Optimus Realis

"If fate governs our lives, then is their a way to rebel against it?"


1. Introduction

Optimus Realis


The rebellion of the artificial intelligence, the degrade of the ozone layer, the conflict between major nations, the environmental issues leading to the mass destruction of the habitable land, and many other theories have already been predicted about the fall of the mankind. Now, staring at the endless blackness under the light of the shining dots over the horizon, I am beginning to convince myself that these indeed were a mere predictions. 

[Space Age] has allowed the human species to colonize within the uninhabitable land beyond the earth, meaning that the humans were now able to travel between the spatial territories and our population growth has been more exponential than any period of time. The development of medical technology had allowed us to live much longer lives and enjoy the benefit of living in a world where conflict became meaningless. The advanced agriculture and entertainment has given us the quality of life and the space exploration has decreased the need of invading another's territory.  

When the humanity reached the point where the term [Utopia] could be used to define their current situation, the problem rose.


Humanoid extraterritorial species with [Cores] that allow them to perform and manipulate supernatural phenomenon. 


The discovery of [Cores] had marked the [Midas Ages(黃金時代)]. 

Within this period of time, humanity had been confident that the creatures known as the [Demons] were nothing more than a supplicant of the [Cores] which are used to develop humans with unnatural characteristics. However, the true meaning of the Midas was revealed through the same mistake as the "King who had turned everything into gold". 


Humanoid extraterritorial species with [Cores] and ego that allows them to compete with humanity within same ground.

The appearance of [Myth] wasn't threatening factor at first since the functionality of the original cores were mere enhanced physical abilities, enhanced immune to diseases, and enhanced regeneration. However, the [Cores] of the [Myth] were on different dimensions with the ones that are industrialized. It was as if we were to compare the aggressiveness of the predatory organisms who were grown within human influence to that of the wilderness.

Myth had an unique ability that allowed them to perform phenomenon starting from manipulating basic elements to controlling the material world and to the theoretical domain of controlling the fate of all living organisms.   

Superior physical strength, endurance, and agility.

Superior organization within the community.

Superior diversities and scale of supernatural abilities.

These features have contributed to the end of the [Midas Ages] and have opened [Chaos Age(災殃時代)].

What had been the greatest threat of these monsters were the fact that majority of them had the capabilities to protect themselves [Self Continuous Defense System(自家發電)]. What this had meant for the humanity was that we weren't able to attack them using traditional method. 

Our first contact with these monsters has ended with complete defeat, which had been the beginning point of our experiments with the cores of the [Myth]. The first human who have been integrated with the Myth's core has brought change within the course of the war. Human individuals who are able to fight against them are categorized within one of two characteristics.


[Swordsman(勇士)]: Those who fight with the enhanced physical abilities, superhuman senses, and inhumane regeneration.

[Magician(魔法師)]: Those who fight with supernatural abilities using the [Cores] of [Myth] integrated inside of them.


The [Status] are used to determine our abilities. Note that stats do not translate into one's true strength

[Health]: Amount of life force

[Mana]: Amount of supernatural reserves

[Strength]: Physical strength

[Endurance]: Physical endurance

[S. Strength]: Supernatural strength

[S. Endurance]: Supernatural endurance

[Overall]: The combined score


Here is the end of the explanation. We will greet you later with story and story only.

"The story begins as we finally realize what our most importance were."


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