6. Six

The first few screams from Sydney where horrific. Such a high pitch scream that could shatter an eardrum. But the screams died down when Sydney stopped fighting back the curse. Draco stopped inches away from Sydney and I. "I don’t wanna hurt you Draco." I say. "Then don’t. Just leave Sydney be. Pardon her sins."

"She ruined my life!" I shout.

"So does that mean you get the ability to ruin hers?" Draco asks.

"She deserves it!" 

"Does she? Does she really?"

I stood in silence for a moment. "Forgive me."

"Of course I’ll forgive you!" Draco tells me.

"Then I’ve got to do this." I turn my head away and place the force field spell over Draco and Luna, trapping them, making them unable to interfere. I whisper "naar de donkere heer." And black mist quickly surrounds me and Sydney, taking us to the Dark Lord. The force field is de-spelled, and Draco runs the spot of burnt grass, wishing that he could seen what was to come next.


"Oh Dark Lord!!! I’m home!!!" I yell.      

Bellatrix Lestrange turns the corner and as she sees me, she opens her arms and charges at me. She cups her hands on my cheeks, and says, "Oy! Velma, Alecto! Get in here, my niece is back!" The first I see that turns the corner is mother. Aka Velma Viper, the top female death eater, next to Bellatrix of course. Then Alecto and Havoc turn the corner. "Hello sister." Havoc says, unpleasantly. "Hello." I say back. 

When Havoc lays her eyes on Sydney, a small burst of excitement come out in emotion. "Huh! Did you bring me a toy?" She asks. 

"Yeah, but Imperio is gonna ware off any moment now." I answer.

"Cuff her." Bellatrix says. Alecto pulls a pair of handcuffs from her pocket robe, and attaches them to Sydney’s hands.  

"So," Havoc starts, "Sister.... why did you come back, unexpectedly?" 

"My cover was blown. And this filthy Half-Blood was the cause of it." I explain.

"Well you did good bringing her back." Mother says.

"Where.... where am I?" Sydney asks, coming out of her curse.

"Welcome to your new home, 'Syd'." Havoc teases. "W-What!? Why am I surrounded by d-death Eaters!? What’s going on!?" Sydney begins to panic. I turn my back from her, not showing her my face. Bellatrix hands me my Death Eater robe, and I slip it on. "Why can’t I remember anything either!?" Sydney screams. "Because of the curse." I say, turning my face to her. "J-Jinx!? Oh no... they got you too!?" I snicker. "What’s so funny?" The others begin to laugh. "Nobody captured me, Sydney." "Jinx... what’s wrong with yours eyes?" I pulled up my sleeve and showed Sydney my Death Eaters mark. 

"No... You were a SPY!?" I burst out laughing as the others joined in. For Sydney’s ignorance was truly amusing. "Your so ..... stupid." I say. "But... you will make a nice edition to our family." 

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