes laughed as she took the tumbler and took a swig of the dark liquid— which she regretted instantly as she felt it burn her throat and she started to splutter.

"Told you she wouldn't like it," Mako said, her voice clearly amused.

"I was just not expecting that," Kes said, and she took another tentative sip. "It's not bad. But in all honesty I haven't drank anything this strong since... well since things all went south with Skycom Corporation's now CEO Kristy Langley— and that was years ago now. I will stick with something a little less potent." And she handed the glass back to her.

Mako just quirked an eyebrow at her and sat back down across from us. We all continued to chat away, I did most of the talking until I gave a huge yawn and stood up.

"Well, I'm going back upstairs," I said, "Come on up with me Kes."

Without any hesitation, she stood up and said, "sure, Kixi."

She wanted very much to kiss me now, but she did not want to with Mako in the room, so she just settled for an awkward wave which Mako acknowledged with a tilt of her glass. She then silently followed me up the stairs until we reached the master ensuite.

Once we reached the room, the room Mako and I slept in, Kes threw her shoes off. She went to grab her scarf but realised she had left it in the lounge room. Deciding to go quickly to grab it, she headed back out and down the stairs.

The door was slightly ajar, and as she walked down, the lounge lights had now been dimmed. A brighter light was spilling out of what Kes assumed was the apartment's kitchen area, and she realised that Mako must still be in there. Her heart sped up a little at the thought of being alone with her, the former president, and the urge to violently end her life. She quickened her pace until she walked into the kitchen. But she was nowhere to be seen and she couldn't deny the sinking feeling in her stomach.

Wandering unhurriedly back into the lounge and over to the couch, Kes bent down and picked up her shawl, but she spun around sharply as she heard the sound of the door shutting and the unmistakable snick of the electronic lock. Mako had left the apartment as planned, leaving Kes alone with me.

"Kes, why did you comeback downstairs?" The unexpected sound of my voice from behind had her once again spinning around sharply. "Mako forgot her comm device in her car. She'll be back in around twenty or so minutes." 

I gestured to the kitchen as I placed the palm of my hand on Kes' smooth cheek bone, "but lets not concern ourselves with Mako," and then quickly pulled back. "I think I have some tequila in the cabinet above the fridge."

"Tequila, huh?" My smirk was knowing and Kes fought the blush on her cheeks with a roll of her eyes. Kes followed me as I disappeared into the kitchen and ducked into the fridge, the bottle of tequila was on the counter top, but I didn't grab it.

"What are you doing?" Kes questioned as she leaned against the counter absently and suddenly I was in front of her, breathing in her space.

Kes' eyes widened when I ignored her question and instead slid my wet finger down the skin of her neck, her barely visible Adam's apple bobbing as I lazily picked up the saltshaker that had been next to the bottle of tequila and sprinkled her skin. I picked up the lime wedge and okay— this was probably not a good idea, not a good idea at all— but I couldn't stop now, especially knowing all too well what Kes wanted, and here was my chance to be a little creative before we got well under way with proceedings. I gripped her chin, as expected, her skin smooth against the palm of my hand, and dragged my thumb across her bottom lip. She opened obediently and I placed the wedge between her lips.

"Good girl, Kes."

Keeping my torso angled over the bar, I reached down and picked up my shot glass, staring at the amber liquid with a sort of morbid curiosity. My head was screaming at me to stop, think, this was wrong, but when I looked up and finally met Kes' gaze, my stomach clenched deliciously. She looked like pure sin— light brownish hair tousled and wild, full lips parted and inviting, her eyes on fire.

I smirked and ran my tongue along my teeth, her eyes carefully following the movement, head tilting to the side slightly. I tipped the shot back slowly, watching as her hand clenched on top of the counter. The burn was delicious and I leaned forward, hand sliding over her forearm, up her neck and into her hair. I gripped tight, fingers twisting though her strands, pulling her head back and exposing the line of salt.

When my tongue slid along her skin, I felt her groan, deep and rough, under my lips. I nipped at her pulse point and let my nose skim her jaw as I moved to her lips, hand still anchored in her hair. My teeth closed on the lime and I let my tongue swipe under, gathering juice and sliding over her lip in the process. A sharp shock of heat bolts went through me and I lingered. I felt her jaw move, warm breath washed over my mouth, and my eyes closed.

I sat back abruptly, falling back on the stool and popped the lime out of my mouth. I dropped the lime unceremoniously into the empty shot glass and gave her a shit-eating grin.

Kes was looking at me like a desperate woman, her eyes wide and dark. I swallowed hard and my smile faltered slightly when I noticed just how large her pupils were, my heart beat faster in my chest. She blinked, and then a slow, dangerous grin started on her face.

Kes opened her mouth to say something debauched, no doubt, but I quickly spoke first interrupting her.

"Come on Kes, let's go and dance."

"Here in the kitchen?"

"Yeah," I blinked up at her as my eyes shot over to the side, and I asked our home's AI to play us a random dance song. 

"I've underestimated you Kixi, you're a manipulative bitch." Kes blinked back at me. "But I like it." I felt my stomach flip at the way she was devouring me with her eyes.

I lead Kes to a dance as the music began to play through the apartment's surround sound system, and I could feel Kes' eyes on me as I moved my body to the beat. But soon we both lost ourselves in the music, the liquor making me far more coordinated than usual. I ran my hands through her hair, exposing the bare skin of her back to the kitchen's bench and Kes laughed loudly.

"You're playing with fire, Kixi."

I grinned wolfishly at Kes. "Maybe I want to burn. We'll do another shot after this dance." I shouted back and Kes grinned in response.

I thought Kes had muttered something, but I couldn't hear her over the loud beat of the music. We danced for a couple of minutes, until my feet were aching and the song ended. Kes just stared at me, the grin on her face dangerous.

"I do believe you offered me a drink." Kes' hands found my hips. Despite her body proportions being very similar to my own, surprisingly, Kes was able to lift me easily, placing me on the counter in front of her. I let out a surprised noise, something between a squeak and a shout, and Kes chuckled lightly, her eyes now perfectly level with my chin. Her thumbs rubbed absently on my hip bones before sliding down my upper thighs to my knees, pressing them apart gently and stepping between them. When she looked up at me, her eyes were dark.

"I'd like to collect."

And I knew she was talking about much more than a shot. It was clear from when Kes had made her unceremonious appearance at District Versio, that there was no way that this would end up a simple outcome with Kes ending up in my bed. 

Or on the floor.

Hell, the kitchen counter was comfortable enough— it didn’t really matter. In not knowing that my alter ego was her sworn enemy, it put her in a very vulnerable position, and that, was all that would matter.

Kes reached over my left leg and poured herself a shot, hands sure and confident. Her hips were nestled between my thighs, but the material of my shorts kept me covered. The material of her dress felt delicious against the bare skin of my legs and I resisted the urge to scoot forward, draw her in, and grind against her.

Her eyes flit up to mine and then she leaned forward, breath hot against my neck. Her tongue swiped a long stripe against my collarbone and I bit my lip in an effort not to moan. She pulled back and gave me a wide grin, eyes crinkling at the corners.

I squirmed as she sprinkled salt over the wet line and she chuckled. I shot her a glare.

"I don't have anymore limes."

She reached over my left leg and picked up what she must have grabbed from the fridge— a little bottle of lime juice— and waved it in front of my face.

"What, want me to shoot it in your mouth?"

Kes raised a single eyebrow in response, and I rolled my eyes. I watched as she flicked open the bottle and covered the spout with her thumb, tipping it over and coating her skin with lime juice. Her other hand slid along my neck, fingers angling my jaw up.

"As fun as that sounds, love, I've got a better idea." Kes' thumb ran along my bottom lip, much like I had done to her earlier, but this time she was coating my lip in lime juice. My stomach clenched as her eyes followed the movement of my thumb and I let my tongue slip out and brush against it. Her breath hitched as her eyes shot back to mine.

I could feel it— the tension between us. It was thick like a summer haze, but despite me not really wanting anything to do with Kes, everything in her was screaming at her to take, consume, devour. She had waited too long for this— for many years having denied it and having lied to herself.

Kes reached forward and twisted her fingers through my belt loop, pulling me closer. She picked up my shot glass and winked.


The throat area around Kes’ barely visible Adam’s apple bobbed slightly as she swallowed, her fingers slipped along my jaw and back into my hair. Her tongue was warm against my skin as she licked up the salt, and this time I did let a small moan slip from my throat. I felt her grin against my skin and then her lips were in front of mine. Kes fought the urge to lick mine, knowing it would completely deter the point. Well, I assumed the point was a bit more than the lime juice, but regardless—

My train of thought was abruptly cut short when Kes' lips closed around my bottom lip roughly, pulling it into my mouth and running my tongue along it. She released it with a wet popping noise, but kept our heads angled together, hand fisting in my hair.

"Kixi." Kes said my name, practically panting into my mouth— the smell of tequila and spice washing over me. I let my eyes drift shut and braced the hand not tangled in my belt loop on my chest. I fisted the material in my hand and dragged Kes into me.

When our lips met, it was a fiery crash. Kes groaned low in her throat, hand tensing and releasing in my hair before tensing again and angling my head to control the kiss. I let her, parting my lips and teasing her tongue with mine— our mouths battled for dominance.

I was certain that the majority of Kes' sexual experiences had been either by the use of forced sex or rape before executing her unfortunate victims. Now, although unknowingly reluctant, I was willingly giving myself to the lethal assassin woman, and without the violence, Kes was clearly good at this— much better than what I ever imagined she would be. Her mouth moved over mine with practiced confidence as she pulled roughly on my belt loop and my hips rutted against hers. Shock waves reverberated through my body and I scooted closer to the edge of the counter, legs locking behind her at the small of her back. I gasped when she pushed her hips forward again, making contact with my centre.

Her mouth slid down my jaw, teeth nipping and scruff scratching. She found a particularly sensitive spot on my neck and I moaned lightly when she bit down. Her fingers tangled in my hair and she pulled roughly. I chuckled and my fingers found the strap of her dress, sliding under it and pulling it to the side.

She couldn't wear a bra with her dress— the back was too low— and she was infinitely grateful for that fact when my thumb slid over her bare breast. We groaned in unison and I leaned back, looking down at her bared breast and then up to meet her gaze.

Chest heaving, she struggled to find oxygen. "Am I as pretty naked, as your Mako is, Kixi?"

"Were you like this the whole night?" I ignored her question, voice strained, eyes dark. My hand slipped from her hair to the other side of her dress and I pulled it down roughly, exposing her other breast. My thumb circled her nipple and she arched her back, pushing her chest further into my hands.

Heat was coursing through her body, circulating and centring between her legs. To her surprise I hopped off the counter momentarily separating our warm bodies, and then, immediately lifted her up onto the same bench reversing our positions. There, Kes wasted no time shifting against me as my thumbs rolled against her nipples, sending hot pleasure shooting through her.

"Kes." I accentuated her name with a sharp pinch to her sensitive skin. She yelped and opened her eyes, not even realising she had closed them. She blinked at me wildly.


"Were you like this the whole night? At the race meet?" My eyes were so dark, so serious, that Kes felt another jolt of pleasure course through her.

"Like what?" Kes was panting, unable to concentrate when I was touching her like the way I was.

"Bare." I practically growled the word and it did terrible things to her. One of my hands slipped from her breast and danced down her body, landing on her thigh and slipping under the hem of her dress. "Did you think about this as you got ready? Did you think about me peeling this dress off you and finding you bare beneath it?"

"Oh." She moaned, because she didn't want to sound sinful. My fingers slipped under the hem of her dress and curved around her bare waist. My forehead fell against her collarbone, and I cursed violently when I discovered that she also wasn't wearing any underwear.

"Kes." My voice was hoarse and I bit down harshly on the skin of her neck. "Why aren't you wearing anything under this dress?"

Raspy and whispered, her face flamed hot in her response. "Because I thought about this when I came down looking for you."

She wanted to slap her hand over her mouth and just shut up, but I moved my hand just slightly, thumb resting just above where she needed me and all rational thought left her mind.

I claimed her lips hotly, my tongue plundered her mouth and twisted with hers. I pulled away just as quick as I had come, my forehead rested against hers. "So you risked everything coming back to Earth just for me?"

The hand on her breast squeezed gently and she bit her lip, nodding. I breathed in deep and leaned my head down, nipping at the skin below her ear.

"Did you think about me touching you?" I asked. "That is after you saw me for the first time in so many years." Kes moaned as the hand under her dress shifted, her fingers danced over her sensitive flesh.

"Oh, Kes." I groaned loudly. "You're so wet."

No shit, she wanted to snark— Kes had been beyond turned on since she first spotted me at the race meet— but my thumb was lightly circling her clit and she couldn't think, nor even breathe properly whilst I was doing that.

"You did think about me touching you, didn't you?" My fingers slipped lower and suddenly I was plunging two fingers into her roughly. She gasped and squirmed, spreading her legs wider against me.

It felt so good, to her, I felt so good. It had been a long time since someone had touched Kes like the way I was, and she could already feel the pressure building low in her belly. I twisted my fingers and pulled them out before pushing them back in slowly.

I leaned back from her neck and stared at her, eyes raking over her body like I was trying to commit her to memory. She must've looked a sight— dress pulled down below her breasts, my hand moved under it. My own shirt was rumpled from her grip and my hair was wild, standing at odd angles and making me look completely flustered. Her eyes dropped down below my waist, arousal straining against the smooth skin and contoured lines of my exposed legs.

I plunged my fingers in and out of her as my thumb dragged against her clit and she whined, her legs shifting against me restlessly.

"Don't worry, Kes." My free hand pulled at the hem of her dress, dragging it up her body until she was completely bared to me. My tongue slid along my lips as I watched myself fuck her with my fingers. "I'll take good care of you tonight."

And then I was dropping to my knees in front of the bench, sliding her legs over her shoulders, my fingers still moved with gentle rhythm inside of her. I gave her no warning at all before my mouth was over her sensitive bundle of nerves, sucking hard, tongue fluttering against her. She shouted out and was vaguely worried about Mako coming back, but then I was pumping in and out of her with earnest, and pleasure was spiralling within her, pulling her deeper.

She came quickly, clenching tight around my fingers and then I was standing abruptly, withdrawing my fingers and sliding my hands under her thighs. My lips crashed over hers and she moaned when she tasted herself on me, one hand cupping my jaw and the other going to my belt.

She still hadn't completely came down from her high when I lifted her from the counter, legs wrapping around my waist on instinct. Her sensitive skin came in contact with the material of my shorts and she shuddered and ground against me, the friction making pleasure start again low in her belly. I growled low in my throat as she bit at my neck, hand working franticly at the button of my shorts. Even with shorts and my exposed legs, as far as Kes was concerned, I was far too clothed and she needed more— more of me, more of this— just more.

She heard things crash to the kitchen floor around her, and she was vaguely confused, and then her back hit the solid metal of my kitchen table and it made more sense. But she didn't care because she finally had gotten her hand into my shorts and I was warm and solid beneath her fingers. She ran her hand up and down my vagina, and then twisted, freeing me from the confines of my shorts.

"It feels good, but strangely it feels like I've touched you before— done more than touch you?"

I hissed between my teeth, my lips latched onto her breast roughly. My tongue laved against her nipple as she stuck her own fingers inside of me— not one finger, not two, but three, and then I was rearing back, pulling my shirt up and over my head and throwing it somewhere behind us.

As I undid my own bra, I knew exactly why she thought she had touched me before. Many years had passed since she had violently gone beyond the boundaries of the word rape when she had done so to my alter ego, but she did not know that I, the person she longed to make love to for so long, was also her mortal enemy Kay Blade. However sometime tonight she would— but not just yet.

"It's just your imagination Kes— probably to do with the fact that you've been craving to feel me and get inside of me for so long." I answered, her eyes feast on the bare skin of my chest as she ran her thumb across my nipples.

She released her fingers from me and leaned back so she was flat on her back, I stood between her open legs. I pushed my shorts all the way down and stepped out of them, gripping her knees and pulling her to the edge of the table. My hairless vagina brushed against her and we moaned in unison. I panted above her, chest heaving, hands tight on her hips. My thumbs brushed her skin gently as she wrapped her legs around my waist.

Normally, Mako nor I were the kind that would keep a strap on dildo hooked under the frame of the small kitchen table. However long before Kes' imminent arrival at our apartment earlier on, we had preplanned this event, purposefully putting it there in advance.

"Kes." It was a whispered oath and then, after I quickly took hold of the dildo and attached it, I was pushing forward, stretching her in the best way and making her feel so full. Her nails scratched against the surface of the table as she struggled to find something to hold onto. I felt so good.

I buried myself in her and then stopped. She opened her eyes and we immediately locked gazes.

"Kes, I—" I paused, and slammed my eyes shut. When I opened them again, she felt a shock of heat. I was gazing at her like she was something important, like she was something to devour. I swallowed hard. "Kes, I don't think I can be gentle— I don't want to be gentle."

She shifted against me, rolling her hips against me experimentally and I groaned lowly, hands tightening on her hips so hard she knew she would bruise. She ran her hands over mine and gripped my forearms, using me to pull her body up. She gasped when I slipped deeper inside of her, and my eyes slammed shut again.

She kissed the hollow of my throat, my chin— let her lips linger over mine.

"Who ever said that I wanted you to be gentle?"

She let her body fall back against the table flat, and arched an eyebrow when I opened my eyes to look down at her. I blinked at her blankly, and then a wicked smile started slowly on my face.

I pulled out and then slammed back in. She gasped as the table rocked.

"As you wish."

My pace was hard and fast and she couldn't help the moans that slipped out of her with every move of my hips. The heat was rising within her quickly as I fucked her hard into the table and she brought her hand down to touch herself. I growled above her and removed my hand from her hip, swatting her hand away and pressing hard against her clit. I circled the bundle of nerves roughly as my hips pistoned against hers.

"Oh, Kixi." Kes moaned out and I became more frantic above her, the sound of skin slapping against skin filling my kitchen. Her eyes found mine just as she peaked and she moaned out my name again, closing her eyes and letting the sensations run over her.

I pumped erratically and followed her quickly, groaning her name and falling forward with my head on her chest, biting her breast hard. She arched her back into me, gasping as the pain mixed with pleasure and extended her own high.

My body was heavy on hers, pushing her into the table as we both struggled to regain control of our breathing. She ran her hand through my hair and I hummed softly against her neck, lips turning and kissing her gently.

I leaned on my elbows above her and grinned wide, and she found herself grinning in response despite herself. My thumb traced the apple of her cheek and she smiled wider.

"Mako should be back any minute now." I whispering to her, as I kissed her softly and rubbed my nose against hers. 

I seemed to notice her change in attitude as I tipped her chin up with my finger, her eye roll doing nothing to lessen the grin stretching my face.

"This will be just as fun if not better as a threesome, Kes." I winked and she smiled in response. "The party is only just beginning."

I tugged her onto my lap in the kitchen after we put our clothes back on. Gently, I placed my warm hands against her stomach, my wild hair tickled her chin, making her gasp my name again and again in the quiet stillness of the kitchen. 

Momentarily we both got onto the table and lay there, where I found myself spooned against her, and some exhaustion was setting into my bones. 

Despite Kes' burning desire in permanently wanting to silence Mako— which she was ever so determined to carry out, she whispered, "As long as I get to have you, then I've got no objections to that."

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