The Gods Returned, Huh?

Cassius works for a business that helps deal with problems. That's his job, to solve problems. however, the problems he solves aren't normal. Not only that, but they are often fantastical.....and dangerous. This is one of his more tame jobs.


2. The Morrigan Has a Problem

   I walked into the pub. It's a basic setup. The bar is the first thing you notice when you walk in. Around the pub are some tables and booths. There are lights hanging from the ceiling. The walls are a light shade of blue, and lining them are portraits of Ireland. A lot of pride, huh? The most noticeable image is a painting of a crow, large and black, soaring through a sky lit up the beautiful orange and red and purple of a sunset. We walk towards a booth and sit down.

   "So, what do you think we're going to do?" I ask.

     "I guess just have a civilized conversation with the hooligans. I mean, shouldn't be that hard."

   "Easy for you to say, you're not the one woken up from a nap."

     "Well, I mean- hold on a sec." he pulls out his ringing phone and answers. "Yes? Wait, right now? But....yes sir."

     He put his phone away. "I gotta go, boss man needs me for another job."

   "You're kidding me, right?"

     "Unfortunately no. I'll try to make it back, but we both know I probably won't."

   I want to argue. I want to say no, I can't hold a peaceful conversation with degenerates. But i know that if the old man needs him, i should let him go. The old guy seems senile, but he is definitely wise. There is no way a man reincarnated from a god who seeks wisdom could be stupid. He walks away and I'm left wondering how this is going to go. 

   A waitress came up and asked if i would like some food. I asked for their steak with fries, and some whiskey. When she returned i gave her my bossiness card, and asked for Moriggan. I ate silently until a familiar face came by. She was a fairly tall woman, slender and pale. She had long black hair, and eyes as dark as the night. She sat down across from me. She gave me a smile, but I didn't feel much warmth from it.

   "Hello there, Cassius," She said, with a thick Irish accent.

    "Hello Morrigan," I say. "You look quite lovely today."

   "Oh, don't try to flatter me, you're not very good at it."

    "Well then, let's cut to the chase, what is the problem?"

   "I've been having trouble with some other deities. Those gimps keep coming here and start wrecking my shit. I'm just trying to make a modest living, survive quietly until I die. You'd think reincarnation would make you careless, but I'm still furious. I just need you to beat those tools and make sure they never come back."

    "So, just to be sure, you want me to teach these idiots a lesson in respect?"

   "Aye, that's all I need you to do, then you're on your merry way."

    "Alright, don't see why I can't do that. Who am I up against exactly?"

   "Oh, I can't remember. All I know is one of them has a debt to settle with you."

    "I'm guessing you're completely aware of who they are. You just want a fight, huh?"

   She smiles a knowing smile. She gets up and leaves. She took my bill, saying it was on the house. I'm thinking who these people could be. I have issues with plenty of gods, considering my occupation. Have no idea how many, who they are, or what they are capable of. Great, another thing to put on my list, enforcer. I sipped my drink, and got up and walked to the front of the pub. It was getting dark, and the air was cooler now. I took out a cigarette, and was about to smoke until I realized Nergal wasn't here to light it for me. Shit. Today is not my day.





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