5. Five— Expelled

 "I opened the door to confront my friends about my expulsion. 

"Well? What’d they say?" Luna asks.

I do not respond. 

"Are you staying, leaving?" Goyal ponders. 

But again, I do not respond. 

Then Draco took a step towards me.   

"They expelled you?" He guesses, and a tears falls down on my face.

"They expelled me." I confirm. 

Draco wraps his arms around my shoulders and comforts  me.

"It’ll be okay." He says. 

"How? I’ll probably never see you again!" My voice trembled at these very words. To lose Draco would leave a scar that would never go away. And the pain would be unbearable.

"It’ll be okay because...." Draco hesitated. "Because I’ll be there with you."      

"Y-You will?" I stutter.       


I wipe my tears away and inhale deeply.  

"There’s something I wanna do." I say. 

"What is it?" 

"Do you know where Sydney is?"

"Uh.. she’s probably doing her homework in the library right now. 

"Good. She’s not busy." 


I pushed open the door to the library and there saw Sydney sitting at one of the tables.

I rush up to her table, and as she looks up at me, her face flushes with white. "O-oh! H-h-Hey Jinx !!" She stutters with fear. "You ruined my life!!!" I yell. At this point I don’t care that I’m in a library. I grab Sydney's tie and teleport her to the edge of the forbidden woods. "Y-You’ve mastered your p-p-powers I see!" I growl and drop her to the ground.  She scurries to her feet and I throw my fist across her face. Which knocks her to the ground again. "Your going to pay for that."

"How? Gonna get me expelled? Cause it’s too late for that."

"Your gonna get what you deserve." Sydney spat out.

"No. Your going to get what you deserve." I say, walking in a circle around her. 

"Bitch.." Sydney snickers. But I quickly raise my foot and kick her in the gut. "That all you got?" 

"Is that a challenge?" I ask, intimidating her. "You bet." She replies

"This should be fun." I can feel my eyes begin to glow red.  


Draco’s POV

"Where’s Jinx?" Luna asks. 

"She said she went to see Sydney." I answer.

"But why would Jinx want to see Syd? Didn’t Syd ruin her life?" Luna suggests.   

And then it clicks in my head. Jinx went to get revenge on Sydney. "Oh no.... We’ve gotta find her!" I yell. 


Jinx's POV  

"Stand up." I demand of Sydney.    

Sydney coughs out blood, and pushes herself onto her feet. I push her back and she falls down and groans. "Stand up." I say again. "Jinx! Stop!" I hear a voice yell. I turn back and look at the castle view. And there I see Draco and Luna running towards me. "Oh look. If it isn’t our perfect 'friends'." I tease

"Your....not yourself J-Jinx..." Sydney States.

"Then you clearly don’t know me." I spit back.

"Jinx! Don’t do it!" Luna shouts.

"Too late...." I whisper. I raise my wand at Sydney’s head and whisper the words, "Imperio....."

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