Christmas Eve A novel

April Johnstone is a twelve year old girl who lives in New York with her parents. When she finds some elves are working at a Department store, she finds out that no one believes in Santa Claus. She then finds a way to celebrate Christmas Eve before the holidays are over.


1. Christmas Eve-2017


April stared at the Times Square Christmas tree. It wasn't full of decorations. She glanced at the elves who were busy putting toys into the festive stockings...and bags for the children. She saw the Macy's department store Santa Claus throne that was in the middle of the store. Her mom, Staci, smiled at her daughter.

"There'll be a lot of presents this year". April stared at the glass window. A boy waved at one of the elves. He had a look of wonder etched on his young face; April saw him grab a bag that read: ​CHRISTMAS SHOPPING​. April smiled at the Times Square Christmas tree. Staci, who was watching the high-definition cable television ads for the season, checked her shopping app on her I-phone.

"Mom, can I shop this year? I can get some cookies?", she asked her. Staci smiled. She nodded.

"I'll add it to the list". April, who had long, red hair, hazel eyes, and petite, focused on the Christmas songs she knew. Then, by Midday, they stopped shopping...and went to ​Sharpe's café​. They ordered some chicken schnitzel sandwiches, and coffees. As they relaxed, April saw a tired Santa Claus sipping a glass of Ice Tea; Staci smiled at him. "Tired, huh?", April asked him. "Yes, I'm working from 8 AM to 5 PM, today". April nodded. Suddenly an elf walked towards him. "Santa, there's no presents in New York this year. We sold out last year". Santa Claus gasped in surprise.

"No; no. That won't do! We need more presents". He sighed. April finished eating.

"I can help, elf! Santa. I'm April. This is my mom, Staci". Santa Claus smiled.

"I hear you're on the 'Good list' this year". She nodded.

"I try to. I can help out with a Christmas charity event this year. We can raise twenty-five thousand dollars for the festive season. Will that do?". And the elf nodded.

"I'm Dan. I'm the head elf in New York". Staci smiled at him.

"We'll help out". 


April walked to the Christmas store. She saw an African-American security guard. "Excuse me, can you let me deliver presents to Santa Claus this year? I'm April". The guard whose name was ​Davey nodded. Staci paid the $12 bill. Then she saw April. "Sure, we do need volunteers this season". And she nodded. Davey walked to the Manager's Office. He knocked on it with his right hand. The door opened. A tall man said:

"What's the matter, Davey?", Mr. Harris asked him.

"This is April. She said that the store needs more Christmas stuff for the holidays", he answered him. Mister Harris, who was thirty-five, gazed at her. 

"Times are tough these days, April", he said.

"But you must do something", she complained. Staci shook her head. She was proud of her daughter. "Excuse me, but I'm April's mom. I'm a former Christmas planner. I can get elves, and Santa Claus to be paid one thousand dollars for the whole of December. That's a whole month up to Christmas Eve". Mister Harris nodded. "Fine by me", he said. Davey smiled. "I get five hundred dollars as a security guard". April smiled. "I intend to be a Christmas planner like mom is". She smiled as a lot of families were in the Department stores. Staci and April headed into the spacious office...and sat down on the silver chairs. Then Staci signed the contract to provide more Christmas fun in New York.




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