14. Fourteen- The War

"Give up Jinx! We’ve got you surrounded!" One shouted. 

" Just let me walk away and you won’t regret this." I say calmly.

"Why would we do that?" Someone up front asks as Harry pushes through the crowd. "Chara!" Harry was about to run to her side (Chara, who was still in pain on the ground) but a few of Harry’s friends pulled him back. "It’s over Jinx!" Professor Snitch claimed. "The fight is never over." I respond. I bend down at Chara's side as Harry and a few others pull out their wands. I take Chara's wrist and stand her up. "Let’s me go and I won’t burden you." I warn. "Never...." Harry whispers. "All right. You asked for it." I pull out my wand and put it on my hand, now everyone has their wands out.

"Voldemort." I summon his name. 

The sky grows stormy and thunder clashes from the sky. Death Eaters begin to swarm in past the castle gates. "Oh no..... Everyone inside!!" The crowd of Students and teachers begin to flee into the walls of the mighty castle. Draco takes my arm and says, "We have to go, Jinx." I agree with him and we both  find our way to the Death Eaters, forgetting about Chara. 

When we are re-United with the Death Eaters, Draco is greeted by his parents and I am greeted by .... Sydney? "Hello Jinx." Sydney says. "Hello....." I say untrustingly. "Oh please. How pathetic." Sydney crumbles up her sleeve and shows me a latest Death Mark. It’s was a mixture of the branded one and the original. The Death snake was wrapped around a skull which was half broken. 

"Your a Death Eater now?" I ask. "Yes and no. I’m What is now considered a Gravestone."   "Oh, so you’ve given up on your old life now?" "Yup! And also... where’s that boyfriend of yours?" Sydney asks me. "Im right here." Draco says placing one hand on my shoulder. From a Little away, I could hear a voice shout "No mercy," and "No retreat." Which meant we were going to march to the gates right then and there. When the army started to move, Draco and I made sure to stay close to one another. Because at this point, anything could happen.

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