Fear Road A novel

Randy Thompson walks Fear Road in Mississippi. As he meets hitchhikers, they tell him of The Road Killer, who threatens everyone who gets in his way.


2. Fear Road-1975-2


Mark Schiff stared at the ashy road. He was concerned about the deaths of hitchhikers. They were easy targets. Some of them were innocent of the danger they were in; some had parents' problems; some were leaving home too early, and died young. He gazed at the arched walls of the Mississippi River. Suddenly he saw a dead body lying in the deep river. He glanced at the body. It was a fifteen year old boy. He saw a pay phone nearby. "​Hello, I'd like to report a death in the Mississippi River. I'm three miles from the Rocky Mountains. My name is Mark Schiff​". And he waited for the Sheriff to arrive with the Mississippi Police Officers...as the temperature decreased to 63 degrees.


Sheriff Lane Thomas gripped his .38 Smith & Wesson gun in his right hand. He wore his sunglasses on his face; he watched Mark as he told him what happened. "What are you doing in Mississippi, Mister Schiff?", he asked him. Mark shook his head. "No one's catching The Road Killer, so I'm doing my own work in finding him", he answered. The Sheriff made sure he didn't slip in the snow. "The road is slippery at this time of year. Bad things happen, you know". He didn't want to think that locals were doing his job. He was eager to warn everyone not to take matters into their own hands. "Leave the job for us, Sir". It was a forceful gesture. Mark nodded. He knew that time was of the essence. Once he took a statement, he left the city and headed to Tennessee.


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