Optimus Realis

"If fate governs our lives, then is their a way to rebel against it?"


5. Chapter One: The Past Before the Tragedy(3)

Optimus Realis

The Past Before the Tragedy

Several month have passed since my transmission to the past and many has changed throughout these days. To begin with, from now on, I was able to walk using my own legs. Though this may be a small achievement compared to what I will have to do in the future, the freedom of movement will be more or less exhilarating experience if you realize that you had been immobile for several months. The other advantage is the short communication to justify my doings.

Today, I was taken out to the streets by my mother to experience what the outside was for the first time during my infant days. The street looked more realistic than before. I can clearly sense the aroma of freshly baked apple pie coming directly from the oven and the vivid visuals of the advertisement screens and the automatic machines that swept every dirt off the ground. It was the sight that truly represented this town before the tragedy.

"Is that you? Jennie?" My mother's acquaintance, Trisha, greeted us.

"Its been so long!" The two exchanged their greetings.

While the two were exchanging their own comments, I had found something irregular within the nearby atmosphere. It was as if one's body has been recently integrated with Myth's Core. The lacking manipulation of one's own ability was common side effects to the recent [Magicians]. I reached my hand toward the corner and murmured a sound.

"Maaam?" I pointed my index toward the nearby corner.

"What is it, Ban?" She was curious.

"Something...." I leaked out a simple word.

"Did you drop something to that street?" She asked me.

I nodded my head to that question.

"Sure, why don't we go there?"

After greeting a farewell with her friend, we began to slowly approach the corners of the street. We weren't able to notice anything special until we approached the near the farthest side of the backstreet. There, we were confronted with two twins laid down on a single wood-woven basket.

"......" The two of them were sleeping so quietly that we almost thought that they weren't alive.

The incident has ended with us bringing the twins to our houses...

[Ban Cobalt][2 Years Old]

[Health]: 20/20

[Mana]: 95/100

[Strength]: Below Minimum 

[Endurance]: Below Minimum 

[S. Strength]: Below Minimum 

[S. Endurance]: Below Minimum 

[Overall]: Below Minimum


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