The Gods Returned, Huh?

Cassius works for a business that helps deal with problems. That's his job, to solve problems. however, the problems he solves aren't normal. Not only that, but they are often fantastical.....and dangerous. This is one of his more tame jobs.


4. The End

   I walk into the office. I'm greeted with a smiling Baldr, who quickly gains a worried expression on his face. He calls Nergal and walks over to help me. "Jesus Christ, are you okay, Cass?" He asks. I just kind of nod and walk to the futon we have in the break room. Such a shit night. Nergal walks over with a smile on his face.

   "So, I guess you handled the Morrigan's little issue?" He asks.

    "If by dealing with it you mean get my ass beat, then yeah, I dealt with it." I retort.

   "Well at least you're alive. Would suck to have to wait for you to come back. Maybe the next you will be more polite."

    "Fuck you." I think for a moment. "How was that job the old man gave you?" 

   He frowns. "I apparently had to chase Sun Wukong again. He stole from the Chinese pantheon again."

    I laugh. "I guess he gave you the shitty job." I look around. " Where is the old guy?"

   Baldr walks in. "He's still out on business," He tells me. "But the ravens are here to give him a message, if you want."

I hear a caw come from the back. Great, the ravens are here, but he's not. I was just wondering if i could get a raise in pay, or at least be compensated for occupational injuries. Whatever, I'll survive this. I've survived a lot worse. I could be dead, and waiting reincarnation. That would be a drag. Nergal asks what I'll do now. The only thing i've been wanting to do all day. "Sleep," I respond.


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