Optimus Realis

"If fate governs our lives, then is their a way to rebel against it?"


7. Chapter One: The Past Before the Tragedy(5)

Optimus Realis

The Past Before the Tragedy

From the introduction of the twins, approximately three years has been passed. Honestly, the encounter with the twin was a subject that couldn't have been predicted by any means. It seems that I was quite ignorant with management of organization within dangerous categories. Anyhow, the name for the twin has been decided already. Flare was for the one who had the light red eyes and Noelle was the for the one who had the sky blue eyes. 

I wasn't sure about the naming, but it seems that their personalities and actions do follow their naming senses...

Flare with her energetic and brave characteristics.

Noelle with her inactive and shy characteristics.

The past two years has been a quite an tiresome experience as I was to experience the same nausea and the side effects from the little exercise that would help youngsters to improve upon their mana capacity. As I mentioned previously, it was to leak every ounce of mana from your body and letting yourself to recharge it until its full. I wasn't sure of how much of progress these could have been affected me throughout the years...

Speaking of which, the twin's [Cores] have been becoming more influential upon them to the point where their [Unique Abilities(固有能力)]are beginning to surface, causing them to use their abilities on accident. It was troublesome to clean up their mess every time Flare burns down something and Noelle freezes something in the room. The situation has been worsened as they use their abilities without even considering the distribution, causing them to overwork themselves and faint from the exhaustion. If anything positive has been resulted from their lack of expertise, then it would be the fact that they hadn't learnt how to manipulate their unique abilities that a lower input.

If I could take some of their mana, then it was possible for me to prevent their disastrous actions, but that also meant that I would be given less time to relax before I will have to exercise expanding my capacity again. In short words, taking care of them were true disaster.

Regardless, I would have regretted even worse if I hadn't decided to do this.

Who knows that they might be great allies in the future?

[Ban Cobalt][5 Years Old]

[Health]: 42/50

[Mana]: 1295/1350

[Strength]: Below Minimum

[Endurance]: Below Minimum

[S. Strength]: Below Minimum

[S. Endurance]: Below Minimum

[Overall]: Below Minimum


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