✍🏿The Writer&Artist~ AU👨🏻‍🎨

Korra lives in small town with her Mom Pema and her sick dad Tenzin.

Korra dream is to become a famous successful Writer she's gets a job working at cafe also she is saving up money for College.

In College she meets a boy by the name Mako.

Who is an amazing artist but there is on small picture problem!

Painting are getting banded from the College and town.

Heck the painting are even getting burned!
Two people from different backgrounds need to stop this law

Can they both keep their dream's together?

And still go to the same College and graduate together?

Btw I don’t own These’s characters

Korra is based off of Penny
Mako is based off of Peter based On both of the original characters of the original story with the same name by me.

Author's note

This is based on a dream I have and I’m just making this into a fanfic hope you like it.

1. ✎ ~Ƭнɛ ρяσℓσg̸u̸ε~ ✐

🌸|Korra pov|🌸

I never understood why there was a huge fire in the village where we lived.

I always thought they were having a cook out or maybe a bonfire or they could be dancing to keep warm because we also had people who had no home's I don't really like to call them hobo's  so I just called them homeless people.

I was still looking outside the window.

The flame where so bright in the night ember was flowing up in the night time with the stars shining every so beautiful in fact the stars have been beautiful.

But every time I see that bright fire in this small town  I could tell that they where crying for help  or maybe they where shining to brightly.

why don't the rest of the town people look up at sky? I don't know maybe it has to do with that bon fire I then saw people drop on their keen's crying I than walked to my mom and asked her.

"Hey Mom what's with that bon fire outside"?

"You will understand when you're older Korra" she said not take her eyes of knitting a pink scarf for me.

I turned my head to my dad he was reading the newspaper and drinking hot tea.

Authors note: well here's the ρяσℓσg̸u̸ε of my newest story  called the Writer and the Artist.

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