11. Eleven

As I walked into the room, a sudden feeling of worry comes over me. 'Was I in trouble?' I asked myself silently. "Sit down." Havoc says. Draco and I walk around the room and find a seat next to each other. "Now." The Dark Lord starts, "I understand that you have brought a prisoner back with you, along with this young man next to you. Am I correct?" He asks me.  I swallow my fears and answer, "Yes sir." 

"Why did you bring them here?" The Dark Lord asks sternly.

"Because the prisoner had to face her crimes, and I don’t think I could live without Draco."  I say.

"Why is that?...."  

"Because I love him....." I say.   

The Dark Lord gives me a glare of pity, filling me with another feeling of doubt. "Anywho... onto business. This is specifically a job for you, Jinx." Bellatrix says. "What’s the job?" I ask. "Bring the prisoner!" Havoc shouts. The door opens as Alecto wheels in Sydney on a strap bed. "We have come up with a new Dark mark." The dark Lord says. "And I want you to be the first to use it. Hold out the prisoners arm." Alecto grabs Sydney's arm as Sydney starts to squirm and fight back, but being strapped up in her condition want doing her any good. Mother then hands me my wand and whispers in my ear the spell to use. I take Sydney’s arm and say the words, "Mortífagos Marca." And Sydney starts screaming, but a black mark with the form of a lock appears on her arm, and a snake slithers through the keyhole before settling into position. Then the screaming stoped again. 

"Good.. very good. She should do it." Mother suggests.

"What do you mean?" Draco asks.

"This spell only works with the half-hearted evil. And so far, the spell can only be cast by Jinx." Mother explains. “And what do you me she should do it? Like she should do this again?" Draco asks. "Precisely." The Dark Lord utters.

"I’ll do it. I just need to know my targets name.." I say.

 "Chara Excermain." I smirk.

"This should be fun." 

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