9. Nine

I slipped into my room and flipped through my closet, still upset about Draco not telling me that he was a Death Eater now too. But when my eyes came across a silver dress, I pulled it off the hanger and dressed into it. I also put on white tights and a pair of silver shoes. Then for a final touch I put on a black jacket and  a black belt. I stepped out of my room and headed to the right, down the hall, and through a set of double doors. I looked around d the table and saw the only open seat was next to Draco. I walked up to the seat and pulled it out from under the table. I sat down and missed something that Draco said. I bet it was just him apologizing.  And part of me already forgave him. Oh... who am I kidding? I do forgive him. And I want him to know that. I place my hand gently on his, underneath the table. Our fingers interlock and I then know that he accepts my apology. "So what’s for dinner?" I ask. 

"Pork ribs and corn." Mother responds. 

"Yum." Draco says.           

As the double doors open, three people walk in. Lucius, Narcissa, and Alecto. Predictably, Lucius and Narcissa sit next to each other, and Alecto sits next to Bellatrix. I grab my plate and lean in towards the food. I grab my serving and place my fork in my meat. "So..." Lucius starts, "How long have you two been seeing each other?" 

"Since second year." I answer. 

"Ooh! Very romantic!" Narcissa says. 

"Alright..." Lucius hesitates. "How did you two meet?" 

"Well.... its kinda a long story...." Draco says.

"Yeah...." I add.  

"Well, we’ve all got time here." Bellatrix avers.

"Alright. Might as well." Draco utters.

I giggle. "It all started in our second year at Hogwarts...."



Draco and I had honestly met at the end of our first year. I wasn’t paying attention to where I was going and I was running in the halls. Not a good combo. But I had been trying to get away from this boy, Treasly, who had the biggest, most annoying crush on me. But my brakes were activated when I looked ahead of me for a split second and saw a boy with blonde-white hair in front of me. But it was too late, we had both fallen to the ground. I heard him get to his feet as I rubbed my head. "Sorry! I wasn’t paying attention!" I had said, looking up into those gray eyes. He was holding his hand out to me, offering to help me up. I gently took his hand and he stood my on my feet. From behind me I could hear Treasly calling my name. I quickly grabbed his hand and pulled him into the nearest janitors closet. He laughed and looked me in the eyes, asking, "This happen often?"

"Unfortunately, yes." 

"Mind if I help?" He asked.

"You can always try." We both laughed. 

"My names Draco."


"Pleasure." He says.


[End of Flashback] 

"And that’s our story." I finish. 

"Hmm." Lucius fold his arms, as Bellatrix and Narcissa clap their hands. 

"Well... I’m full. So I’m going to call it a night." I say pushing me chair away from the table. "Wait." Bellatrix stops me. "If your called to the meeting room later, it’ll be incoming news, so don’t miss it." Bellatrix orders.I nodd my head as I push open the double doors and leave the room.  

Later that night, I am interrupted from my personal writing by a knock at the door. I get up and slip on my slippers, and open the door in my tank-top and shorts. "Oh. Hey Draco. What can I do for you?"    

"Um... just wondering  if you wanted some company." 

"Oh... erm..."

"Should I take that as a no?"

"No! I'de l-love your company." I smile at him, appreciating his offer.

"Come on in...." I open the door, and let him in.

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