I'm a WHAT? Book One: I Want it More than I Can Tell

Elizabeth Colfer was just an ordinary eleven-year-old girl, with friends and a twin sister she loves more than anything. Of course, the Harry Potter series is a close second. One day, Lizzy and her sister, Ashlyn, receive letters addressed to them, informing them of the fact that they are witches who have been accepted into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Upon arrival to Diagon Alley, however, they discover that the Harry Potter books haven't happened yet. The girls try to prevent the terrible events in the books from happening, without revealing that they know the Golden Trio's future. They're not sure what's going to happen, they just know it'll be the adventure of a lifetime!


1. Chapter One

For this book, let's pretend that J.K. Rowling released the Harry Potter series much earlier, with Deathly Hallows being published in 1974, okay? Okay, good. This book starts in 1991. 

Eleven-year-old Elizabeth Colfer sat on her bed, rereading Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Askaban for the thirtieth time, when her twin sister, Ashlyn, banged through the door. 

"Lizzy, you have got to get downstairs now." she said. "I think McGonagall is in the living room." 

"McGonagall?" Lizzy asked. "As in, Minerva McGonagall? Transfiguration professor at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry? The fictional character?" 

"Yes, but she's not fictional!" Ashlyn exclaimed. "Just come on!" 

Lizzy closed the book and followed her sister down the stairs into the living room. As she pushed open the door, her jaw dropped. 

"Hello, girls." A black-haired, severe looking woman who wore square spectacles stood. "I am Minerva McGonagall. I am the Transfiguration professor at-"

"Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry." Lizzy and Ashlyn finished her sentence simultaneously. 

"Er, yes..." McGonagall looked at them strangely. "Anyway, I am here to offer you both a place at our school." 

She handed them each an envelope. 

"Term starts on-"

"September first, and the train leaves from Platform Nine and Three'Quarters at eleven o'clock." The twins finished in unison again, staring at the woman. "We know." 

"Do you girls know a witch or wizard?" McGonagall asked. "You seem to know an aweful lot about our school." 

"There are books written about Harry Potter, who attends your school."  Lizzy said. "We've both read the entire series nearly thirty times. We're huge fans."

"You were my favourite, by the way." Ashlyn chimed in. 

"Seeing as how you look exactly like the book describes, I'm going to assume this is not a prank." Lizzy said, turning to her mother. "If it is a prank, I can promise you that I will never speak to you again." 

"Well..." McGonagall said. "I am here to take you both to Diagon Alley, should you want to attend." 

"Of course we want to attend!" Lizzy and Ashlyn shouted in unison.

"Are we leaving now?" Lizzy asked excitedly.

"Can I get a cat?" Ashlyn asked. 

"Do we have to wait until September?" 

"Has Harry already attended?" 

"The books are set starting in 1981, and that's this year..." 

"Mum, can we adopt Harry? The Dursley's are so terrible to him!" 

"Calm down, girls!" Mrs. Colfer exclaimed, raising her hands. "You can attend Hogwarts, no it's not a prank, and I don't know about any of the rest of it! Just go get your coats so we can get going!" 

The twins beamed at each other, before racing from the room. 


What do you think? I saw this idea on Pinterest, and I thought i could start a new story! I hope you like it!

Tick Tick Boom. 

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