1. One

So there we sat, hand in hand, staring at the beautiful sunset.

"Draco?" I ask. 


"How do you feel about me? Honestly?" 

"Hmmm.... Do I have to use words?" Draco asks me. 

"I guess not. However you can tell me is fine."

That’s when it happens. Where Draco leans in towards me and presses his lips against mine. He kissed me. And he was my first. When Draco pulls away, all I could work up to say was, "Wow." 

"Do you feel the same?" 

"I do." I say with the warmest smile.      


The next morning I had woken up to find the sun hadn’t risen yet. I looked at the clock. "3:23” It read. I sighed, for I usually don’t wake up this early unless something familiar is near. But that’s just a theory of mine. I jump out of bed and throw on some clothes. 'If I’m waking up early, might as well enjoy the silence.' I think. I slip on a slytherin green jacket, black jeans, and put on my school robe. Finally, I slip into my black shoes and go into the common room upstairs bit. I lean over the balcony and see that I was not the only one awake. It was another  girl from slytherin, Sydney her name was. I jogged down the stairs as she turned around and looked at me. "Oh hey." She says. 

"Hi." I say back, being polite. 

"Aren’t you that Jinx girl?" She asks. 

"That would be me."

Sydney’s eyes lit up when I claimed who I was. 

"Can I ask you questions?" 

"Uh... sure." I say, taking a seat next to her. "Are you in love with Draco?"

I blush deeply as I feel two arms wrap around me from behind. "I don’t think your in any position to be asking that." Draco  says.

"Oh! Hey your up!" I look up at him and the first thing he does is kiss me. "Awww.... and your probably right. But I do have one question no related to you and Draco." Sydney says. 

Draco sighs and says to Sydney, "Go ahead." Sydney turns to me, with a serious look on her face. "Who are your parents?" My face flushes with white. "I knew it! I knew you where the daughter of Velma!" 

"Quiet! Don’t go throwing that name around!"    

"Which means your (Y/K/W)’s daughters- sister! Your Havocs sister!" I stand up from the couch angrily and say, "No I’m not!" I grab Draco’s arm and head towards his room. (Since Draco is the son of wealthy Lucius, Draco managed to convince  the school to give him his own personal room.)

I slam the door behind me. "What is going on with you?" Draco asks. I am hesitant for what I do next. But I pull up my sleeve to reveal my death eaters mark. 

"No...." Draco  says as I begin to cry.

"I’m the last Death Eater...."

"But the death eaters are dead!" Draco exclaims. 

"That’s what gramps wanted everyone to think. That way I could spread the family curse." 

Draco steps back from me. "Please... don’t give up on me.. I- I don’t want to be alone...."

Draco pauses at the door, listening to me cry. "I.... don’t want to loose you too...." 

Then Draco  drops his hand from the doorknob, and takes a seat next to me.

"I won’t leave you, Jinx. Not today and not ever." Draco says, wrapping one arm around me. I turn my head into his shoulder and begin to cry. "I’m never going to leave you."  

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