Classic Love

Erin's always had a thing for Hannah, but what happens when things start to get abut more complex...

1. Crushes

Summary:I've never really had a thing for anyone during high school, but that was until she walked in. Hannah Taylor.

I sat daydreaming during maths about the new girl Hannah Taylor. I thought about how stunning she was, her flowing glossy green hair and her beautiful tattoos, her-

"Erin, could you kindly tell us what we will be doing in today's lesson?" I heard my teacher bark at me.

"Um...finding pronouns"I quickly returned

Suddenly the whole class burst out laughing at my completely wrong answer.

"Ahem, I'll be seeing you after school in detention, maybe then you will pay attention in my lessons Erin..."

I sink into my seat trying to hide my shame. Then, Hannah walked into the classroom surprisingly 15 minutes late.

"Late again miss Taylor" My teacher snapped

"Lucky I even showed up Miss..." Hannah responded taking her seat right next to me.

"I'll be seeing you too in detention Miss. Taylor"

The lesson continued on and once again I daydreamed about Hannah, her remarkable sense of humour and fashion.

"Hey, could I borrow a pencil?"


I was so caught up in day dream I didn't see Hannah asking for me.

"Ughhh...sure?" I responded fishing into my bag for a pencil. The teacher continues to drone on and on until finally the bell rings and announces that school is finally over. I make a break for the door when I'm interrupted by my teacher. "And where do you think your going...Miss.McNeil? You are still in detention, same as you miss. Taylor."

Ugh! Not again...I sit back down as well as Hannah. She once again sits right next to me and once again I can feel my heart racing. I feel myself start blush. Oh I look as red as a tomato? How stupid do I actually look?!

"You two stay put while I go and do some work around the school I'll be back in an hour to dismiss you" says the teacher as walks out the room

"Thank god that hags left, right?" Hannah says nudging me gently.

"Uh..yes I guess" I respond quickly

Hannah reaches into her pocket and pulls out a cigarette and lighter. Now, I wasn't a typical good girl I got into trouble now and then but watching Hannah made me flinch.

"Want one?" She holds out a cigarette and puts it on my desk. My mind races, I could either impress Hannah and take it or not impress Hannah but have a 3% chance of getting with her. Well...fuck it. I grab the cigarette and light it. The fumes are repulsive but I still put the damm thing to my lips. The second I inhale it I'm coughing repeatedly and throw the thing away. Of course this makes Hannah burst out laughing. I sheepishly blush and look down, Hannah turns away still laughing. I never noticed until now that her ears and nose were pieced.

"You alright there mate?" She finally says

"Y-yep fine"

"Hey if you aren't busy maybe we could head out somewhere after detention just us? Eh?"


"Of course."

"Cool, let's go" Hannah says grabbing her backpack and opening a window.

"What, now? In detention?"

"Yep cmon, it'll be fun.."

So I hope you liked that chapter there will be more coming but find out how Erin's little "date" goes with Hannah in the next chapter . Sorry that this one was a little short then next ones will be longer promise, byeeeee

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