7. Seven

"Take her to the dungeon." I say. 

"No... No! No! No!!" Sydney started to scream and flail her arms and legs about as Bellatrix and Alecto dragged her away to the dungeon. A sudden sharp pain in my brain made the room start to spin. "Draco...." I whisper. The room starts to go faster and faster and suddenly I realize I am being surrounded by mist. Then I feel the harsh wind flying past my face. For Draco had cast a summoning spell. I crash to the ground and feel pain in every bone in my body. "Ugh.... why would you do that?" I ask. Draco runs up to me and helps me to my feet. "Jinx!" I hear him yell.  "Jinx! Are you alright?" He inquires. When Draco helps me up and let’s me go I can feel my eyes turn a different color. Yellow. "Y-your eyes! Their yellow!" Luna exclaims. I look up at Draco as the dizzy environment fades away. "Why?" I ask.

"Why what?" Draco inquires, confused.

"Why would you use a summoning spell?" I ask slightly annoyed. 

"W-we didn’t.." Draco says. 

"He’s right." Luna, Draco, and I swiftly turn around to see the stupid 'golden' quartet. Harry, Hermione, Ron, and that stupid pure-blood Chara.


*EmotionExplanation* = Jinx's thoughts on Chara   

Do you wanna know why i hate Chara? I hate her because everybody thinks she’s perfect! She’s the 'Boy-who-lived's girlfriend too. Which boosts her ego even more. I swear if I ever wanted to commit suicide, ide climb Chara's ego and fall to her IQ. Gods. Not to mention that she’s hiding something, I’m not sure what it is but her obsession over Harry makes it CLEARLY obvious that she’s hiding something. And one of these days, all her darkest secrets are going to come SPILLING out. I mean, what is SO bad that you have to have an obsession with that worthless Potter!?


*End of EmotionExplanation*


"What?" Draco asks, furiously.

"You heard me, Malfoy! I summoned your girlfriend!" Potter yells.

"Why?...." I ask, weakly.

"Because each of us saw what you did to Sydney! Your dangerous and need to be turned in!" 

"Not gonna happen, Potter." Draco says, stepping in front of me. 

"Don’t be blind Malfoy! Don’t let your feelings for her get in the way of what’s going on!" Chara shouts. 

"Stay out of it, Chara!" I shout, pushing aside Draco. 

"No, Jinx! I’m not gonna step aside and let you torture anyone else in this school!" Character shouts.

"You don’t know what forces your messing with, Chara." I threaten. I grab Draco’s hand and quickly think the word, “Hideaway” and we are both teleported to the Death Eaters secret base. When we land in the hideaway, I look up into Draco’s eyes and know what I did was the right choice, even if Draco didn’t agree. I wrap my arms around him and hug him. To my surprise, he hugs me back. "I’ve missed you." He whispers. "Don’t. Don’t make me cry." I say back. 

"Jinx!" Bellatrix shouts. 

"Where did you go!?" Mother demands an answer. 

I let go of Draco as all eyes go to him.

"Hello Draco." Mother greets, crossing her arms. 

"Hello miss's Viper." Draco greets, politely. 

"What is he doing here, Jinx?" Bellatrix asks me.

"Well... you see, Potter... er.... used the summoning spell on me. And I grabbed Draco’s hand and brought him here." I explain.

"You will have to fave these consequences." Mother warns me. 


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