L o v e ♡ L e t t e r


1. ♡

You told me to write it out so I decided on just that,

Do you remember that decision from a year ago?,

The fork in the road,

Well I took the wrong path,

I didn’t think I would regret this

And now i'm takin’ back,

Laying here at 11 PM,

Holding in the pain,

Tears you can’t see behind your screen as you tell me goodbye,

As your phone starts to die with it’s last battery life,

On that stormy Texas night,

My one word responses and your never ending story,

Showing how you care,

The drama in your life and the loneliness in mine,

My stomach twirls with nausea,

And i think my sickness is coming back,

I hope you know i'm listening to every word you say,

Even if my eyes are fluttering and my voice softens to a whisper,

Hiding from my parents just to get some time with you,

Your voice I could hear go on and on forever,

Never wanting it to end,

But everything does and eventually it has to along,

As the lightning flashes and I hold back hiccups,

Eyes blurry,

Mind flurried,

Wishing I could be all yours even though you’re his,

Happy for you but a homewrecker too,

Finding the few ways to savor you,

Counting the hours and working hard,

Just for the end of the day,

Wishing four years would fly by,

But then I’d be not sure what to do,

Where you would be and how to have you finally,

If you even remember me after the 1461 days,

If i'm even relevant,

And i'm not sure why I wonder because I never was,

Always the lonely one,

No life and Not sure where i'm going,

But thinking of getting there somehow,

You say I’ll find someone,

The one who will love me and treat me right,

But tonight you don’t realize,

That the only one I want is you baby,

And i'm deaf to know I never fully will,

and my decision was the worst I ever made,

And now my heart is stuck on the same,

washed out love letter ♡

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