2. Two

Later that day, while I was in Professor Iytho's class, I noticed that Draco was fiddling with my hair. Which didn’t bother me at all, other than that Potter boy continuously that kept turning around in his seat and looking at  me. This annoyed Drake. Because Drake was the jealous type, and Draco and I didn’t really like the Boy-Who-Lived. But my brother, Scorp, is best friends with him. I think. 

"Miss Spail!" Iytho yelled. "Yes?" 

"What, if you don’t mind me asking, has captured your attention so much that you don’t bother listening?" 

"The Potter boy." I answer.

"What about him?" Iytho asks.

"He’s staring at me." 

Then Professor Iytho turns his attention to potter. "So, Potter, what’s your excuse?"

"Sorry sir, I don’t have one." Potter says.

"Of course you don’t. Detention."  

I chuckle. 

"What are YOU laughing at?" Professor Iytho asks. "YOU get detention too. Meaning Potter, AND you!" i slouch in my chair at the comprehension of those words. Then i can hear Drake whisper, "Quidditch." 

"Oh yeah! Professor Iytho! I'd LOVE to join you in detention, BUT i have Quidditch, and you know how coach is! She can be scarier than you! Plus! If you hold me in detention, coach is just gonna me super mad! With you!" I explain with a smirk. The Professor sighs and says, "Very well. You are excused from detention." 

The end-of-class bell rings and i get up from my seat and gather my stuff. "Thanks Draco." 

"Aw it was nothing." 

I quickly kiss him on the cheek and scurry off to the Quidditch match. But before i get out of the classroom, i feel Draco’s  warm hand grab mine. "Mind if i walk you to the before-game practice?" He asks. "That would be great." I answer, smiling brightly.

As Draco walks me down the hall, i notice that everyone who sees me walking down the hall, quickly trips to the side of the halls, letting me pass. 'They must be afraid of me. Heh. Just the way i like it.' A quick gleam of red shines in my eyes as i look at Luna Lovegood. Her expression changes from fearful to confused. When i look away i see Sydney staring at me. I give her a mean, rude look to give her a hint that she was staring. But she just smiled back, like she was planning something. But i looked away and decided to ignore it.


"Are you excited?" Draco asks me. "About what?" "You dont remember huh? Todays the day we face off against each house. The whole schools going to be there, and since your the chaser..." "The cameras are going to be focused on me... I completely forgot!!!" Draco snickers and i elbow him in the gut. "Well, this is it. Good luck Jinx." 

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