Christmas Eve A novel

April Johnstone is a twelve year old girl who lives in New York with her parents. When she finds some elves are working at a Department store, she finds out that no one believes in Santa Claus. She then finds a way to celebrate Christmas Eve before the holidays are over.


3. Christmas Eve-2017-3


By three o'clock PM, a lot of elves were working at Times Square. They smiled at April. She spoke in a strong voice. "Okay. There is Snooze, Wake, Carol, Night, and Celeste. All of you shall spread the Christmas cheer. There's a lot of holiday bags that's full of candies, lollies, and Christmas sticks". And she smiled, as everyone waited for the festive party to begin.


April headed to the Ladies' Restroom. After she washed her hands, she opened the front door. she saw Staci smiling. "Okay, everyone! Let's have some more cheer!", she said. And, as the bright, Christmas songs were heard around Times Square, she was confident that this year would be as successful as last year. She saw a tall man dressed as Santa Claus. He looked confident. "Excuse me, would you like to be working as Santa this year? I'm April?", she asked him. "I am ​Santa. Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas!". And she saw her mother. When she told her that there was a real Santa Claus, she saw him. And thought that all of her holidays had come at once.

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