8. Eight

."Mother walks out of the room, and Bellatrix and Alecto follow her. Draco takes my hand and gazes into my eyes.

"What color are they?" I ask.


"Weird." I say.

"What? Are they never yellow?" Draco asks me. "No they aren’t. This is the first they’ve ever been yellow." I hesitate. "Are you sure you wanna be here?" I ask him. "For you. Yes. I am one hundred percent sure." He answers. "But am I really worth all this trouble? Is a Death Eater worth any of this?" I ask unpleasantly. Draco squeezes my hands tighter. "Don’t talk like that. You know that ide follow you anywhere! So just accept that I’m not leaving your side!"

"Okay." I whisper.

Draco leans in and kisses me on the forehead. Then he pulls away as we both hear footsteps. But neither one of us could of suspected who it was. Draco immediately let go of my hands as he saw his father, Lucius Malfoy, turn the corner. "Hello, Draco." Lucius says unpleasantly. "Father." Draco says back.   

"Who is this?" Lucius asks, looking at me with the deepest stare. "This is Jinx." Draco answers. "An associate?" "No father. Jinx is my girlfriend." Lucius's eyes widen in surprise, and I could tell that wasn’t the answer he was expecting. He was probably expecting something like, 'Jinx is my friend', or 'Jinx is my follower'. But his eyes quickly reverted to normal, as if not wishing to look vulnerable. Lucius clears his throat and begins to examine me, while walking in a circle around me. Not creepy. Not one bit creepy. "Hmm..." Lucius hums as he stops and smiles. "What house is she in?" Lucius asks. "Slytherin sir." I say, speaking for myself. If there was one impression I didn’t want to have on Draco’s father, it was being weak. Meaning no backing down, no settling for second, and no letting people talk for me. Even Draco. "Very good. Very good."

"Well? Do you like her?" Draco asks. "She will be a great addition to the family. At least, as far as I can tell. But I will be keeping my eyes on you two." He says as Lucius turns around and walks away. "We'll be eating in the dining halls in five. Don’t be late." Lucius says as he disappears around the corner.  I turn to Draco and ask, "I’ve never seen Lucius here before. Draco?" Draco sighs and looks at the ground, evading eye contact with me. "My father joined the Death Eaters about seven months ago.." Draco utters. 

"Why didn’t you tell me?" I ask.

Draco grabs his sleeve and rolls it up. Draco had the Death Eaters mark. I cover my mouth with my hands. "How long?" I ask, my voice trembling. "Four months." 

"And you didn’t say anything!?" 

"I didn’t want you to worry!" Draco raises his voice.

"I wouldn’t worry unless you where keeping it from me!!" I shout back at him.

"I kept it from you because I care!" He shouts back.

After that I couldn’t take it. "I’ll see you at dinner." I say, turning my back and waking away.

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