12. Twelve

"So if I’m correct..." Draco starts, "I have to come with you back to Hogwarts in order to fulfill your mission?” Draco asks me as I close my suitcase. "Correct." I answer.

"But why?" He ponders.

"Because the Dark Lord assigned this mission to both of us. You and me, me and you, Etcetera Etcetera." I explain.

"And not to mention what even is this anew branding business? It’s weird too." 

I sigh in agitation. "Whether you like it or not your coming, but please don’t make it harder on us by being a drag."

"Us?" Draco ponders. I begin to blush intensely.

"Y-Yeah." I stutter. 

"What do you mean by us? Like you and me?"

"M-maybe." I stutter again. M

"Oh My Gods Jinx! Are you?" Draco looks at me with deep interest. I nod and confirm that I was pregnant. Indeed, yep, definitely. Draco wraps his arms around me and kisses me deeply. He pulls away and stares into my yellowish-Green eyes. "You know now there’s no way I’m letting you go on this mission right?" I giggle and push him away. "Well too bad cuz I’m already packed.      

Draco sighs happily and says, "Then looks like I can’t stop you. But it’s a good thing my bags are packed too!" He picks up his suitcase and picks up mine as well. "Ready?" I ask. "Ready."

I wrap my fingers around Draco’s wrist and we are sent flying into the air towards Hogwarts. As we land we find ourselves at the castle doors. Draco sets down the suitcases next to the doors, leaning against the sides of the walls. I push open the door as Draco takes my hand. Everyone’s attention is immediately sent to Draco and I.  "She’s back!" Someone whispers. "Oh no!" "Look out"

That’s right. I was back. And the other students where smart to avoid my path. Cause I wasn’t putting up with any of that this time. Not. One. Bit. From the back of the crowd I spotted someone with a complexion of brown hair, blue eyes, and a Gryffindor scarf. 'Chara..' I scowled at the thought of her. But I wasn’t just about to do the mission at our arrival. I have to wait. But we will approach her eventually in the next week. I squeeze Draco’s hand tighter as I whisper to him, "We’ve gotta find a place to stay sweetheart." 

"Alright." He agrees. So we turn the corner and head to our old room, which unsurprisingly is still empty.

"So many memories..." I whisper. Draco kisses me on my cheek and swipes his finger along the side of the dresser. "Dusty."

"But we’ve only been gone a couple weeks..." I say

"I know." 

Draco turns to me with a serious expression. "What’s your plan?" He asks me. "Charas also pregnant. And she’s keeping it secrets from whoever’s the dad. So we approach her and tell her we know her secret and offer her to know ours...." I smirk. Draco smirks back. "Let’s go find that bitch then." He says. Then we’re off and we head to find Chara.

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