13. Thirteen

As we roam in the halls, I see that all the students avoid getting in my path. But I try to smile at them warmly. For, if I wanted to be able to get this job done, ill need to gain everyone’s trust again. I even waved at Luna, which confused her a lot. "What’s wrong with her?" One voice whispers. "Is she being.... nice?" Another voice asks. But I ignore the questions and whispers and continue my search for Chara. Then I see a black and red scarf in the crowd, belonging to a girl with short brown hair. When the girl turned around I saw, instead of Chara, Frim (Charas little sister). I nudge Draco in his ribs and point casually at Frim. He looks at me and nods his head. 

We both slowly approach Frim when she says, "I’m not supposed to talk to you two." 

"Relax. We just want to know where Chara is. We really owe her an apology. So we’d like to know where she is." I lie. "Apologize? About what?" Frim asks. "I said something really mean." "Oh. Well in that case she’s in the library today so she can study." Frim says politely. I smile, and say "Thank you Frim, I really appreciate it." Then I take Draco’s hand and start walking towards the library.

Once we get there, I peek through the library windows and see Chara picking up her books and heading towards the exit. I quickly duck behind the door as it comes open. But Draco takes a seat at a nearby table. Chara continues walking with her nose in a book. I step in front of her and she stops. "Oops! Sorry!" She says, not looking up from her oh-so interesting book. "Oh please, by all means I should be the one apologizing." I stare into Charas eyes as she peeks up from the words on a page. When she realizes it’s me who  was standing in front of her, she immediately drops her books and they fall to the ground with a slam. "Jinx! What a pleasant surprise!" She says falsely. I take Charas arm and pull out my wand. "Marque, appartenant aux mangemorts!" I cast the branding spell, and a lock entangled with a snake mark forms on Chara's arm. Chara freaks out as she watches it form. I scoff and teleport Draco, Chara and I to the outskirts of the Dark forest. 

Just as Chara begins to scream. Must be a side effect. Wonder why the same effect didn’t happen with Sydney. Weird. Then out of the corner of my eye, I start to see students and teachers come out of the castle. And the next thing you know- Were surrounded! Fun! >=(

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