The unity

Five friends together, is a world full of harmony and peace.
Five friends on their own, and their worlds have become as different as they could be.

After their perfect friend group slowly dissolved in five different directions, they haven't really talked since the 5th grade. Under the circumstances, it was a choice they made together. But was it the right one?
Now, all in the same high school, faith has brought them together again. But with what purpose?
To get the quiet Lizzi out of her shell? To get control over the partying Dani? To help the special Ella live her life? To help the lost Jules get back on track? To wake up the boy crazy Max? Or just to fuck up their oh so "perfect" lives, with what they as the unity swore to do in the past?

Lizzi is on a quest. A quest to solve the mystery feeling she gets, whenever she looks at any of her former bestfriends... But what will it unveil?


1. Back in town

I quickly take a last glance in the mirror, reviewing myself one last time before leaving for school. "Not like anyone is going to notice", I think to myself, while tucking a bit on my maroon sweater, to get it to sit just right.

"Bye mom!".

Most of the time I'm always a little late compared to when I need to leave for school. Today is no exception. I can already hear my moms footsteps moving towards the stairs.

"Oh honey! Wait up!".

Yup, and there she comes. Running down the stairs in her yellow robe and slippers. She's the sweetest. Waking up early to say goodbye to me, even though she don't have work for another three hours or so.

"Have an amazing day at school Lizzi", she says as she kiss me on the forehead and wave goodbye to me from the doorframe. Oh, I don't know what I would do without her.


While walking to school (aka. half running in my case), I think to myself; It's only two months into the new school year and I already feel like I once gain is an outsider, or no... Not really an outsider, but more like, more or less nonexistent to the majority of the school, which I''m personally fine with. I have my small circle of friends; Clara, Jake and of course my boyfriend, Derick. Us four have been sticking together since the first day of 10th grade, where none of us had any idea about what to expect about high school. 


"Hey beautiful". I jump. "What? Not happy to see me?" It's Derick! He had snuck up behind me, quickly grabbed my waist and tickled me. I kind of screamed a little bit, so the people around us quickly looked. But when they saw it wasn't anyone important, they just kept on walking.

"You idiot! You scared me..." I say with laughter in my voice. 

"And for that I am so sorry". He said it like he was playfully making fun of me, so I decide to play along as offended. So as he leans in for a kiss, I playfully turn myself 180 degrees, so he instead sees the back of my head.

"Oh so that's the way you want to play, huh?". He hugs me tightly from behind while I try to escape his grip, but he's got me locked down, and in more than one way. I love this about him. Not taking himself to seriously, and being able to still have fun together, like when we were just friends. We've now been together for about nine ten months, and he's officially the best thing that has ever happened to me.

"Oh God, can I please be free for looking at you too being all couple-like?". That was Jake, commenting on every little "cutesy couple" thing we do, as Clara usually says. 

"Ah, come on Jake. You're just jealous of them! Trust me! Once you find the boy of you dreams, you'll be exactly the same way." And that was Clara. Good at spreading good vibes and a bit of awkwardness from time to time.

"Ha, ha, very funny Clara" says Jake; "See the one problem with your statement there is, that I personally would prefer to..."

I'm shaking my head laughing at them. Bickering as usual, as the bell interrupts their conversation, and we all quickly head to class.


We quickly find our seats, just in time for the teacher to walk in the door. I look around the classroom to see who's here today. Of course is Danielle, or Dani as i once called her. Here in all her glory. It's so weird to think that I once were able to casually talk to her, just like she was my sister. Uh! It's nearly scary to think about. We're so different know. She's so popular, the one to be friends with, to party with, to seek acceptance from, and I'm... me. Oh well, let's see... Who else? Doesn't look like Jules chose to come today either. Or no her name is Julianna... I guess I never got used to call her, her real name, since we stopped talking. We used to be so close me and her. Like we were the same person. Now, the only time I see her is when she occasionally gets dragged to school by parents, and is standing outside smoking a cigarette, with the rest of the smokers. I tried to reach out to her a couple of times last year, but she just ignored me, so I stopped trying. I guess she's happy with where she is, so why try to change that. That's not my job, so I shouldn't try to make it that.


Class went by, not slow, not fast, but it ended and we started walking towards our next one. In the hallway there is chaos like always. Students and teachers everywhere, needing to get to their next class. We four walk in a line to get through the mass of people, when I feel a big push in my back, where I then trip into the people in front of me. I quietly say sorry, looking at the floor, to quickly get away. I look behind me at Clara, asking:

"Who was that, jumping in to me?"

"Oh, it was just some of the guys, and of course Max... Ugh, can't they respect that others just wanna walk peacefully to their next class, while dreaming of going home?". Jake and I start laughing at her last comment.

"Touché", says Jake, while they keep walking, but I slowly start falling behind. I'm looking at Max... Also a part of my old group of friends from middle school. I guess she's doing pretty good too. I haven't talked to her other than a few head nods here and there, when we are passing each other alone in the hallway. She has in a way become popular, just like Danielle. But instead of getting all the boys to follow her like small puppies, she kind of have become one of the boys herself. Not like she's transgender or anything, which would be totally okay if she was, but more like just acting like the boys. I mean she still looks like a girl to me, and I know for a fact that she has a boyfriend, who is on the football team, so i guess she's doing good.

"Hey Lizzi! You coming? We can't be late to Mr. Dylanhalls class on the different species of rocks. Oherwise I'm probably going to die, if I miss any of it". He said the last part jokingly, and once again I play along.

"Oh yes of course. That would be a tragedy if we missed any of that exciting knowledge!". He took my hand and dragged me towards the classroom while we kept laughing at our horrible jokes.


We walk in to the classroom hand in hand. We find our seats right beside the window, second row to be exact, while we keep talking and joking carelessly, when I see something in the corner of my eye. It's a girl, a new girl walking in with Mr. Dylanhall. They're talking together walking up to Mr. Dylanhalls desk. He gives her some papers and the textbook we use, while he keeps talking to her. I can only see her from behind, but her body language don'r show any signs of fear nor safety. She's wearing short boots, cute socks with ruffles, a skirt with a T-shirt and a cardigan, as well as a scarf and headband. Looks like a typical tumblr girl to me. She's not from here I can tell you that much. But somehow she seems familiar. It's like I get this weird feeling inside my stomach, when I look at her...

Mr. Dylanhall finally stop talking to her, and quiet down the class. As soon as she turns around I recognize her. She's for sure not from this school.

"Okay class, today we have a new student. Miss Gabriella, who just moved here. And..."

He keeps talking, but I can't hear anything, because this isn't 'Gabriella who just moved here'. No, this is 'Ella who just moved back here,' who I haven't seen, since she disappeared into thin air, never to be heard from again. She's is legit standing less than five meters away from me.

The fifth member is back in town... but why?

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