Optimus Realis

"If fate governs our lives, then is their a way to rebel against it?"


4. Chapter One: The Past Before the Tragedy(2)

Optimus Realis

The Past Before the Tragedy

Each morning since the day when my mind was transmitted to my infant days, I have been emptying my mana reserves by intentionally leaking them outside of my body. This was one of the studies made recently by the magicians of the future. It explains how the infants with the naturally gifted talents are able to learn magic at a earlier age and how their mana reserves grow more than the ordinary humans due to their repeated practices. 

My talent has been more or less average compared to others who stood the same ground as me. In order for an average to stand in the same ground as the extraordinary geniuses, one required to sacrifice themselves away from ordinary.

"Uuuaaaa uaaaa..." The nausea from the side effects of emptying one's reserve life force had been ruining my spatial senses and my eyes became blurry and uncomfortable. My hearts began to run fast as I considered this as if it was the end of my life due to the lack of immune within this infant body. It wasn't something that you can use every now and then, but it seems that it will be more than enough to enlist myself within the category of the talented within several month more of this cycle.

However, the bigger problem wasn't the progress of my training, but the fact that I am now a mere infant. It also translate into the painful truth that I am to be performing an act toward everyone else around me in order to reduce difference between other children.

"Say Maaauuuummmm!" My mother was excited to make me repeat these words from my own mouth.

"Maaaaammuuummmmmm" My vocal cords began to sound out more definite words as the time passed.

When I accidentally leaked out the word mom from my mouth, she had been making me say these words over and again to confirm whether or not if she wasn't hallucinating. Though this had been more or less a painful experience for me, the excitement on my mother's expression compensated for the trouble.

Several month has passed. 

[Ban Cobalt][(15 Month)]

[Health]: 12/12

[Mana]: 15/25

[Strength]: Below Minimum 

[Endurance]: Below Minimum 

[S. Strength]: Below Minimum 

[S. Endurance]: Below Minimum 

[Overall]: Below Minimum



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