Optimus Realis

"If fate governs our lives, then is their a way to rebel against it?"


2. Prologue: Original Purpose

Optimus Realis

Original Purpose

A tragedy once happened in the land that I am standing right now. Who could have known that the academy would befall on us out of a thin air? I used to remember every breathing of walking throughout the concrete debris and every moment of intense hatred that I once felt against everything else in the world. Now, I am standing in the middle of the new plaza staring blindly at the graves of those who have their lives lost here.

Its ironic how my hatred toward the world has been gone and so was the debris of the war. 

Who could have known that a nameless boy without any specialties would be the greatest key to the extinction of the [Demons] and the [Myths]? Not a single sane person have believed that when I did say in front of others. 

Life was becoming more peaceful and it seems that our scars were beginning to heal, but I had certain worries that kept being brought into the depth of my conscience.

"What happens after the peace? What is it for me to exist here?"

I have lived through every moment of my life trying to avenge everyone who had fallen behind me, but what was my purpose to exist after a peace has been created? What would happen to the world if a person who is able to destroy an entire planet with a flick of a finger were to be rebelling against the world or to be enlisted within a certain organization? It was matter of time before those with supernatural ability were to be segregated by the society. It was the duty that we, [Swordsman] and [Magicians], have decided from the beginning. 

I was fine as long as I won't lose my freedom of decision. However, what had truly been a thorn in my heart was the intense emotions that had been whispering to my sense of hearing. 

"If you could have done that..." 

"If only you knew that..."

"What if you were...."

Regret. Regret was what has been hurting me more than anything. 

Everything had ended and so was my own purpose to live until this moment.

What do I have left here?

My youth that I have wasted in order to strive for strength?

My relationship that have been torn apart by this tragedy?

My life that I do not have any more steps toward the future?

My life didn't have a happily after ending.

Even if it wasn't, I wished to have a possibilities toward it.

Overcoming conflicts and learning lessons through the process was what I have been doing for the past fifty years.

My body is now fragile and lifeless compared to my top-notch days.

I realized that my death would be more painful than dying peacefully if I were to hold on the burden of my past regrets within myself. So I have decided to replay my youth and experience the same tragedy as the one in the past, but with the hopes that I will be able to have a better ending after everything is over.

I clench my fist and I grave my words into the depth of my existence.

"Toward Optimus Realis(Optimum Reality)"

My physical body within Year 152 of [Chaos Age] has disappeared as if I wasn't existence from the first place.

My new journey begins from the basic...no...from the beginning!


[Health]: Meaningless

[Mana]: Meaningless

[Strength]: Meaningless

[Endurance]: Meaningless

[S. Strength]: Meaningless

[S. Endurance]: Meaningless

[Overall]: Meaningless


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