The Gods Returned, Huh?

Cassius works for a business that helps deal with problems. That's his job, to solve problems. however, the problems he solves aren't normal. Not only that, but they are often fantastical.....and dangerous. This is one of his more tame jobs.


1. A Job

   I woke up to a voice saying my name. Cassius. Cassius, Cassius. Who the hell is waking me up? It's probably Nergal again. Jesus Christ, if I could just get one more fucking minute of shut eye. I spent the last several hours fighting demons and trying to get a fucking trident. I sit up and let my eyes adjust to the light. I'm sitting at my desk, in a very comfortable computer chair. On my mahogany desk is my half empty cup of cold coffee, an ash tray, a laptop, and my plaque. Cassius Tempestas: Consultant. Don't even have a real idea what that means. Sometimes I'm driving a car for someone, other times I'm fighting immortals. I need a new occupation. Just like thought, Nergal is there. A young guy in his mid twenties, with dark hair and eyes. Christ I wanna punch his face for waking me up. He's lucky he's a nice guy.

   "What do you need?" I asked.

      "Well, we got a job," he responded.

    " A job, huh? It better not be Sun again, stealing apples, stupid kid."

       "No, it's a bit simpler than that. We just have to get rid of some...trouble."

   "Trouble? By trouble, do you mean people starting shit?" 

       "Yeah, basically."

   Should have known. I grab my coat and start walking towards the front of our offices. Thought and Memory Consulting FirmOnce again, what kind of consultation are we giving? Whatever, I just need to get this case done. The old guy likes to keep us busy, which would annoy me but the pay is good. I walk up to the blonde kid sitting at the receptionist desk. He looks no more than seventeen. He looks up at me with gold eyes, and gives me a warm smile. I feel the dreariness of the office disappear, and all my drowsiness and irritation vanish. I don't think anyone could hate this kid.

   "So Baldr, what's this case?" I ask, putting on my jacket.

     "Well Cass, It's nothing you can't handle," he tells me, pulling out a file. "You might even enjoy it, according to Grim. It's just some people causing trouble for a local pub. I think you've heard of it, Callahan's?"

   Callahan's? I love that place. They got the best steak I've ever had. What kind of trouble could they have? It's owned by Moriggan and her sisters. I guess gods can't call cops to help. I wonder how many times I'll be asked to help them with these problems, and how long I can keep the peace until I die. I doubt the next time I came back I'll actually be very helpful. I grab the file from Baldr and walk out. The air is brisk, and the trees have red and yellow leaves, falling gracefully to the ground. I pulled out a cigarette. I asked Nergal for a light. he snaps his fingers and my cigarette starts to burn. Well, guess I got work to do.



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