I'm a WHAT? Book One: I Want it More than I Can Tell

Elizabeth Colfer was just an ordinary eleven-year-old girl, with friends and a twin sister she loves more than anything. Of course, the Harry Potter series is a close second. One day, Lizzy and her sister, Ashlyn, receive letters addressed to them, informing them of the fact that they are witches who have been accepted into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Upon arrival to Diagon Alley, however, they discover that the Harry Potter books haven't happened yet. The girls try to prevent the terrible events in the books from happening, without revealing that they know the Golden Trio's future. They're not sure what's going to happen, they just know it'll be the adventure of a lifetime!


2. Chapter Two

"Albus?" McGonagall said, opening Dumbledore's office door. "We may have a problem."

"And what would that be, Minerva?" Dumbledore asked, looking up from a letter he was reading. 

"Those twin Muggle-born girls you sent me to take to Diagon Alley?" McGonagall began. "Elizabeth and Ashlyn?" 

"What about them?" Dumbledore asked. 

"They knew everything about our world." McGonagall said. "They knew exactly how to find everything in Diagon Alley. They knew everything about Harry Potter, his entire backstory, everything! They gave me a brief history of Hogwarts, even!" 

"Aren't these girls of Muggle descent?" Dumbledore asked, setting the letter aside entirely. 

"Yes!" McGonagall agreed. 

"Then how could they possible know all that, Minerva?" Dumbledore asked. 

"That's exactly what I thought!" McGonagall said. "Albus, they identified Hogwarts students that they'd never seen before, by their full names! They had a conversation with Draco and Lucius Malfoy about the Ministry and the history of our world. Lucius thought they were pureblood until they told him otherwise, and you know how Lucius is! Elizabeth told me things that were to happen on September first, in the Dursley household. These girls could cause a serious problem, Albus! It isn't right for a child to know so much about what's happened, happening, and is going to happen in a world that they were only introduced to yesterday!" 

"I shall keep a close eye on them, Minerva, and I suggest you do the same." Dumbledore said. "We won't ask them anything about it for the time being, but I promise I will be watching them." 

"Very well." McGonagall said, turning to leave. "Oh, and Albus? I suggest you take a look at what's been going on in the Dursley household. If what these girls said is true, there may be something there that could interest you." 

Without giving Dumbledore a chance to reply, she opened the door and swept from the office. 


Bit of a shorter chapter here, folks, giving you some insight into what's going through McGonagall's mind right now.

I need a name I can call you peoples other than guys or people... comment any ideas? 

See ya'll whenever I see you!

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