Christmas Eve A novel

April Johnstone is a twelve year old girl who lives in New York with her parents. When she finds some elves are working at a Department store, she finds out that no one believes in Santa Claus. She then finds a way to celebrate Christmas Eve before the holidays are over.


5. Christmas Eve-2017-5



Staci was happy. 

She knew that the Christmas spirit in New York was full of happiness. April hugged the elves, as Santa Claus sat down on his old, brown coloured sleigh. He yelled in a huge, eager, voice: "​Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas to everyone! Merry Christmas to everyone in America...and the World!​". He gripped the reigns with both hands, and lifted high into the cold, freezing, wintery December night, and headed to all of the houses in New York...and all of the places in the city. Once well as the Christmas elves...placed the presents under families' trees, they headed back out of the red chimney...and headed towards Times Square by the toll of eight o'clock PM, to say '​Merry Christmas!​' for the final April smiled at him. And she, as well as Staci, knew that this festive year was going to be the best Christmas in a long time.

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