10. Ten

Draco and I sit on the edge of the bed, as Draco asks me if he could sleep with me tonight since he doesn’t have a real room yet.

"Sure." I reply.


"Mmhm..." I try to avoid looking Draco in the eyes. 


[when used as such above = two people talking at once]

We both laugh. 

"You first." I say. 

"Okay... Jinx?" Draco asks me.

"Yes?" I inquire.

"Don’t you miss Hogwarts?" "Of course I do. But that life is behind me. Whether I like it or not." I answer. "Yeah... I guess your right. Hey at least we don’t have to deal with the annoying quartet anymore." Draco mentions.   

"Tchya. They where soooo annoying." I agree with Draco.    

This moment I would not want to change. Being with the one I love. Plus I hated how people judged our relationship back at Hogwarts, so being able to do what we want is even better. Sure I’ll miss Britt and Luna, but this is for the better. But god have mercy on the day our two sides clash. 

Later that night I am woken by another knock on the door. But this time it wasn’t Draco. I got up out of bed and put on my black night robe. I pulled open the door and saw Bellatrix waiting patiently for me to answer. "The Dark Lord is here to discover with us, so wake up your boyfriend and get dressed. We'll be waiting in the common room." She tells me. "Understood." I close the door and turn on the lights. "Cmon Draco, time to get up." I say. "Is it morning already?" Draco asks tiredly. I open my closet and grab my Death Eater's outfit and robe. I dress into that and attempt to wake Draco up by throwing him on the floor. It works. 

"Ugh....." He groans. "And no it’s not morning. We have a meeting." I inform. "Fine. Fine. I’m up." He throws the blanket covers off of him and dresses himself into a black suit, and green tie. "Ready?" I ask. "Ready." Draco confirms. We both walk out of the room, closing the door behind us. "They said they’d be in the common room. So.... this way." I pull Draco’s hand in the direction of the common room and surely, we arrive there just in time. 

When I open the door, I find that everyone was there. Mother, Alecto, Lucius, Narcissa, Amycus (Alecto's brother), Corban Yaxley, Rodolphus Lestrange (Aunt Bellatrix's husband), and the Dark Lord himself. I just hope I’m not in trouble.

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