16. Sixteen.

"No!!!" I scream/cry. I bolt to Draco’s side and begin sobbing. I pick up his hand, which is now as cold as ice, and put it to my cheek. "Draco...." I sob. "No" I cry out loud for him to come back. For him to say something. But he doesn’t. Then I think, he shouldn’t die in vain. That Draco should be avenged. And then it clicks. My eyes go red amd my heart turns cold. Draco will be avenged. That is a promise. I close Draco’s eyes and stand up on the field. Looking around, I spot Harry running into the castle. I am teleported to the castle doors by Rage. I draw my wand with fury, and aim straight for Harry. "Mit zenof!" I cast. Harry then freezes in place and I stomp towards him. I grab Harry by his shirt and pin him up against the wall. "You did this!!" I scream. "You killed him!!" Chara, Eve, Ron and Hermione then see me from different positions and run to stop me. "Get off of him you bitch!! Expelliamus!" Chara casts, and I am sent flying back away from harry. When I hit the ground, I land on the broken floors. Chara undoes my freeze spell and Harry falls to his knees, I begin to laugh maniacally.  I push myself to my feet and pick up my wand. Chara and the others already have theirs out though. "Control." I whisper. Chara drops her wand and starts screaming, and fighting the brand effect. She was fighting for control. "Control!" I yell. Then the pain overwhelms Chara and she stops and slumps her back. I point my finger at Harry. Chara looks up from the ground and at Harry, undeniably out of control. "Chara?" He asks. "Don’t do it Chara...." Eve adds. "Crucio." Chara mumbles. Eve looks at me and draws her wand. "Eve? What are you thinking?" Ron inquires. "She’s controlling Chara, so I’m guessing if we take our Jinx, we save both Harry and Chara." "What do you want us to do?" Hermione asks. "Hold back Chara." Ron and Hermione nod their heads and bolt over to Chara. Ron grabs Charas wand out of her hand and snaps it in half. I take my focus off of Chara and put it on Eve. "I always knew you would be trouble." I mention. "Expelliamus!" I swiftly duck and avoid Eve's attack. I fire back at her and send her flying a couple feet. "No!!" Chara screams. "Shit!" She broke free! How!? I turn my attention to Chara, who was now crying over her boyfriends body, which she stabbed. I smirk and run off. There’s no way Harry was going to make it. No way. 



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