15. Fifteen

As the Death Eaters marched towards the castle, I made sure to stay close to Draco. But after a little bit of a long March, the armada of Death Eaters stood at the castle gates. One of the professors had casted a force field, so none of the Death Eaters could touch it or go any farther. I caught a glimpse of Harry a little ways back in the crowd, holding Charas hand. Guess the pain wore off. But if today someone was going to die, so be it. I hope it’s either that MUDBLOOD chara or that Obnoxious Harry. Or both would be great. Then I noticed a line forming between the Death Eaters, and the Dark Lord was coming to the front. 

"Weg met het veld." The Dark Lord casted the spell of disabling, and the force field began to come down bit by bit. The crowd of Death Eaters started cheering for the Dark Lord as I took out my wand. The Dark Lord walked closer to the big bundle of Hogwarts students and staff, and all the DE followed. (DE=Death Eaters) Now both sides stood against each other, and tension was high. The Dark Lord stepped forwards once and says, "Join us. Join my army! Or face certain death!" In the crowd I spot Britt. One of my closest friends.

At least.... she was one of my closest friends. But now, the look on her face, the look of betrayal and hatred carved a hole somewhere deep inside of me. At that moment I realize she was staring back at me, and my expression showed weakness. So I broke the stare, and looked away. "No one? Hmmm... then you all are doomed to a fate of Death!!" The Dark Lord shouts. The Dark Lord pulls out his wand and casts, "Crucio!" The closest student was a hurdle puff, and she dropped to the ground screaming in pain. 

Then she stopped moving. She was dead after three minutes. "No!!" A HufflePuff screams. The Hufflepuff pulls out their wand and starts rapid firing at the Death Eaters. War begins to break out and everyone on both sides starts killing. I start to as well. So far I’ve killed two gryfindors and one ravenclaw. I can feel my eyes going darker into red. "Aveda Kedavra!!" I hear Harry cast the killing curse. I quickly turn around and only see the green light from the curse go from Harry's wand, straight to Draco’s heart. Harry just killed Draco.


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