The Ark Of Dawn

Blaze, a quiet mysterious man with dark, blood red hair, normally never to be seen during the the night. Aria, his hottie, yet cute teen neighbour gets suspicious. Can she discover his curse and get rid of it before the seventh Ridian moon?


1. Meet The Towsker's

In North Wales, a small town called Broston is where I live. I'm Blaze. I don't really talk much. Most of my days I just play video games. I'm 23, so I've started a social life, it's not that big... just me Jackson and Isaac. I don't really have an interest in love, although, whenever I'm near Aria, I feel something. I don't know what.. I just feel.. a tingle in my stomach. It's currently 11:56 at night.. the time has flew by, it was as if it 4:00 a second ago.. I must leave soon, I cannot say where though. Tick tock.. 12:00... I must go... It's too late.. "GRRRAAAHHHH!"  (Demonic voice) "IT's cOMpleTe!"  >:D

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