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Korra lives in small town with her Mom Pema and her sick dad Tenzin.

Korra dream is to become a famous successful Writer she's gets a job working at cafe also she is saving up money for College.

In College she meets a boy by the name Mako.

Who is an amazing artist but there is on small picture problem!

Painting are getting banded from the College and town.

Heck the painting are even getting burned!
Two people from different backgrounds need to stop this law

Can they both keep their dream's together?

And still go to the same College and graduate together?

Btw I don’t own These’s characters

Korra is based off of Penny
Mako is based off of Peter based On both of the original characters of the original story with the same name by me.

Author's note

This is based on a dream I have and I’m just making this into a fanfic hope you like it.

6. Cнαρтɛя5: 💙 Pink and Red for meet the frist time 💙

Still Mako pov

As the sun rose in the village I ran out to find her in the snow winter cold watching the birds eat bird seed with some nice old lady.

I just hid behind a tree  for a while.

"Young lady" she looked at Korra from the Conner of her eye.

"Yes" she said back.

"Do you want to feed the birds"? The old lady said

"No" she said back.

And continue looking at the icy river that had no meaning of life on it.

"Well what happened to your legs"? She asked "back and your hands"? As the old lady had a worry look on her face.

She decided not to answer her but closed what was what ever inside her hand tightly.

"It looks like blood on your hands". She said back.

The bird's then flew away.

The old lady walked away from the park bench leaving Korra by herself.

I slowly walk from behind the tree and sat beside her.

Whatever she holding inside her right hand must be pretty important to her and special.

She kept on looking straight head at the ice river as for the snow that slowly followed as well.

A wolf came out from behind bush on the other side his mouth was bloody red.

It could have been eating a bird  for a dead bird was just beside it.

And it was digging his  sharp teeth into it for I saw it bloody paws and sharp teeth for it turned it's head to look across at us.


I literally froze a little bit  that the hair of my neck stood up.

I couldn't help looked at Korra though the corner of my eye.

I think she was a little bit scared of everything

She probably froze when I've froze.

Because she grabbed on to my arm for dear life.

I just a blushed a little the wolf put the dead bird in his mouth and walked away in to the forest never to be herd from again.

Still I never seen a wolf and dead bird up close before.

"Hey Korra you all right?" I said to her.

"Relax the wolf is gone now"

I whisper in her ear.

She slowly let go of my arm.

She started to play with her stitches on her legs.

"I then stoped her "I know they hurt and I know

"you want them out but they will heal soon.

He didn't let go of both her hands.

"But my legs aren't pretty" she mumbled

and turned her head the other way.

I chuckled at little as water vapor come from my mouth.

"Your legs has always been beautiful with or "without stitches" I said back to her.

She than looked at me blushing.

I then just realized that I was still holding on to her hands I then let go of them.

I couldn't stop blushing either.

Something was in her right hand as if she found a golden treasure at the Bottom of sea.

"May I see what's in your hand?" I told her.

She opened both of hands.

It was a small piece of fabric and few drops of blood but it was smeared little stain on it.

It couldn't even keep a  mouse and it's family warm. 

"Just a shot in the dark Korra but it's all that's" "left of it"? I said

She shake her hand slowly.

I just pat her back and hugged her in an warm in braced.

💕~Korra pov~💕

It feels like I know Mako for a long time but it's only been like two days.

"I don't want to lose this warmth".

I thought in my head.

I need to go home now I got up from the park bench and walked home limping in the snow.

💕|Mako pov|💕

I need to get back as well as I walked the other way but I ran fasted.

"I'm home" as I entered the warmth of the Magic shop/home I lived in now.

Varrick was reading the newspaper.

And Zhu Li was putting breakfast on the table. 

the smell of Eggs, Pancakes, Waffles, and Chocolate Muffins filled the house/shop.

I just said "thanks for the food" and dinged in the Pancakes with Maple syrup and eggs.

With a happy smile on my face  I just kept eating  Miss Zhu Li cooking was the best. 

I ate like I never ate before because it was so good.

"I know my wife cooking is good" Varrick said.

I shake my head in agreement while eating a muffin.

"Take it easy Mako slowly down when you eat" "the food is not going anywhere".  Varrick said

"Save some food for the others" Tahno said as he walked down stairs.

Follow by Bolin tagging a long behind him

"Good morning Bolin and Tahno did you sleep" well?" Varrick said.

"Yep I slept like a log" bolin said.

As he got some pancakes and eggs in the middle of the table.

I just got up and walked to the stove to get more bacon.

"How is she doing Mako"? Miss Zhu Li Said back.

"Well  I think she afraid  of everything I would" "be too if a dragon slashed my legs and almost" "tried to kill me. It's more of a trauma" experience but I give her a hug.

"She calmed down  after that her scarf  also got "slashed and torn up" I said back to her

"Do you think she lives here in Black Howls"? She  asked back.

"I don't know" I said back.

As I walked back to sit down.

"Well if you do see her again can you bring" "these chocolate mini muffins"?

"Sure" as I was drinking Orange juice.

"come on Mako we need to get the newspaper" "and mail". Tahno said

"Who knows if Matthew has feeding Coco?" he said back.

"Wait can't I just finish my eggs first"? I said back.

"No"he snapped back.

And dragged mako away from the family table.

Without finishing his food

They got the mail with ease As soon as it became crowded like a pack of rats getting cheese for a lap experiment.

Korra pov

I finally made it home and limped to my room

We should have some White bandages in my medicine cabinet. 

"Thank you  spirits and great kings".

I said happily. 

I just wrapped my legs with them and ate a bowl of cereal.

Just then I heard the sound of my mom voice.

"Korra"!! "Where the hell have you been"?

I was getting the mail and newspaper and then I blacked out I looked down at my legs that all I can remember everything else is just a blur that .

"Asami was supposed to come with you she" "snapped but she at the mall with her friends". My mom said.

"I will talk to her" she said back.

"You just get some rest if you do remember" "anything come talk to me".

She got a frypan from the kitchen cabinet

Don't you think that a bit to much Mom.

My eyes where scared as if I saw a Cheetah attacking a bunny and killing it on site then smashing it into a rock then eating its prey.

What are you talking about I'm just making pancakes with this Frypan.

"Oh well I'm going to go back upstairs and" "watch tv". I said

As I was watching tv  I couldn't help  looking at the window  for I saw a golden butterfly.

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