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Korra lives in small town with her Mom Pema and her sick dad Tenzin.

Korra dream is to become a famous successful Writer she's gets a job working at cafe also she is saving up money for College.

In College she meets a boy by the name Mako.

Who is an amazing artist but there is on small picture problem!

Painting are getting banded from the College and town.

Heck the painting are even getting burned!
Two people from different backgrounds need to stop this law

Can they both keep their dream's together?

And still go to the same College and graduate together?

Btw I don’t own These’s characters

Korra is based off of Penny
Mako is based off of Peter based On both of the original characters of the original story with the same name by me.

Author's note

This is based on a dream I have and I’m just making this into a fanfic hope you like it.

8. Сհαρтɛя7: Ƭняσʋɢн тнɛ αятιѕт ɛყεʂ



Mako's pov 


I was drawing on a Canvas when Tahno walked in the room  breakfast is ready he popped his head though the door.  


He then walked into the room to see the easel and canvas.


"Obviously dosed he have to be in my personal" "space when I'm drawing a blue bird flying" "from inside it cage" I thought in my head.


"It's pretty" he said 


"I just started on it" I said to him.


As I look at the branches of tree


He then walked out of room 


That's odd what the heck is wrong with him  

I then put my paint brushed down. 


And walked down stairs today feels different for some reason. 


Varrick was reading the morning paper  like every morning  the Service  had changed only Matthew is allowed to bring the paper and mail  to the houses in the village everyday now. 


For coco the dragon will be put down aka death.


I'm going to peace rally to save coco the dragon"  bolin  said as he walking with miss Zhu Li" 

he was about to walk out the door when I grab by the shirt by the back of his collar  "hell no you are not going to a "pace rally"  I said to him.   

"and why not?" he said as he's two feet where dangle in the air trying to run away as I was still hang on to him.

"Because I know dad would not like it if you get killed beating,dead or even  got  mangle" I said back in an mad tone that all most made my throat hurt.

I then drooped him   he then  walked to him room and then yelled "Don't you have a date with Korra" he then slammed the door  to his room. 

I do not have a date with her I just need to give her something I made.


As I grab my satchel from the  hook 

thinking I hoped she likes It "Im going  for a walk". 


"Oh please I know where  your going" varrick said  


"Here take this apple with you in case you get" hungry". He said back 


Thank you I said as I closed the door. 


Okay this map that Zuley made for me should lead me to Snake Canyon.


I have not been able to sleep well but  

I'm feeling okay now. 


This must be the place I knocked on the door.


What if she doesn't like it or worse pretends to like it he thought in his head. 


It was snowing a little bit and the trees has lights on them.  





Btw: I took the pictures hope you like them


Just then the door open it was Asami  

Korra's older sister I remember her from the park.


"Yes" she said 


"Is Korra home"? I said to her.


"OMG YESSSSSS"   I herd a high pitch squeal coming from up stairs. 


"And a random radio show playing saying you" won  tickets to a movie. 


Korra then ran downstairs Asami I won black Panther movie tickets. 


"That's awesome who are you going to take?   she" said. 


"I don't yet" just then she noticed me  at the door.


💕~Korra pov~💕


"Hey Mako what are you doing here I came  

to see you" he said back.


"Come on inside it's really cold outside" I said back.


He entered the house and puts his shoes by the door. 



"I'm going to make tea for you okay" I walked into the kitchen.  


To our noisy tea maker and began making tea for my friend.


"So are you going to take him to the movies" Asami said 


"Yeah maybe" I said blushing red. 


I mean sense you don't like superhero movies

 I could just go with him. 



"This could be your first date ever"

  she smirked.


"Oh shut the hell up" I hit her arm playfully 

"We are just friends" I said as I poured the tea inside a cup. 


"Sure that's what they all say I'm going to" "check up on mom upstairs" she said then she walked out of the kitchen. 


"Your tea is all most done Mako" I said from the kitchen. 


I then walked to him and sat down on the sofa across from him. 

"Do you want to go to the movies with me" "tonight"?

"Of course I would love to go see Black" Panther" he said back.


"Great let's both put on Dashikis and enjoy it" "with some  cheeto popcorn and shared a coke" "sound good right"? 


"That's sounds amazing" He said back.


"I have a gift for you  can please close your eyes?" he said back.


"Fine" she said her eyes where closed.


I looked in my satchel and pulled out the scarf 

"Okay you can open your eyes now". He said


"Mako it's beautiful" she said.


"Really because when I made it I was like" "nothing can beat the original  your mother "have made for you.  He said back


The Original maybe gone forever but this one will stay with forever. She said back




She then hugged me  thank you Mako  they both hugged. 


"Your welcome Korra" he said back 

"I'm glad you liked it". 

"Thanks for the tea but I'm going now a friend" "of mine needs my help".

"So see you later tonight I guess it's a date" 

he said 

 "I guess it's is" as I hid my blush.


*Mako pov*

I just closed the front door and walked back home.  then smelled a fire looks like someone was cooking fish on an open fire.

I just bite down hard on the apple as I walked passed I saw a beauty painting beside them 

I couldn't help but pause in my tracks.

and think why are burning that painting 

"Hey kid are you lost?"one of the random

guy's  asked.

No I just started running back home  and rushed into the room and turned on the light.


The painting that I wanted to give to Korra was gone the easel smashed. 


My cellphone lit up for I had a text message from Tahno  I looked at my cellphone and just  trow it at the wall.

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