Christmas Eve A novel

April Johnstone is a twelve year old girl who lives in New York with her parents. When she finds some elves are working at a Department store, she finds out that no one believes in Santa Claus. She then finds a way to celebrate Christmas Eve before the holidays are over.


2. Christmas Eve-2017-2


April opened the front door of the store. She stared at the elves. "Why are you so glum?", she asked them. "No one believes in us", one of them asked her. She sighed. "I believe in does my mom. I'm April. And Mister Harris asked us to spread the festive cheer to everyone here". The head elf, Ellison, stared at her.

"Really? That's good. Times are tough you know since children are into the high technology presents like I-phones. And the apps are too hard to fathom". Staci smiled at him.

"There's more to Christmas than E-shopping. There's the normal shopping that everyone does. I'm Staci, April's mom".  Ellison nodded.

"Let's make a list", he said. 

And he smiled.


April stared at the pine trees that was in the store. Staci spoke. "Okay, I want Santa Claus on the throne. And a new campaign that means that Christmas means a lot for New Yorkers. I want Christmas elves who have 'Good' and 'Naughty' lists; I want Christmas to be special. I dated Chad Flowers, the Mayor of City Hall, twelve years' ago. He is working for President Randall Schneider these days, as the Vice-President". She smiled. April smiled. She was eager to imagine a lot of trees that was decorative. She grabbed her I-phone, and started to make calls to a lot of businesses that would help her out before Christmas Eve. 

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