Basement Trash

Different drafts and unfinished stories I found when looking through my computer, stuff I never got around to finished or maybe just simply left.


1. Jane the Terrible AKA The Awful Working Title - The Prologue

The eight year old Jane had a habit of not getting along, strange as it sounded, she found herself in need of always picking a fight. Whenever a conversation went smoothly and both parts where both amused and charmed, she felt a need swelling up in her to do something there would put the poor person so off that they’d begin to leave.

Animals were easier to be around though they did not escape Jane’s strange habit. Whenever she really got along with an animal, she would pull on their tail or tease them by takin their toys and putting it on a shelf where they could see but not reach or she’d get some delicious food and wave it in their face, making them do tricks to get it before eating it herself.

At the moment Jane were behaving even though she was in the present of an animal she very much adored. She was walking Emmy Briddlestone’s dog, Pluto. How someone could bring themselves to call their dog Pluto was beyond her, she found it to be utterly ridicules.

Nevertheless, she hadn’t said a word of her ill-mannered thoughts, because Emmy always had viewed Jane with a certain amount of disdain, so Jane was free from the need to do something regrettable in an attempt of destroying familiar and friendly bonds, replacing them only with contempt and dislike – she hadn’t reached the point of trying to make them hate her.

Walking a dog was a peaceful thing; therefor it was easy to blame Jane’s presence for the unfortunate events there happened next. Even claiming that she’d done it purposely seemed reasonable.

Jane, there hadn’t tried breaking the peace for once, rather enjoying the rare opportunity to coexist in peace and happy agreement, too found it more than reasonable and too felt she was to blame. She expected that her many misdeeds had formed fate to such that her presence alone would wreck any tranquility there might be.

She had busied herself with a poster someone sloppily had put on a brick wall, it told of the circus there soon would be in town and how you absolutely mustn’t miss it, while she curiously read about the circus and its performances that she’d never watch willingly, Pluto discovered something, that caught his eyes more than any of the nearby pee-able objects.

Emmy Briddlestone there was walking across the street, holding the handle to a cart filled with newspapers. Pluto excitedly ran towards her. Now, the next events happened quickly and Jane couldn’t even react and turn her head before they had all transpired.

She did hear the sound of happy barks, followed by the screech from tires and a howl that only a wounded creature could make, followed by a heart wrenching scream and intense sobbing mixed with a slurred word – “Ploto” – yelled on repeat, like a broken cassette.

When Jane’s reflexes caught up and she finally had turned her head, she could see the result of all the sounds. A car was parked in the middle of the route, looking normal aside from a bump and a little blood splashed out on it.

The driver held a phone, shocked and panicked, while apologizing every fifth second until she had finally managed to dial the vet and shakily told what happened and where they were. In front of the shocked woman was Emmy, all blood drained from her face making her so pale that she’d surely had broken some sort of record.

Tears streaming down her face together with snot as she helplessly looked at the miserable creature before her there currently were staining her nice, purple shirt red. Pluto had been hit by the car it seemed, blood and shit stained the dog’s behind, the wound causing the red to slowly dry into the brown fur was found longer up, near the stomach.

It whined pathetically. Jane wasn’t used to seeing dogs in this state and was unsure what to do next, walking away seemed out of the question and standing here seemed pointless, so she came to the conclusion that she should go towards the accident.

Emmy didn’t lift her head when she neared, first when Jane was so close that she shadowed the sun did she look up. She looked up, she didn’t do the vague scowl she usually did whenever she saw Jane, all she could do was sob and mumble “Ploto”, unable to even say his name correctly.

Despite only saying that one word, it was clear what she asked, “Please help, do something, anything”. All dislike that Emmy held for Jane disappeared along with her dog’s survival chances. Her face was crumpled up and tears and snot had mixed and was all over her face, though Emmy didn’t bother doing anything about it.

“Don’t cry,” Jane said and laid a hand on Emmy’s shoulder. “It makes you look ugly and it’s annoying, you sound like a dying cat or something when you cry.” And truly she did, the painful sobs sounded equal to the pain and misery of a dying creature, such as a cat.

To Jane’s disappointment and relief Emmy didn’t seem to hear the last part, being too absorbed in her dog. Or rather, she probably chooses to ignore the last part and pretend to have misheard. Jane couldn’t help herself, this was what she always did after all so it had become a safe haven for her in way, when she was uncertain on emotional matter; she’d resort to this behavior.

This made it hard for others to read her, was she depressed, did she feel unsafe or was she merely doing it for fun and for the sake of doing it? It could be all those options.

“This is sort of pathetic but also really sad.” She smiled. “But the good news are you can get a new dog, then perhaps you can give it a better name because Pluto is an awful name, maybe he was aware of that and ju-“

Jane was surprised and had trouble orientating; she felt a burning sensation on her cheek where Emmy had slapped her. Jane felt her cheek with her hand, staring with wide eyes at Emmy there looked vile at the moment. She had a crazy look in her eyes and her she had closed her hands into a trembling fist out of anger.

“Shut up, why are you always so mean? You’re never mean to me except for when I need you not to be, why do you hate everyone so much? I hate you! You killed my dog!” she cried, her words were slurred but the meaning was clear.

Jane was silent for a moment, still taking in what had happened. “How cold, you have given up on your dog already? In that case, should I just kill him off? If you think he will die anyway it’s just cruel to force him to live in pain.” She smiled a gentle smile laced with the toxic of a manipulating and cruel monster.

“You…” Emmy said and was unable to form actual words from thereon; she began hitting Jane with her fist while yelling nonsensible things. The woman who had talked to the vet finally finished and immediately came to break up the one-sided fight.

She didn’t blame Emmy since she had been able to hear every word, after she broke of the fight she made Emmy sit in the car, even though it was sure to leave stains. Once Emmy was in the car, looking out of the window with an empty stare, the woman fixed her now angry gaze at Jane.

“Why would you say something like that?” she hissed, unable to worry and care about the scratches and bruises left on Jane by Emmy’s small and angry fists.

“She stopped crying, didn’t she? For a moment she thought about something else, all her sadness became anger directed at me. I think I did well.” Jane said with an accomplished smile, not accomplished because she managed to make Emmy think of something else but because how genuine her bluff right now sounded.

“It’s okay to be sad and cry, especially in a situation like now. You took the dog’s beloved owner away from him while he’s dying, I think she will regret when he dies and she haven’t been with him.” The woman said trying to control her anger.

“How bleak a statement, to say he’s going to die like it’s a fact, devoid of hope from being wrong. If you really feel this way, then why did you make her go in the car and not over to Pluto over there? Does that make you an awful person? Having that opinion and yet keeping her from her dog.” Jane boldly stated.

“You little brat, how can you say something like that!?” she said greatly shocked and offended by Jane’s comeback.

“Geez, first you say the dog is going to die, and then you say poor Emmy will feel awful if she’s not with the dog where after you keep her from the dog and now you’re calling a little kid for a brat, I’m out of here. Nice to meet you and good luck with the shit- and bloodstains, hope they can get off again.” She cheerfully said and left.

Her cheerful smile faltered when she was out of sight, those punches really hurt.

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