4. Four

"Jinx.... It’ll be okay...." Draco says, trying to comfort me. 

"There going to kick me out of Hogwarts! I’ll have to join Volda-" Before I can finish, Draco covers my mouth with his hand. "Sorry..."

"Well IF that does happen... I’m going with you." 

"No, Draco. This is MY problem. My problem that I don’t wanna drag you into." 

"Too bad! I’m going with you! No changing my mind!" 

I sigh and roll my eyes down to the floor. "I don’t wanna drag you into this." I utter. 

"You won’t be dragging me anywhere. I’ll be the one FOLLOWING. And I won’t be following you-know-who. I’ll be following you." Draco says reassuring me. I kissed him on the cheek. "Ready to face the crowd?"  

I nod my head. I get out of my hospital bed and throw on my clothes. I stop my hand at the door. I take a deep breath and push it open. The first thing I see is an silent mob of students, and I can feel and an angry aura going around the room. 

"Traitor!" One boy yells.

"Evil witch!"    

"She has to go!" Someone shouts.    

"She can’t be trusted!" Screams another.

I can feel my eyes glowing with anger and distrust. 

"Her eyes!" 

"Her eyes are red!"

One of the students— A ravenclaw girl, with brown hair and blue eyes— pushes me to the ground. When I get up I stare into her soul and whisper an dangerous spell. So dangerous it was almost considered unforgivable. "He mana nui loa." And I send the girl flying into the crowd of students. Draco puts his hand on my shoulder and my eyes return back to green. I tilt my head up and straighten my back. Then I continue walking. Until I see the brown curly hair belonging to Britt. My best friend Britt. 

"Britt?" I ask. 

Britt steps forward from the crowd and walks up to me. The first thing I do is wrap my arms around her giving her a hug. But I notice she doesn’t hug me back. I pull away and look at the tears falling down her face. "What’s wrong?" I ask her. 



"Your not my friend. Your not Jinx Spail."

"But I am..." 

"No...your just a Death Eater. Not Jinx, but a Death Eater."

I begin to cry as Britt takes a step back. Then Britt turns her back on me and walks away. Only I was afraid that she was walking away, as in out of my life. I hope not.

"Britt...." I say, about to chase after her. But then Draco stops me. 

"Professor Iytho is waiting for you." Draco reminds me, forcing me to put duties before friends. So I too, turn my back on a dear friend. 


While in Professor Iytho's office, I mostly heard about the consequences of keeping my secret a secret. And how it is going to effect me and my life, my friends, and the school I call my home. But in the end I was indeed.... expelled from Hogwarts.


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