The Apotheosis of Donkey Ollie

Donkey Ollie wants to become the most divine being in the universe, but how?


2. Meeting

It was a poorly animated show with horrifyingly low quality animation, just like it always was in this unnamed universe that all centered around Donkey Ollie. It was so centered around him that he was worshipped by many in his amazing glory, even more than Jesus himself. His brothers, however, were ignored because nobody gave a single shit about them.

Ollie was doing what he did any other day in this wonderful universe; overdosing on carrots and reading the bible for the seventh time that day.

Mr. Narrator was well hidden behind a bush with tons of expensive equipment ppl could use to stalk their victims. He was watching Ollie because narrating this donkey's life story was his only purpose for living, hence his name.

"It seemed like another day on the farm when Ollie and his friend decided to-" The narrator then got beat over the head with a wooden cane, and it was revealed that said cane belonged to Jehu, Ollie's best and only friend who could handle his narrcissim. 

"What an annoying narrator.." Jehu only looked at the unconcious narrator dude before heading towards Ollie's fine ass 12th century crib. He closed the door behind him and saw Ollie lounging on a bed of the finest flowers, wearing a crown of pure gold, and overdosing on the carrots I had already mentioned. On top of all of the fine luxuries a donkey could have, Ollie was listening to a boombox playing Kanye West music and other artistic musics.

"Whats popping, Jehu?" Ollie said in his voice like always that sounded like Morty's for some reason.

"Uh... hi." Jehu didn't really want to be here at the moment. He could have been doing other, more worthful things like being a ripoff of other biblical characters. Ollie called him right now while everyone was away from the farm existing. Jehu wondered what Ollie wanted him for this time.

"I'm so glad you could make it, J." Ollie said as Jehu stood awkwardly in front of him.

"So.... what did you call me here for?" He asks in confusion.

"I feel like nobody on this earth understands just how important I am." The donkey turns off the boombox. "I want to make the entire world know who really is their god."

"But aren't you Jesus' best disciple, Ollie? He respects you more than anyone I'd know." Jehu said.

"Pfft, I'm WAY better than Jesus. The problem is, not everybody seems to get it." Ollie got off of the lounge and began pacing around like something in an overdramatic movie. Jehu looked really concerned for his friend.

"Ollie, everybody in town respects what you and me have-"

"I!" Ollie interrupts with a yell before continuing, "I did all those glorious deeds, Jehu! You were merely just there to assist me!"

"....." Jehu felt his confidence was being treaded upon after what Ollie said, but tried to look happy anyway. The donkey gave him a bleach-white smile in return. He headed for the door of the barn and Jehu followed close behind.

"Now come along, Jehu, Let's go." Jehu held open the door as Ollie strolled out. He gave a last look at the place before soon joining Ollie.


Btw, should I change to a less serious format or

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