3. Three

As i hop onto my broom, which was the latest addition made, i put on my helmet and took a deep breath. i can hear a voice from outside saying, "Witches and warlocks! For our final house- Slytherin - i present to you... Jinx!!! The first female Quidditch player!" I put on a big smile and fly out onto the field followed by the rest of the Slytherin Quidditch players. I can hear the rest of the Slytherin house cheering wildly. But on the ground i see a small witch talking to coach. 

"Stop!" Coach says, just before the Quidditch ball was released. 

"May i have everyone attention please! According to this young witch next to me, Jinx has just broken a record!" I can see coach hand the microphone to Sydney as she states, "Yes that's right!" Sydney pauses for a moment and then says, "Jinx personally told me that she was a.... Death Eater!! Our first record broken!"

I lose control on my broom, and find myself flying higher and higher into the air. "Help!! Help!!" I scream. Then i lose my balance and fall off the side of my broom. I manage to grab the sides with both hands before falling to my death. Then my luck ran out. The broom started to fly downwards, towards the earth. When i come into visual and out of the clouds i can hear some friends scream. 

'This is it.' I thought. 'This is how i die.' When i open my eyes i see Draco throwing someone off their broomstick and started flying towards me. Drake reaches out to grab me as i lose my grip on the broom, but he misses and i continue to fall. But before i feel  the pain of my fall, i black out. But the last thing i see as the lights go dark, was the grinning smile on Sydney's face. If i die IM gonna be her personal Poltergeist. 

When i wake to find myself not dead, i am filled with relief. Then i notice Draco at my bedside. "Draco?...." I whisper. "Your alive!" i snicker and he gently punches me on the shoulder. "What happened?" 

"Dumbledoor saved your life." 

"Ugh, the humiliation."

"But.." Drake says evadingly.

"But what?"

"Everyone knows what you are, Jinx. They know your a death eater."


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