Optimus Realis

"If fate governs our lives, then is their a way to rebel against it?"


6. Chapter One: The Past Before the Tragedy(4)

Optimus Realis

The Past Before the Tragedy

The twins, held on together by a white blanket inside of a wood-woven basket, had been brought to our house. While both of the had a glistening silver hairs that resembled the moon, one of them had a sky blue eyes while the other had light red eyes, which are biologically impossible for humans to have. Mother was probably aware of that aspect ahead of economical, physical, and mental burden on herself.

However, within my perspective, the problems weren't simple as to these twin's features. 

First of all, these twins both have a pair of [Myth]'s [Cores], which means that there has to be an organization that has been linked with them. We do have a outside possibilities that these infants may be a [Myth] themselves, but humanoid Myth aren't supposed to exist. At least for now...

If an organization has been linked to their origins, then it suggests quite a lot of possibilities, but the most persuadable explanation is that they had been a test subject of a certain experiment. The only experiment that these infants could have been used for was the [Dual Core(二重核心)] Experiment that should have been completed at least five years from the current time. If my guess is correct, then these are the prototypes that have been disposed or taken out by a traitor or a laboratory or something. 

Either way, its dangerous to turn them into orphanage as it will notify the linked organization of our witnessing, so trying to returning them is already out of option, but it does create a change in plan. What if mother does earlier from overwork due to increased demand?

Should I give up the twins to save her?

Should I hold on to the twins but lose her?

"Pfft..." Laughter leaked away from my mouth.

My reasons for repeating my most painful days were to prevent my past regrets, so why should I let any of these choices harm me? After all, with my own sacrifice, I can save both of them.

"Mom! I want a little sibling!" I said these words out with a smile.

[New Task]

[Earn Scholarship to reduce mother's economical burden]

[Become Magician at age 15 or below]





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