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Korra lives in small town with her Mom Pema and her sick dad Tenzin.

Korra dream is to become a famous successful Writer she's gets a job working at cafe also she is saving up money for College.

In College she meets a boy by the name Mako.

Who is an amazing artist but there is on small picture problem!

Painting are getting banded from the College and town.

Heck the painting are even getting burned!
Two people from different backgrounds need to stop this law

Can they both keep their dream's together?

And still go to the same College and graduate together?

Btw I don’t own These’s characters

Korra is based off of Penny
Mako is based off of Peter based On both of the original characters of the original story with the same name by me.

Author's note

This is based on a dream I have and I’m just making this into a fanfic hope you like it.

5. Chapter4: recovery road

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Korra pov

It had been four months since I quit my job at the cafe all I do is write in my diary and try to find another job. I tried the help wanted ads in the newspapers but they where looking for college students.

Come on  the great kings or spirits helped me out here already!

I trow the newspaper in an empty chair beside my room.

"Maybe some tv will help me  clear my head I thought"   "since I'm not "reaching the great kings or the spirits "anytime soon. -_-

I just turned on my tv and flipped through channels.

I saw Stranger Things,Glee,The 90s are all that, "I wonder what's  on cartoonnetwork I thought I flip through the channel's until I saw Toonami  might as well watch some anime and wait for the sun to come up.

Mako's pov

I was sound a sleep in a tree  when I  heard  two voice's also the tv playing I just woke up with a lot of sun light in my eyes.

I just turned up back and jump on the ledge of the window

and just enter my new room I ran to see what was all the noise was about it was Varrick and his wife talking about something

Bolin was watching tv and eating a bowl of cereal.

I could easily  tell he was watching The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. 

"Hey Mako could you get you get the "newspaper and the mail please with Tahno"?. Ms Zhu Li said.

"Okay Tahno said back "hey squirt finish your"

"breakfast so we can get the mail and" "newspaper from Coco and Matthew".

He said back to me as I was eating pancakes and eggs on the table.

"Who's Coco and Matthew?" I said back at them.

"Matthew is the mail guy and newspaper guy" "That delivers both the mail and the "newspaper with his trusty sidekick Coco who "is a pet dragon".   Varrick said

I almost choked on my orange juice.

And coughed a little  "dragon's in Black Howls?"

I just got up "dragon's  don't exist but come on" "Tahno"  I said opening the door  for it let cold air in I closed it fast.

Then I feel something warm around neck I slowly relaxed and looked at what was around me my dad's scarf 🧣 I just turned around to face miss Zhu Li and hugged her.


She then hugged me back I then ran out the door with Tahno we both ran into town as we saw a lot of people running up to get there mail and newspaper as they sounded a brown dragon and his trainer. 

Holy cow it does exist my eyes looked a bit surprised to see the see brown dragon.

Just then Tahno hit me on the back of the head.

"Ow what was that for you Ignoramus"  I said to him.

"Because asshat if we left the house on time" "then we would be the first one's here" he said back in a nasty attitude.

"You don't have to be so bitchiey about it  you" "Ignoramus". I said back.

I'm not being bitchiey he roll his eyes at me.

Just then a girl got trow on the ground  and crush into us her pretty legs were bleeding

I looked at Coco her backside turned to us and people were screaming and running away.

I looked at the girl in my arms her legs had tail markings and a big claw slashed I was a little scary but kept my cool.  I just picked her up  and ran back to Varrick and Zhu Li shop.

“Varrick Ms Zhu Li”  I burst through the door almost nocking over a fish bowl witch bolin had caught  on on time with his hands hanging on to it. 

“Mako why are your shoes all bloody Miss Zhu Li”? said she adjusted her glasses.

"It's.. not... my.. blood"I said out of breath.

"Oh my spirits get her on the table and clean up all this blood and your self. right now young man. She said I put her on the table and ran upstairs to take a shower but tripped down three stairs  but slowly got up again  breathing slowly but heavy.

I managed to take off my clothes and get into the shower.

I put my dirty clothes in the hamper.

•Meanwhile with Tahno•

He was helping Matthew with Coco  

Tahno pov

I jumped up on a low roof top  and got a some rope and trapped Coco dragon mouth shut.

"Anyway what's the matter with Coco"? I asked Matthew.

"She is cranky I don't let her finish her beakfast" this morning.

"I'm sorry she slashed the girl leg's  She doesn't "like crowds either witch also makes her mad" "and upset". Matthew said as he injected a needle into Coco causing her to dose off into sleep.


"Here's your newspaper and your mail" he said back  he handed it to me.  I just jumped off the roof and walked back home.

I opened the door "I'm  home"   My eyes where in shocked to see the girl who had  trow coffee at me in the cafe a few days ago wow karma much. 

Mako pov

As soon I was finished I walked downstairs to hear screaming and crying both pretty painful I just stay in the shared bedroom.


To bad we don't have Anesthesia maybe that will make her stop screaming and crying.

I just ran downstairs  Ms Zhu Li  and Varrick are cleaning her legs and making stitches to it.

Without my quick thinking I took her right hand.

And whisper in her ear "your doing great"  "sweetie".

She give me a smile.

~Time skip~

No one's POV's

It was already night fall Mako had fallen asleep in a chair beside the wall as for the patient was not moving but was breathing as she was sleeping.

Mako couldn't take his eyes off of her but fall sleep moments later.

As for Zhu Li  and Varrick they have took their equipment away from that place and sweep the blood off the floor.

The only thing now was to see if the girl in the pink scarf was awake.

But for now the whole family is there a sleep peacefully.

~Time skip to next morning~

Mako opened his eyes  he turned his head to see the girl was gone.

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