Optimus Realis

"If fate governs our lives, then is their a way to rebel against it?"


3. Chapter One: The Past Before the Tragedy

Optimus Realis

The Past Before the Tragedy

Once I have opened my eyes, a painful lay of light had invaded my domain of sight. Abrupt sense of dislike was pulled out from my own body without any consideration as if I was a child. A small scream had leaked from my mouth and I could hear the footsteps of adults who are reaching to discover what the problem was. I tried to straighten my tiny hands into the air in order to reach for the wooden bars that were surrounding me by all four sides except for the one that has been lowered down, but it seems that I lost my balance and fell down from my bed.

"Uuu...uuu...uuuaaaaaaaa!" The cries from my undeveloped mouth was more than enough to embarrass myself to death.

"Whats wrong, Ban?" My mother, Jenna Cobalt, came to the room to tend me.

"Its alright, its alright, nothings going to me wrong with you."

Though I had been already calmed down long time before her arrival, something warm within my heart began to make me drowsy. I shouldn't have wasted any time, but something inside of me told that peace was to be enjoyed without a moment of delay. 

So I let my desires take myself over.

While sleeping, I began to realize what had happened to those around me at this time of the year. Considering that I was an infant, it meant that it was around the time when I am one or two at most. The year would most likely be Year 86 or 87t of the [Chaos Age]. My mother raised me herself as her spouse had ran away from the house with many of valuable items from her side of the family. Despite being a single parent, she had raised me until the day that she had died of overwork when I was about eighteen. It could have been avoided if I had become [Swordsman] a year earlier.

"If only I was more competent."

When I had opened my eyes again, a slight bit of warm liquid flew down from my eyes, traveling through my neck, and ending to the white bed cover. I have found my first task to complete. It was one of my greatest regret of my life and I knew that I couldn't waste until I was able to move freely. I am willing to do anything possible within this state if it means that the tragic history will change.

[New Task]

[Become swordsman before the age of eighteen]

[Ban Cobalt][(14 Month)]

[Health]: 10/10

[Mana]: 10/10

[Strength]: Below Minimum 

[Endurance]: Below Minimum 

[S. Strength]: Below Minimum 

[S. Endurance]: Below Minimum 

[Overall]: Below Minimum



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