✍🏿The Writer&Artist~ AU👨🏻‍🎨

Korra lives in small town with her Mom Pema and her sick dad Tenzin.

Korra dream is to become a famous successful Writer she's gets a job working at cafe also she is saving up money for College.

In College she meets a boy by the name Mako.

Who is an amazing artist but there is on small picture problem!

Painting are getting banded from the College and town.

Heck the painting are even getting burned!
Two people from different backgrounds need to stop this law

Can they both keep their dream's together?

And still go to the same College and graduate together?

Btw I don’t own These’s characters

Korra is based off of Penny
Mako is based off of Peter based On both of the original characters of the original story with the same name by me.

Author's note

This is based on a dream I have and I’m just making this into a fanfic hope you like it.

3. The writer and the artist~ 👨🏻‍🎨 chapter 2: I quit my first job


Still Korra’s pov


I can’t not believe I did that every single time I see a car zoomed across the road I just have that flashback of the boy I just hit.



Just then the customer I was serving snapped in face and I was back into reality.




“Hello your overflowing my cup of coffee.” the guy said.


I looked down at the cup it was overflowing and I was also shaking the table had coffee all over it and the floor.


I just put the full coffee pitcher back on the coffee counter.


And started clean the table.


Also the floor the customer just got up and walking to another table.


I guess he wanted another coffee or something because when I done cleaning he asked for my number.


"Oh geez let me get out my notepad and write it down for you". I said to him. 


I wrote my number down on one of the sticky notes and then I  wrote on another stick note an give it to him.

The first note said : my number is 5555-not  going to happen   

The second one  said:  So do me a favor and  fu*k off

He then looked up from reading  the note's he slowly got up.

He was slow walked to me I then got  the coffee  pitcher and  splash the hot coffee in his face.

I just ran out and yelled  at my boss Barb who came out of her office.  


I" quit "I said  to her.

And closed the door  as I was going to my car I looked at The Burger King across the street.


For I saw the boy who I hit over with my sister car  he was eating a cookie  and walking with another boy beside him they both dispersed  on the other sided of town. 


I just got into my sister car and drove back home. 


"Mom Dad "I quit my job as ran up the stairs and closed the door behind me.


I heard a  nasty cough coming from my dad room. 


I then sat on my bed and looked at the my ceiling fan.


Now I know why I got this job in the first place  to help my sick dad get better.

 And I just quit  well there are more job's in the sea I just need to find the right one for me. 

I known it's calling  me.


sorry for the shot Chapter this only 400 words on wattpad not like a care anyway hope you like this shot chapter see you later.











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