The witched vampire

Olivia is not like normal teens she is special. But trouble is coursed when she falls in love with another ab normal person will end with sunshine or will it end in death and sorrow.


1. The Move

I didn’t want to move. I wanted to stay where I was. But I couldn’t my village did not understand they thought I was dangerous. Me I’m the least dangerous person you could find. But I am a bit weird a bit strange. I’m a special. A special is a person who is not like everyone else. He tho made me feel like everyone else like being special was a good thing I loved him with all my heart. But I was not aloud to love. I wasn’t even aloud to live in some people’s eyes. But hey who are they to say I should die because I’m different because I’m. A witch.

The sun beamed through the window And the birds tweeted loudly wake her up in her blissful sleep. She also got awaken by the loud bang of her door as her mum made her way in. “Mum what are you doing ”

“Come one get up we are moving to that lovely town today”her Mum had long black hair as soft as snow and her skin was as Pale and pure as a unicorns hair. Olivia got out of bed and when to the window people where egging there windows and trying to sett fire to there house come on let’s go her Mum said as she in braised her in to a hug. Her mum walk out the room and Olivia stood and look at her empty room for one last time.

Mobes shouted and screamed at them as the got in the car. Tears started falling like snowflakes down Olivia’s face. That’s when she remembered she had forgot her bag she stopped the car with her mind and got out. You see Olivia was no ordinary witch she was born on summer solesis on of the most celebrated events of witch’s world wide.

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