Basement Trash

Different drafts and unfinished stories I found when looking through my computer, stuff I never got around to finished or maybe just simply left.


3. The Strange Case of Scarlet Ryo - Prologue

It was a morning like most, a bit more flamy perhaps but nothing out of the ordinary. That is if burning houses could be considered an ordinary thing. To Scarlet this seemed absolutely natural and she could not consider any city complete without smoke rising like snakes from a house, soon collapsing from the flames.

Now most people might not share this view, why even you dear reader. Perhaps this seems so awfully strange to you that you might wonder, “what kind of a person might Scarlet be, to have such a view on life?”

Now this is a good question but I fear I cannot tell you the answer, neither can she. Because you see, one cannot possible hope to know what person one might be, without knowing what life they might have. And Scarlet do not know, therefor I too, are in the unknown.

How can she not know? You might wonder. But that’s a naïve question, suggesting that memories are there so you know of the past, well I assume it is one of the memories jobs. But Scarlet absolutely dreads the very thought of living in the past.

She forgets most things unless someone reminds her, even then the memories can be hazy. “How can she survive with no memories at all?” why that’s a great question my dear reader, the truth is that she do use memories, as dreadful as she finds it.

Almost to make up for how forgetful she is, she never forgets a word she reads. Anything else can be forgotten. So if you want to bring her a message, then you should do it through a letter, then she won’t forget. Even if she has forgotten everything about you, the letter will remain as fresh as can be.

Now, where do you suppose you should send this letter? No other place than Willurt 8. That’s where Scarlet lives, here comes all sort of peculiar stories and adventures to life, as people seek her, for you see, her work is what one might call an odd-jobs, she take any request, given she don’t find it too boring or dislike you too much – no worries, even so, that opinion can easily change with a bit of bribery.

Now, step in – don’t forget to take off your coat and hat – and let the story begin.

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