Basement Trash

Different drafts and unfinished stories I found when looking through my computer, stuff I never got around to finished or maybe just simply left.


2. Jane the Terrible AKA Still Kinda Ashamed Over This Working Title - First(and only) Chapter

Emmy’s dog survived though they had to amputate his left (however you say behind leg). Everyone was busy worrying about Emmy and asking her questions and comforting her for a time, but that was all in the past. Now, multiple years later, Jane wasn’t currently involved with dogs getting hit by cars but was however busy preparing for the end that was ominously drawing closer and closer.

The school trip to the beach.

Jane dreaded the day unlike many of her peers there were beyond excited for showing skin to their preferred gender in some stupid mating attempt, all which Jane looked upon with disgust, the act of seducing and showing skin usually didn’t disgust her, but anything involving the beach did and so every single thing done there would have to be dragged down into her hate.

In this state she would even boldly claim to hate ice cream.

“Jane! Are you excited for the beach?” a clueless idiot asked, Jane couldn’t remember her name but she knew she was in her class.

“Excited?” she asked with a low voice – “what’s with this deadly aura?” – followed by a heartless laughter. “Yes, I’m so excited for the wind there will turn my hair into a bird nest, the cold water there makes me want to shower just by smelling it, the sand there stick and come everywhere and the idiotic classmates there think they are the funniest thing when splashing water and demons from the water on you, this will be so much “fun”.

In case you can’t hear it, I’m saying this with quotation marks to show how utterly disgusted and unsatisfied I am about this and that the amount of fun I will have is probably very small.” She said and directed a finger at the idiotic extra; the finger was supposed to channel all her bitterness and transfers it to the extra. Jane didn’t succeed.

“Come on, the beach is not that bad.” She insisted.

“Shut up Extra. You’re a waste of animation.” Jane scoffed and resembled a moody three year old.

“A-are you trying to suggest I’m a backgrounds character in a cartoon or something? This isn’t a cartoon or anything like that.” She said with a lifted eyebrow and nervous laughter.

“Yeah right, that’s what a cartoon and anime character would say if confronted with the idea, you just confirmed my theory. Now leave, you’re filling up too much screen times and have too many lines for an extra, it’s unnerving really.” She said.

“W-what? Well, then how do you know that you aren’t the extra?” she argued. Jane rolled her eyes at the stupid question.

“I’m smart, interesting and unique. And ever since you began talking to me you have only promoted what an interesting asshole I am all while showcasing that I’m cool and been a help to establish to the viewer my hate for the beach and how witty I am.” She explained.

“Geez, Jane.” The extra laughed cheerfully.

“Everybody quit your talking for a moment, we need you to find one partner that you’ll walk with when we go to and from the beach, and they will also be your partner in the games we play on the beach.” A teacher loudly exclaimed. Everyone frantically tried getting the partner they wanted before the teacher even finished speaking.

“Jane, let’s be partners.” The Extra suggested excited.

“Sure.” She shrugged, not really caring either way.

“Yay, this will be so much fun.” She smiled and clapped her hands together in celebration.


“Come on; don’t be so doubtful and negative. It will give you wrinkles you know, give me a big smile and say with me, ‘It’ll be fun!’” she happily said with the energy of someone who have found the child of Redbull and coffee and decided to add more sugar and caffeine before drinking it.

“What’s your name?” Jane asked, as she tried before, ignoring the hyped suggestion.

“Eh?” was all there came out of the girl’s mouth.

“I just figured it would be good to know if we are partners.” Jane explained, her patience was wearing thin and her desire to do something mean and cruel was increasing.

“What do you mean? You really don’t know? But I sit next to you in class, and we always talk, how can you not know?” she asked sounding upset and surprised.

“Oh? There’s someone sitting next to me? I sit by the window and I just always figured nobody sat to my right. Guess you are forgettable.” Jane said.

“F-f-forgettable!? No way, okay I’ll tell my name so don’t forget it, ‘kay? I’m Ariel.” She introduced herself.

“So a Little Mermaid knock-off?” she asked.

“What do you mean knock-off? I’m a real person, I can’t be knock-off.” She said, disappointed in the development of this conversation which had turned out in a way that she didn’t appreciate at all.

“But you both are named Ariel.”

“I didn’t choose my name, you know.” She said with a somewhat forced smile.

“But why did you dye your hair red then?” Jane asked with a raised eyebrow. Ariel was unsure how to feel about how genuine her question was.

“It’s not dyed, it’s my natural hair color.” She tried explaining.

“That’s a lot of dedication for being a knock-off, I can respect that.” She impressed acknowledged.

“Don’t be impressed by that! I mean, I’m happy you’re impressed by me and acknowledge me but that statement is completely wrong.” She said and waved her hands frantically in hope of making her realize that Ariel was not a knock-off.

“Everybody assembly, we’re going now. And no, you can’t go peeing, it’s too late for that now, you had your chance.” The teacher loudly said so that everyone heard them. It took some time before everyone was standing in a straight line in pairs, but after some effort from the teacher the students were ready to go.

They had walked for about ten minutes – which Ariel filled with cheerful small-talk – before Jane spoke, when she did, she leaned close to Ariel and spoke with a hushed voice so nobody else could hear them:

“Hey knock-off.”

“That’s not my name.” Knock-off immediately protested.

“Your argument is invalid since your name just got written as Knock-off.” She stated.

“What’s that even supposed to mean?” Ariel confused asked.

“Some people watch series with subtitles and on Netflix they sometimes write the name of whoever is speaking, obviously they wrote your name as Knock-off. Anyway that’s not important. I’m promoting you to sidekick so help a gal out.” she more ordered than asked.

“With what?”

“Spoiling this trip.” Jane determined said.

“Why?” Ariel asked.

“Because I hate the beach and don’t want to go. But I can’t stop the trip itself.” She explained.

“If it’s really that bad then just skip, you know this teacher won’t notice as long as you appear in the end of the day.” Ariel suggested despite her own morals.

“Avoiding a bad or annoying situation is cowardly and against my principles, I’d rather just make everybody else feel as miserable as me.” She said. “And I need your help.”

“I won’t help you but I have a compromise.” She said.

“I don’t do compromises.” Jane rejected. Ariel sighed but continued regardless of the rejection.

“It’s totally against my principles to skip school, so what if I skip with you, that way you will have made one student’s day miserable. Either that or I will tell the teacher and you’re the only one to be miserable.”

Jane was quiet for some time after hearing that. “You are tougher than I took you for.” She noticed; Ariel smiled proudly that she finally got acknowledged enough for her to drop the knock-off thing; she more hoped than knew that.

“Fine, I guess I will go.” She gave in and Ariel beamed. They slowly began falling behind and disappear from the other students and teachers.

“Where are we going then?” Ariel asked when they were so far away that the class would possible be able to hear them

“Where ever this road end, I guess.” Jane replied with a shrug. “Hey Knock-off?”


“Want to have a rap-battle?”

“No, why would I want that?”

“You aren’t an Ariel knock-off after all. You’re a really shitty Ursula knock-off, because you’re totally stealing my tune here.” She complained loudly.


“You’re totally throwing off my groove with your attitude.”


“I mean, can’t you just let it go?”

“Fine, I will have a rap battle with you, geez!”

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